Wealthy Affiliate- Why Bother with it

Hi and welcome to Grow a Biz online and this post is of great importance to me as I want to share why I believe Wealthy Affiliate is the Best Platform ever built to create and build an online business.

I joined Wealthy Affiliate some time back as I was sick of being scammed and wanted an honest place where I could learn everything about online business building, having my own websites and all the bells and whistles to make Google take a look and of course our other friends out there Bing and Yahoo.

So Why should you bother with Wealthy Affiliate? Is this platform for you?

In this blog, I will share as much information as I can to give you a really informative look at Wealthy Affiliate

So let’s get right into it

Who is Wealthy Affiliate for?

There are people from all over the world from all walks of life within the platform at Wealthy Affiliate and anyone can do what we do.

If you want to build a website in a niche you enjoy, then Wealthy Affiliate can help you do this very successfully however you must be prepared to work and learn all the aspects needed to be successful online.

Fortunately there is an amazing training program, in fact, 2 programs you can go through step by step to attain the knowledge you will need and it is so easy to follow and earn from.

I knew nothing about building my own website, SEO SSL Analytics and all the other cool stuff until I did the training and what is truly amazing, you can build your own website within 30 seconds or less. Am I for real? Yes, I sure am. It is so great and so much fun.

There are 1000’s of themes to choose from as Wealthy Affiliate uses WordPress which makes building a whole lot easier for you.

And the best part is you can join for free and you can also become a premium member and here are the differences between the 2 memberships

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Founders: – Kyle and Carson founded Wealthy Affiliate over 13 years ago and it has grown exponentially.

Product: – Affiliate Marketing

Price: – $0.00 Starter Membership

Premium:– $49.00 Per Month. – $359.00 per Year

Overall Ranking: – 99 out of 100

Website: –Click here

Am I going to make money with Wealthy Affiliate?

Yes, you are

How long will it take? This is a question often asked by people who join Wealthy Affiliate and here is the logical answer to this.

It depends on these things

  • Have you got a strong desire to be successful?
  • Do you really want to earn more money working online?
  • Are you prepared to learn and do what is taught step by step?
  • Are you focused?
  • Do you have Goals you want to reach?
  • Do you have a big reason WHY you want more money- If your answer is, Just because I like money, chances are you will give up as everyone needs a WHY to keep them growing and building their website
  • Are you prepared to make some sacrifices along the way, for example, instead of playing about, you work instead? You set yourself achievable goals and you tick each one off as you do them ????

Here are some examples of some of our members and how much they earn and some more things you can do to make money

What I like most about Wealthy Affiliate

I love the fact anyone can build a really great business or businesses(I have 3 now) and make money from being an affiliate marketer.

The Internet is becoming the norm for people all over the world to buy things and having a website is wonderful and so is the money.

I love the training I did as it has given me all the skills I need to be successful online and I would never have learned what I learned at Wealthy Affiliate training especially at such a great price $49 per month for everything. The only extra cost is your domain name and this is around $13- $15 US for a year

If you want to receive our bonus offer join for free and after 7 days go premium for only $19 

I also love the fact there are amazing people within the community at Wealthy Affiliate ready and willing to answer questions for people and offer help to people along the way. It is a true pay it forward kinda place that’s for sure.

I am an ambassador at Wealthy Affiliate and this is an honour – All it means really is I love helping people and encouraging people and my efforts gave me this rank. Nothing too fancy but a great feeling to be recognised as one of the leaders within the platform.

If you are serious about making money, starting for free then come and check us out inside the platform

Success is yours

You can even win a trip to Las Vegas if you do great with your business. All expenses paid and you get to do amazing fun things while you are there

Check this out- This is a post from the last trip- Click on the photo 

Scams and $’s lost

A few years ago I joined a company and it cost $17 to join which I thought was really great. I signed up and had a look around in the back office as it was called and decided to pursue how to make money with this company so I saw this video and even though my gut was saying this looks unreal, I clicked on it and guess what they wanted $197 as a bargain price to get all sorts of so-called wonderful  things and I thought, well I guess I have to pay so I did.

Then I get to watch yet another video luring me further in and I clicked on this s the guy said it would take me to the next lesson and Yes, you got it, now they wanted another load of my money to get all the bonuses offered to complete my online success. SCAM!!!!!! SCAM!!!!!

I tried to get my money back with no luck as when I contacted the so-called owners’ no-one got back to me.

I put it all down to a really stupid believe in something and boy did it make me dubious when I came across Wealthy Affiliate. When it said I could join for free and if I chose to I could go premium but I didn’t have to and my credit card would not be asked for I decided I would take a quick look inside for free.

Best decision ever

I looked around for 2 days and checked everything I could within the platform and pretty soon I knew it was legitimate, honest and was a state of the art system that I could use to build my online future so I went premium and I am so glad I did.

I invite you to join me for free and take a good look inside as I did, ask questions and people inside will answer them as I did and also when you log in, I’ll be there to share my expert advice along the way and so with others

In conclusion

If you want to make more money while working at your job or if you are at home trying to make a living or for any great WHY, then I welcome you to join me and let’s get your business off into the online world so you can start earning an extra income. It won’t happen if you don’t move forward so let’s do this together



Success is yours if you start now


wealthy Affiliate- Why Bother

Founder of Grow a biz online

16 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate- Why Bother with it”

  1. This is a very good summary of what’s on offer at Wealthy Affiliate.  I really believe that the real benefit is in the support you receive from everyone – everybody offers words of wisdom or guides you to the right place.  There is so much to learn on this platform.  I tend to search for what topic I’m interested in otherwise there is just too much!  It really is a good place to learn.  The step by step lessons also makes it manageable for newbies.  I’m still learning something new every day.

