Work from home Part time

Work from Home Part Time – All you need is the Internet

All you need is the Internet and some get up and go and you can work part-time from home anywhere in the world.


Before you read further, I do want to say this. If you don’t like working, or you are not motivated to succeed then this opportunity is not for you and all the best, however, If you do have focus and want to earn great money down the track, then let’s get into some more details for you.

Starting part time and become full – time

Firstly- well done for wanting to work from home. It sure beats working for someone else and I’m guessing that’s why you landed on this website.

If you want to work from home part time all you need is the Internet and some knowledge of what to choose to create an income for yourself.

If you are currently working full time for someone else, in time, you can create a full-time income from what I am going to share with you today. Yes, it takes time and hard work and also consistent effort but if you really want to be successful online, then anything you do needs a big effort in order to be successful.

This is NOT a Get rich quick Scam. It’s a genuine platform where you can learn all you need to create and build your future online so if you are still reading this, I’m looking forward to sharing more of what its all about with you.

Affiliate Marketing  

This type of marketing is becoming so huge because more and more offline businesses are turning to the Internet to get a bigger piece of the world market and this is because the Internet is now the largest shopping place in the world

Over 3.8 Billion people surf the net looking to buy, to learn, to teach, to sell, to build, to invent… and this number is only go ing to increase so if you have a favourite subject, interest, hobby or perhaps product you want to market Affiliate marketing is for you.

What is an Affiliate Marketer? OK, so you choose a niche/product/service, for example, let’s say, you love snowboarding and you love snowboards and you also know a lot about snowboards, the gear you wear etc. This would be your niche.

Next, you create and build a website with a domain name relative to this niche and you learn how to build a really amazing website filled with awesome images, product reviews, articles on snowboarding … Then you apply to join Companies relative to your niche by applying to become an Affiliate for these companies.

you must have a solid foundation for your website before you will be accepted by Companies as they all want to see some credibility before they will partner with you as such.

Here is a screenshot of affiliate companies for snowboarding so you can see how many results there are

As you can see above there are over 7 million results just for snowboarding so this would make a really great niche.

There are literally millions of niche ideas you can choose from and if you learn well and grow your business well, you can eventually make a full time living from being an Affiliate Marketer.

I knew virtually nothing about online business growth and when I joined Wealthy Affiliate, I did all the training offered within this platform and now I can help others become successful as well because of what I have learned which is so great.

Wealthy Affiliate  

A 13-year-old company with 1.2 million members, this platform gives you everything you will ever need to grow success online.

From the training, 24/7 Support, live chat, over 1800 experts ready to help if you get stuck to live weekly video training, 1 on 1 coaching, a State of the Art system run by 25 developers and the technical team behind the scenes and 1000’s of resources at your fingertips to learn from as well.

Wealthy Affiliate is ranked as the no.1 platform for anyone to build a future online.

All you have to do is want it and work for it and do all the training WA offers you and you will be set for life online.

Here is a short video

Its pretty simple really so why not come and join us all within this great platform- Join for free and take a good look around and if you think its a fit for you, then lets get you building your future online and as you work from home part time or full time, you will learn and build success for yourself and perhaps your family if you have one.

I know for me time and money freedom is the best and everyone deserves to have this and not be tied to the demands of certain hours and a pay packet determined by your boss. I know I couldn’t live like that and having my businesses online has created this for me and a lot of other great online entrepreneurs who have built businesses as members of Wealthy Affiliate.

Here is a pic of one of our young entrepreneurs. 

There are lots of members living a life with time and money freedom and Jerry just made $7 last week doing what we do once we have learned the skills necessary, so come and see for yourself and get ready to make 2019 your best year ever.

More and more options

You could learn e-commerce, dropshipping, woo-commerce- Shopify and so many more options if you join WA and start learning and building.

Within Wealthy Affiliate ( WA ) there is absolutely everything. How to build landing pages, logo, sales funnels, you ask me any question you like and I will give you the answers you need as all the answers are also within this awesome platform

There are no up-sells. The only things you pay for are your premium membership should you decide to build a Business and your domain names for each website you build as you become more proficient.

As a premium member, you get 25 free websites through Site Rubix and 25 dot com domain websites all for the monthly fee of $49 which also includes Hosting Security, SEO, Analytics in fact once again everything you will ever need all under one roof as it were 🙂

Before I go

If you really do want to work from home part time, all you need is the internet and a great attitude and you can do this so I hope to see you inside Wealthy Affiliate so you too can build a great future online and celebrate all that goes with your effort and determination.


See you in there







22 thoughts on “Work from Home Part Time – All you need is the Internet”

  1. Hi, thank you for this article.I am really pumped out about the idea of working from home.I believe with the rise of Gig-economy and freelancing culture nowadays, all of the things that you have said are not impossible. The only thing is, to get started. When we experienced it first hand, and actually expanding our own business, there will be so much things to learn and to discover.So, again, thank you for your insight. I wish you and everyone else a very successful online business.Thanks

  2. Hey i really enjoyed this article, it was very informative.  Wealthy Affiliate is by far the best program that i have joined but i do need to put out way more content since i have been slacking lately.  I have made some money so far but not enough!  Very good article!

    1. Hey Justin

      Yes I see you in there and Yes Content is key that’s for sure and all the best in 2019 

      Make it your best year and Success to you all the way


  3. Working from home and earning passive income online has always been a dream to me. I have had several failures in the past before I heard about Wealthy affiliate, I joined wealthy affiliate recently and I believe it’s gonna be my last step to success because the training are just detailed steps to building sustainable successful business online. I hope to share my success story soon.

    Thanks for sharing this…. If you’re in the same shoes as myself I strongly recommend this for you.

