Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam or What

What is Wealthy Affiliate about a Scam or What

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I’m going to share my knowledge of Wealthy Affiliate.Is WEalthy Affiliate a Scam or what

What is Wealthy Affiliate a scam or what is asked by a lot of people online so let’s get into this and see what it’s all about


Why do people ask this?

Simple really. There are literally 1000’s of Scams on the Internet and people want to know what is good and what isn’t and there are also many reviews written about different companies and businesses and people need to know the cold hard facts and that is why I wrote this blog.

Why should you trust me? Well, I am 60 years young and have been stung in the past and I can smell a rat online everytime now. Hard lessons to learn but I feel it is my responsibility to tell people exactly what they are in for with different ventures online

 Wealthy Affiliate Review- Is this a Scam or not?

Founded: Over 13 years ago

Founders:  Kyle and Carson 2 men from Canada who built Wealthy Affiliate to help people make an honest online living through the state of the art platform that is Wealthy Affiliate.

Memberships: There are only 2 and one of them the free membership and the other is the premium membership.

So what does the free Membership give you?

2 free websites

Live help for 7 days

Website back up

Beginner training course

Personal Affiliate Blog

Video walkthroughs

Training Classrooms 2

Earn while you learn

1 on 1 coaching for 7 days

Best for People getting started online

Premium Membership

50 websites

24/7 support

Unlimited live help

Affiliate Program

Website security package

Website backup

Full training

Personal Affiliate blog

Video walkthroughs

Keyword research – unlimited

Training classrooms 12

Affiliate Program 2 x higher for payout

Earn while you learn

1 on 1 Coaching Unlimited

Private access to the Owners unlimited

Website feedback platform and content feedback platform

Website analysis

Best for those ready to earn!Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam or What

Cost $49 per month which is incredible considering what you get and you own your own business. I have never seen any other place that offers all these tools for this price. If you have I would really like to know. 🙂

Think of how much you would have to pay for all that is offered as part of premium membership. I have seen a lot of businesses online and everything extra you need costs 100’s of dollars and sometimes even 1000’s of dollars and as a premium member for the cost of just 1 cup of coffee per day, you get everything you need to be successful online. the only thing missing is you and a great attitude.

Here are screenshot os a couple of members blogs 🙂

Success can be yours too 🙂


As you can see from the 2 random screenshots I took of 2 members who are rocking it at Wealthy Affiliate and the reason is easy.

If you want to succeed online within this platform you are going to need these things.

  • Enjoy writing
  • Are teachable even if you know some online stuff
  • Have Goals you want to achieve
  • Enjoy helping people
  • Are determined and focused to build and keep building your online future

If you don’t have these qualities my suggestion is that owning an online business is not for you and I wish you all the best in whatever you choose to do.

Why am I writing this? Because in order to achieve anything as a business you need certain qualities otherwise it is just a waste of your time and money and it takes time to build a decent business online or offline and money doesn’t jump into your bank account for anything unless you put the effort in.

Work ethic

In order for anyone to succeed in business, you have to have a really great work ethic. you have to understand that when you commit to building your online business, it is going to take training, writing great content, helping people as you go along and all kinds of really great things but you have to have goals and a vision of where you want to go and how you want to get there otherwise you will drift along and not do so well.

Why Wealthy Affiliate

It is the no.1 platform for building a successful online business and the reason for this is because it is honest, has the best training, there are NO hideous upsells, you are working alongside other people in the Wealthy Affiliate community who are also committed to building successful online businesses and we all encourage and support each other.

When you have a question, you ask it and someone will help you out really quickly so you can keep moving forward which is so great.

Kyle and Carson are there to help you and so is the community and other trainers on the platform and we all want you to succeed as this is one of the main philosophy of Wealthy Affiliate.

Here is a couple of pics of the Kyle and Carson.

These 2 guys are so great and so amazing with how they have built this platform and we are all really grateful to them for getting this baby off the ground over 13 years ago when they were both still at college. amazing huh!!

What if you don’t like it?

This is easy to answer- Join for free, take a look around at everything on the platform and if you have the qualities I mentioned above there is absolutely no reason for you not to succeed.

If you join for free have a look around and think,  no it’s not for you, then all you do is cancel your membership in your profile and leave. Simple.

When you join for free you will not be asked for your credit card or debit card, you will just be welcomed when you arrive within the platform and then you can really check it all out and if you want to stay in as a free member, you can do this too as there is absolutely no-one who will pressure you to go premium.

Having said that if you are really serious about your online future and the success you can create, I would say premium is the way to go.

How do I know? Because after 2 days of looking I went premium and have been becoming more and more successful with everything I am doing which I learned through the training and also the extra pieces of training offered as well. It really is worth a shot as you have nothing to lose and so much to gain.

What do you need?

Take a look here and you will see what it takes to become successful online and then come back here 🙂

Here is the link to get some more info. It is all about starting a blog and what you need to make money and I hope it helps you with your decision.

When I first came across Wealthy Affiliate, of course, I was a little dubious due to my past scam rip-offs, however I decided to join for free and do my due diligence and found exactly what was needed to reassure me this was a really honest place to be, with a wonderful community of supportive people and the platform itself was the best I have experienced in my online marketing years.

I knew I would have to work hard and I set my goals, made a plan on how many blogs I would write a week and I started the training within the platform and I can honestly tell you I love Wealthy Affiliate. It has given me more than I ever thought.

The training alone is worth 1000’s of dollars, the websites with amazing themes and built in WordPress for content writing, 10000’s of free images to use, Websites Analytics and so much more. It really is 100% the best place you will find to build your online business and I invite you to meet me on the inside so you can see for yourself.

In closing today

What is Wealthy Affiliate about a Scam or What? Well, I hope you have made your own choice on whether Wealthy Affiliate is a scam or what and I also hope you make a great decision and come aboard for free to see how really great this platform is.

We all want something better in our lives and thankfully I found the perfect place to become successful online and every day I wake up to go to my office around 9 am in the next room and go to work.

If you have a normal job, great as you can build this part-time until you are earning more than your job and then when it becomes time for you be free and be your own boss, you too can decide your own hours of work, your own time off and enjoy life on your terms instead of the bosses terms.

How cool will that be?

All I ask before I go is you consider what I have shared with you and if you do me one favour, please. I would really appreciate your feedback/thoughts on this article and also if you have any further questions please email me and I will get back to you within 24 hours

Thanks for stopping by today and I really hope you come to join me inside this awesome platform


See you soon                                                             






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  1. Yeah, WA is a very good product. And the community is great at WA as well….Very helpful. Thanks for posting the review. It will change the fortunes of many in time.

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