    I’m glad to see you can actually make money from affiliate marketing.  It gives me encouragement because it really does take hard work, even if Wealthy Affiliate teaches you everything you need to know.  But at the end of the day, you still need to work on your blog and get the traffic.

    Well done on the successful sale of your blog too.  There are a few different ways to make money here.  

    1. Hi Jenny

      Yes, there are many ways to make money within Wealthy Affiliate and success is for those who learn and work hard, stay focused on their goals and stay motivated and never give up

      The money will come if you are patient and keep adding awesome content to your site and keep learning and through this platform at WEalthy Affiliate 1000’s of people are making really great money

      All the best on your journey

  2. Hey, I can totally relate to your story about getting scammed and wanted an honest platform to learn how start an online business. I am glad to have found wealthy affiliate. It’s truly a platform that offers everything one needs to become successful. Although wealthy affiliate doesn’t promise anything like get rich quick like some other programs. It does offer a lot of information and training. Your site offered so much detailed and helpful information. You’ve answered everything about wealthy affiliate one can ask for. I like the fact your article is very transparent and honest. The success story is a great motivation to many. Thank You for sharing your experience with others. More people need to know about this platform. I am sure they can also benefit from this platform too.

    1. Hi Hong

      Thanks for stopping by today and for your awesome comments here

      I hope you are doing great within this awesome platform and hope you share your exciting journey

  3. I completely agree with everything you said! I am so happy I made the decision to join Wealthy Affiliate, I do not regret my decision at all! I am on the path to success with WA! 

    The training is simple and very easy to understand, I’ve accomplished so much, in a very short amount of time, and the WA community, including Kyle and Carson, are very helpful, positive, and supportive.

    I definitely highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate!

  4. Hi and what a great inspiring post. You are an example that online success is attainable for anyone if they work hard enough and have a superb platform like Wealthy Affiliate to back them up. Even a beginner can, in time learn to generate a consistent online revenue. Thanks, Kenny 

    1. Hey kenny

      Good to meet you here and thanks for your positive input today

      Yes, Wealthy Affiliate truly is the best place to grow your online future that’s for sure and I wish you all the very best

  5. What a phenomenal review of Wealthy Affiliate! 

    I was impressed with your knowledge of the actual inner workings of the platform ! It sounds like you are a seriously happy member ! 

    I tried a couple of low quality products when I first started my quest for making money online and earning passive income, and I was scammed to the tune of a few thousand dollars! I could hardly believe that there is an actual system out there that teaches high quality content for FREE! And if you want to upgrade it’s the price of a soft drink every month? Are you kidding me!

    I wish I had found Wealthy Affiliate years ago! There is no telling where I would be today with my online business !

    Thanks again for this awesome information! 



    1. Hey Mike

      Yes more people need to realise how affordable it truly is to build an online business where you make a full time income 

      Thanks for your comment and awesome input today

  6. I went through the same process you did of trying other online programs only to find they actually charge MUCH more than advertised. What good is a price if it isn’t the real price? It is just there to lure us in with a classic bait and switch! I have trouble trusting and certainly can’t respect any company that does that! How do I know I won’t get a month into the program and then discover I have to pay yet more money? I have heard of that happening.

    I was so amazed when I found Wealthy Affiliate. It really sounded too good to be true! I finally gave it a try and now several years later I still can’t believe what an amazing value it is! I still can’t believe the owners actually talk to us and help us out and don’t charge extra for the privilege and everything we need is included in the advertised price! I have never paid a penny extra. Best of all, the training works! I have two websites now and I am planning my third.

    I love Wealthy Affiliate and I am not getting paid to say that! I love the community, the training, the results and the ability to pick any niche to create my own business! I love that it isn’t MLM too. I write reviews and people find my site through the search engines. I don’t have to sell to family or friends.

    The sky is the limit here. We can be very successful if we want to be.


    1. Hi Jessica

      So awesome to came to see my website and I’m thrilled you too love Wealthy Affiliate

      Success to us all who join and work to achieve our goals

  7. Dear Vicki,

    Thanks a lot for the thorough and comprehensive review on Wealthy Affiliate.

    You have covered every possible doubts the readers might have and addressed it in detail.

    I am a Wealthy Affiliate member. To share my own experience with WA I joined in November 2016 and since I lost money because of investing in wrong platforms (Scams) I am afraid of joining WA.

    Since I read many success stories and good things about WA I joined it in November 2016. So where I am now?

    Since December 2017 I am a full-time blogger working from home. Thanks to WA!

    I am really happy you are guiding people to the genuine and great platform to learn and earn online. WA is the best training platform I came across online.

    Wishing you great success!


    1. Fantastic to read this Paul and so pleased you are now able to work from home after a short period of time

      You have obviously worked very hard to achieve such great results

      I know the feeling too and wish you lots more success

  8. Hi Vicki!

    Great review about Wealthy Affiliate… I appreciate that you included the cost of the platform and the domain. No hidden costs, and very affordable! The fantastic part is that anyone can join for free to start up and upgrade once decided if it’s the right decision. You can’t beat that. 

    I personally, upgraded my membership after only a couple days. I could not wait to get started. The amount of training this platform offers is worth so much more. 

    I’m still learning and have a long way to go but excited to see where it’ll take me. The possibilities are endless! 

    All the best to you


    1. well done Christine and all the best going through the training and creating and building your online future

      WA certainly has it all for you

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