    1. Yes we are all very fortunate to be in Wealthy Affiliate thats for sure and I’m glad you are enjoying creating and building success for your future

      All the best as you head into 2019

      Go well and be awesome

  4. NIce post and very informative about the Wealthy affiliate program. It is important to make clear that this is not a short

    get rich method. It will involve hard work and also provide value and service to grow your audience. Wealthy Affiliate has helped realize that we need to work hard to grow our site. Also there is a great sense of community we have helped each other to grow on this journey to grow our online business.



  5. Hey Vicki,

    This was a great article. I agree that Wealthy Affiliate is an amazing platform. I don’t think there is any other platform built for online entrepreneurs with this type of community and resources. As a member of wealthy affiliate, I can say that it is well worth the investment. I had my doubts at first because I have come across a lot of online scams, but everything has turned out to be legit, and I made a great decision to join.

    You made an excellent point when you stated that this is not a get rich scheme. It takes a lot of effort and consistency. But the rewards for the work you put into this platform is well worth it. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Jasmine

      Glad to see you are already building with WA and Yes, I am glad I stated this as well as it does take time to build a truly successful business whether you are on or off line and WA gives us everything we need to create huge success

      I wish you well and all the best for 2019 Jasmine

  6. Hi Vicki,

    I have been looking to find a way to start making money online and I have come across a lot of websites that say WA are the best when it comes to affiliate marketing. I have signed up with clickbank and CJ but I find it hard to get traffic to my website

    How long have you been doing this? is it hard and do we need to spend a lot of time? How being with WA beneficial for us bloggers?


    1. Yes, there are a lot of sites online promising you money if you do this and that however Wealthy Affiliate is rated as no1 and its because it has the training we need to give us the skills and knowledge to build a future online whether in E-commerce, your won store or Affiliate Marketing or anything else you may choose and there are no upsells

      Everything is offered to premium members at one set hosting/membership price which I find outstanding as the training alone if worth 1000’s of dollars

      If you work hard, stay focused and learn, you can become extremely successful online so come and take a look for free and see what you think 

  7. In the fast-paced world we live in, with ever-growing expenses, I agree with you that building your own business is the way to go.  Even larger corporations are using affiliate marketing to channel more income.  That should tell us all something right there!

    I also agree that this decision means work.  A lot of work but, most importantly, you have to have an education on how to market your web presence.  Your platform provides so much more than an education as well.  

    Thank you for sharing and, I will keep on putting in the hard work because, it’s work that I love! 

    1. Hard work, focus, intention and a great attitude = Success online

      All the very best in 2019

      Make it your best year ever with Wealthy Affiliate behind you all the way


  8. Awesome post Vicki, I like your honesty as you write  “If you don’t like working, or you are not motivated to succeed then this opportunity is not for you and all the best” . I am also a member of wealthy affiliate and can confirm that the platform by far exceeds anything out there for a complete work from home system, that gives anyone the best opportunity to succeed online . As you say Wealthy Affiliate is  NOT  a get rich quick scheme and I can say I am proud to be a member of such a helpful community .. To Your Success !!

    1. Hi  Rick and good o see you today

      Yes, we must all work to build- It isn’t going to happen any other way as it a real business and real businesses take time and hard work with consistent effort to build and success is there for all those people who choose to work this way

      May 2019 be awesome to you as you continue to grow your future online Rick

      Go well


  9. Vicki, you might not know, but I’m a fellow online entrepreneur and WA member too. Nice to meet you on your website! There are two main aspects which you mentioned, and which I find fundamental to building a successful online business. Firstly you must not be scared of working hard. Especially at the beginning of your business, you must be prepared to put hours and hours of commitment and hard work, because otherwise it just doesn’t work. But, you also mention being tied to an employer, do what you are told (sometimes even I find you don’t agree with it), being tied to set hours, and being expected to work equally hard for the same paycheck of colleagues who don’t feel equally committed. That’s, to me, the beauty of working from home and from making a living from your online business: the more and harder you work, the more remunerative that business will be. Look at our mutual friend Jerry!

    Thank you ever so much for such a helpful and inspirational post ☺️

    1. Yes, there are some seriously successful people as members of WA alright and Jerry at 21 is doing an incredible job

      I’m 60 and Im loving my journey too. It has changed my life and I now have time and money freedom which is amazing

      All the best in 2019

      Go well

  10. Vicki, Hello! It’s great that you have published such clear and logical reasons for those who are looking for a confident online business. 

    I always like your benevolent manner of conversation with the reader. In this topic about part-time work on the Internet, the reader will very quickly fall in love with Wealthy Affiliate. 

    How it happened to me. For me, studying at WA has become a way of life and every day has become interesting. And this hobby will bring earnings after I master the tools of the business. 

    Thank you for your blog. I will recommend it to friends. Mark.

    1. Hello Mark

      Good to see you here and thank you for encouraging words

      I see you in Wa working and learning and growing and I smile as I know you and success are going to become great friends

      Enjoy 2019 and make it the best year ever for your online business growth

      Go well Mark

  11. Hi Vicky; You have said some of the great things that any one of us who are on the Wealthy Affiliate Platform would have said. The reason why any one of us would have said it ,is because it is the truth. The method of training that Wealthy Affiliate offers is unique. Not many Universities use this high quality method of training. 

     As you pointed out the cost for all of the presentations  and everything that is made available to its members have is amazingly priceless. Wealthy Affiliate is definately not for a lazy a person neither is it for the get-rich-quick seakers.

     For people who want a solid foundation to build a profitable online business the none availability of Internet access can be the only stop sign that can stand out against their effort. People should take your advice and sign up the form today.


    1. Hi dorkas

      Yes Wealthy Affiliate is the best platform I have found and will be there for the duration building lots of successful businesses online

      I love the freedom and the money – It rocks so go well in 2019 and have a fantastic year online

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