What is the Best Way to Earn Money on the Internet

People try all kinds of things online hoping the money will pour into their accounts and spend money sometimes lots of money because a website has promised they will be millionaires within weeks or months-WRONG !!! SCAM ALERT

Hi and welcome to another blog written to help you make great choices about what is the best way to make money on the Internet.

The Internet is growing so fast with over 4 Billion visitors surfing to find products and services and it is the perfect time to Build a Business Online.

More and more companies are turning to Online Marketing to get more exposure to people and to make more sales and this is not going to slow down anytime soon. The Offline world has rapidly become important for both for Businesses to survive so if you a hoping to become part of this as an Income Earner, then great.

Work Ethic

Building a Business takes time, consistent effort and lots of hard if you want to succeed. It’s not going to happen in a month or even 2 months unless a miracle happens. You are going to need to understand this from the get-go so you won’t face disappointment along the way.

There will moments of frustration, lets downs, mistakes you will make as we all do and if you can learn and grow and continue to build a really solid foundation for your Business, You will become extremely successful.

Many people ask me, When will I make money? I say when you have learned the skills and built a really great foundation for your business.

You will learn Marketing, Building a great website, SEO, How to get indexed and ranked by using Keywords and lots of other really great skills along the way.

Be Teachable

Unless you are already an Advanced Website Builder and Marketer, you are going to need to learn the skills and how to use the tools needed to become an Online Entrepreneur and you must be teachable.

I knew nothing when I 1st started Online and now I have 4 Online businesses all doing great and its because I am teachable and I learn something new every day to become more skilled at what I do Online and it’s awesome.

My No.1 Recommendation

Some time back I joined a platform to see if had what I needed and I had been a free member for a couple of days, looking all around this platform and knew very quickly it had everything I needed to become a Business Owner Online so I decided to pay the membership/hosting fee and dive right in.

Wealthy Affiliate has changed my life in so many ways. I no longer work part-time and that is incredible as I am able to walk to my office a few feet away and get to work every day. Yes, you have to be disciplined to go to work but if you ask yourself WHY you want this, Your WHY is always your motivator to keep you growing and moving forward.

I have Goals set for 2019 and I have weekly tasks and daily tasks and I tick each one off when it achieved. I celebrate my successes and I learn from my mistakes and I can tell you this, I have never felt so happy and free in my life and you can have this as well in time.

What does Wealthy Affiliate give me?

Every day I log into my account in WA(Wealthy Affiliate), check my messages, do some helping out in the community answering questions for people and encouraging people and also Congratulating Members on their achievements and then I go to work on my businesses and I do this every day.

I take regular breaks to do something physical as this gives me the balance I need and keep me healthy and I sometimes go out for a coffee with a friend to take a break from work but mostly, in fact, 40 hours per week are spent building and growing my Online Life and it works.

The dedication and the hard work have my posts ranking on page 1 of Google, Bing and Yahoo which means I get a lot of traffic, which leads to sales and income. I love it

So for the Memberships, this is what you get


On top of this, you also get 1000’s of resources, tutorials video training, and there are over 1800 Experts within the Community helping out 24/7. It truly is amazing and the best platform I have ever had the good fortune to be part of.

What is the Best way to earn Money on the Internet
We are here to help You

There are other places online who charge fee after fee and up-sells to keep you paying higher amounts of money and none of them offers their members what WA does.

Every Member whether they have been there 2 months, 2 years or 10 years, love Wealthy Affiliate and I hope you also take the offer to join for free and see what it’s all about.

Affiliate Marketing, E-Commerce, Dropshipping, How to create landing pages and the list goes on and its all for a very small monthly fee.

There is nowhere on the Internet you can learn what over 1.4 million members learn for this amount.

If you went to University to Study Internet Marketing, SEO, Web Management etc you would pay 10’s of 1000’s of Dollars and at WA we get all of it for our monthly fee. The only extra cost is, you need to buy a domain name relating to your Business of course and this is around $13.99 – $15.99 for a year and can be purchased through WA as well which is really convenient.

There is 24/7 Site Support from the Technical Team and over 25 Developers behind the scenes making updates, adding on great programs and with all this plus the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course and Bootcamp, you will be way ahead of the competition online and this has been proven time and time again.


What is the Best Way to Earn Money on the Internet? Wealthy Affiliate is the best platform to join to learn How to make Money online and I invite you to take a look. you won’t be asked for a credit/Debit card.

Instead, you will be welcomed by some really great people and this will give you the chance to look around like I did, go to live chat and ask questions and then if you like what you experience and know Wealthy Affiliate is the right place, you can take up the Bonus Offer and go Premium and get started creating, building and growing your future Online

I will be there to offer my help and if you have any questions, the Community of awesome members will help you out as well 🙂

Make 2019 your Best Year Ever and come and see what Wealthy Affiliate is all about. I am sure you will be so pleased you did.

Success starts with the 1st step so let’s do this


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