Working from home online – what does it take

Many people ask me what does it take yo have a work from home business online so today I am going to cover some essential must haves

Why? – You must have oneonline business

There is no point in thinking you are going to create something really special online as a business if you do not have a why.

What do I mean by this? If you just simply say, because you want to make money, chances are you won’t be successful.

Everybody wants money and my questions are WHY?

Answer this very carefully- for example –

  • Do not answer: Because I need more money, as this is not specific enough
  • Do not answer: Because I want to go on holiday a lot more. Again not specific enough

You have to truly have your WHY worked out before you even think of the beginning.

For me it was this: I am going to create and grow an online business to give me an income where I no longer have to work at my job, because I want to be a stay at home person with time and money freedom so I can enjoy all the things I love and so that I can give back.

When you read this, how does it make you feel? Is there any emotion arising from within?

If you don’t have emotional feelings attached to your WHY, then forget it. You may as well stop now

Habits- Are they good or bad?

What are your daily habits like when it comes to starting an online business?

  • Do you have a great work ethic?
  • Do you have a great mindset?  Meaning a positive approach to your every day
  • Are you committed to making this business successful
  • Are you prepared to put in the work required? nothing comes without work as you know

Goals – What are yours?Goals are amazing

Before you start creating your online business you will have to have Goals, not just ideas floating around in your head. I am talking solid Goals to work towards

If you don’t think Goals are important, then walk away now.

Settings Goals is one of the most important things you can do before you get started creating your business

An example could be this: I am going to create an income of $4000 per month within 12 months from (today’s date)

I am going to build our new home in 2 years from today( the date). it will cost $…… to build and I am going to work to achieve this Goal

If this seems too hard, then break your Goals into smaller chunks for example- In 6 months from today(insert date) I am going to be earning $1000 per month to help me become more financially free, or something similar.

Always be real when writing your Goals however always remember too, Be the person you want to become when writing those Goals and don’t ever think you are unable to achieve what you set your mind to achieve

Motivation – What motivates you?

Everyone needs motivation. What motivates you?

Is it the thought of owning your online business and creating something amazing?

Is it the thought of extra income for yourself or your family if you have one

Is it the thought of buying what you like when you like?

It must link back to your WHY as I mentioned earlier and if I was you, I would use this as your motivation tool every chance you get as it really does work

Teachable – Are you teachable?

If the answer is no- Walk away from this NOW

If you are prepared to learn from skilled online teachers, then great. you are going to create something special as you go through the training.

We all know stuff about stuff, however, being teachable gives you the opportunity to learn every aspect of the online world from the beginning and this may sound a bit odd right now but as you start to create your work from home online business you are going to see how important it is to follow any training step by step so can create your own successful online business

Work – Yes you have to work

If you are working full time at the moment and your goal is to one day be able to quit your full-time job and work on your online business, for a while you will have to accept that you are going to work to earn a living. We have all done this, however down the track if you are consistent with your part-time working life, you will one day create enough income so you no longer have to go to a JOB- won’t that be so cool.

There is no such thing with a work from home online business as a Get rich next week program. These are scams through and through and if you see something like this, my advice is STAY AWAY because you will get burnt

You- work on you 

You can do whatever you choose to do

Develop great qualities of strength, courage, persistence, faith, a determination by reading books to encourage you.

Kick around with positive like-minded people and never listen to the negatives from people. They are too scared to move forward with their lives and this is ok too. their choice but not yours. just smile and don’t buy into there negativity.

When you come across a challenge while you are developing your business, do not get despondent, just ask for help and work through your issue as this way you will overcome this challenge and learn more great things.

If you feel tired or frustrated, work away from your computer for a while. go get some fresh air and relax, then when you are fresh again you will find ideas flow more easily and things will go more smoothly.

We all have hiccups on the journey. nothing is perfect right off the bat. Through learning and absorbing what you are taught are some real keys to you being a success


I hope this article has helped you and I ask you one thing, please

If you have any question please email me or comment below and  I WILL GET BACK TO YOU WITHIN 24 HOURS

Thank you

Keeping it real


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22 thoughts on “Working from home online – what does it take”

  1. Wow what a fantastic post this is a must read for anyone wanting to start an online business. There is so much truth to this post and yes I agree you do have to work at it and be committed. Thank you so much Vicki for this great post.
    Best Wishes.

    1. Hi David
      I am glad you enjoyed this post
      Yes, so many people think they just create a website and money will follow.
      All the things I said you need are the keys to success online
      wishing you every success

  2. Hello, wow! Thank you for such an honest take on creating a home based business. Most sites give you BS – make $1,000’s with no work and clicking your mouse. Deep down we know it isn’t true, but we want to believe it.

    You take it down to the root of knowing your “why”. I never thought of it like that, and it makes so much sense. It is all in the mindset.

    I checked out the link you provided and wanted to come back to your site and tell you “thank you” it is really great information. I was able to sign up, I have access to free training, and they didn’t even ask for my credit card. I really think I found something special here. Thanks.

    1. Hi Frank
      I am so glad you enjoyed your visit and were able to get started on your own online business
      Yes there are a lot of dodgy sites offering all sorts of crap and I am glad you have found your visit here just what you are looking for
      Kind wishes and all the very best
      I am here if you need anything

  3. Hi. I love the questions you ask yourself for wanting your own business. The “why” is really important. Why do I want my own business? I hate working for other people. I hate the idea that they have the power the fire me. I hate office politics. I hate the backstabbing and bickering that goes on in the office. I want to be able to work from home so that I can take my laptop anywhere in the world and work!

    1. Hi Shalisha- thank you sharing your amazing WHy with us here at grow a biz
      You are definitely going to have your online biz one day -Just stay focused on your WHY and get ready for the day you say Thank you and Goodbye to your boss. you go girl and thanks again for stopping by
      All the very best to you

  4. What a great artical Vicki! WoW! My goals are very similar to yours. Thanks for such a motivating artical to why I should never give up on my goals, and to work hard at it.

    1. Hi Zach- So great to hear we have similar Goals and I know you can achieve anything in your life if you have goals, set up a plan and continue to say focused and work step by step to achieve them
      All the very best to you

  5. I really enjoyed your article, i am trying to set goals and i am trying to believe i will acheive them. With this business it does take hard work and dedication, you cant slack off and you always have to be coming up with new ideas to succeed. There are so many ways people can make money with websites so always try to take that next step!

    1. Hey Justin- always remember your WHY- why are you doing this? when you have a really strong WHY, just keep thinking about this and it will inspire you to continue towards your Goals

      I hope this helps


  6. Hello Vicki,

    I agree with your points! Many people say they want to start their own business but if they don’t have these qualities as well as a lot of patience and perseverance they just will not be successful. You have to have these internal qualities and goals to keep you motivated when the going gets tough. There are slow times when we don’t get traffic and it can take a long time to get sales. It is easy to get discouraged. If you keep at it and don’t give up you can and will be successful however!


    1. Hi Jessica
      Absolutely- you have to have certain qualities that is for sure and thank you for your input. If I ever help in any way please let me know
      Keeping it real

    1. Absolutely Danielle and so many people just think their WHY is money and isn’t enough of a reason because those kinds of people also want to make money without actually putting in the consistent effort and when they fail, they blame the company or platform because it didn’t work out for them which is really so sad
      I appreciate your comment and I wish you success with life

  7. Hello Vicki, great post!!! This will most definitely motivate people willing to earn income online. It is essential to work with a niche that interests you. Thanks again, and I wish you all of the success in the world!!!

    1. Hey Ahmad
      Thank you for your kind wishes and your comments on this article
      you obviously have motivation and focus and have found your niche so well done and I too wish you every success

  8. I am not sure if most people realize what it takes to run a successful online business and work from home. It sure does take discipline to make yourself work and to not get distracted. Many people cannot do this. If you are not motivated, then yes all will be for nothing.

    1. Hi Brad. Yes, you are so right hence why I shared this article with people so they know what is involved
      Thank you for your input
      Kind regards

  9. Hi Vicki,

    These were really one of the most helpful pieces of advice. Though some were things that we should already know then it wouldnt be called reminding and thank you for that! I hope for your every success in the future to come in motivating more people around you that you see and dont see 🙂

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