The Wealthy Affiliate Review is – Secrets are Revealed

The Wealthy Affiliate Review is- A must Read as Secrets are Revealed


There have been 100’s of reviews done on Wealthy Affiliate comparing them to other companies, rating them the best online and some ex-members saying that Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t work so I decided to write a post revealing everything about Wealthy Affiliate for you so you can make an informed decision on whether you want to join and grow a business online.

I have been a Success Coach for many years and when I joined Wealthy Affiliate I went Premium within 2 days and have spent many hours looking around at everything Wealthy Affiliate is about and want to give an objective opinion with this post, so let’s get into this further now.

By the way, 99% of the time ex-members say it doesn’t work is because they didn’t follow the training and work hard and blamed WA for this. This happens with a lot of businesses and is just a part of human nature 🙂

Who is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is an Affiliate Marketing Platform however when you look deeper, it is much more than this.

Founders: Kyle and Carson

Owners: Kyle and Carson

Carson and Kyle started Wealthy Affiliate as a project in College over 13 years ago and these 2 men created and built Wealthy Affiliate and have continued to grow this platform and are very active within the platform every day helping out and encouraging members.

They wanted it to be a Pay it forward type of platform and to this day, this is how it works.

Kyle is the hands-on dude within the platform, creating pieces of training, updates etc and Carson is more a, behind the scenes kind of guy coming up with more innovative ways to do things and both of them work tirelessly to give all the Members an opportunity to become successful Affiliate Marketers.

Today they have 25 developers working for them and of course a really large technical team who are available 24/7 if members need them.

There is also a live chat area where members can get answers to any questions they may have relating to their business and the answers are coming from experts within the Community and these people work long hours here to help other members and all for free.

Training at WA (Wealthy Affiliate)

Again, I had a look at this in depth and was amazed at how much is offered to premium members.

1st there is the Online Entrepreneur Certification Training which consists of this (image below)

When you complete this training, you can then go on to the BootCamp training to learn even more on how to be successful online and it doesn’t stop there. If you want to check out Bootcamp you will have to be a premium member as for free membership you receive the 1st 10 lessons of the OEC Training which will give you a really good understanding of how things work.

I do suggest you go premium if you are serious about building your future online as if you do this you will be able to utilize all the resources and extra training within WA and I had a look and there are literally 100’s of resources such as video training, tutorials and of course the input within the main thread where Expert Members give all the members some really amazing information to help them be the best in what they are doing.

Some extra training within WA is for e-commerce, drop shipping, how to be an awesome content writer, How to get ranked in 21 days by Jay, one of the top Trainers within WA and so much more.

Whatever you want to learn is there for you and there are no upsells or hidden costs.

The only extra costs are when you buy your Domain name for your websites. Yes, I did say websites because as a premium member you get 25 websites with domain names and 25 subdomain sites with Site Rubix.

If you want to, you can start for free and create and build your website, then if you decide to go premium, you can transfer your free domain to a dot-com domain of your own and carry on learning and building. There is no pressure at all however the benefits of being Premium are incredible.

Another thing I suggest to people is this. Go premium with the special bonus offer of paying $19 for the 1st month and if within the 1st month you don’t think it’s for you and you have worked through some lessons etc, then go to your profile, account settings and cancel the future payment and your account and leave.

The reason I am saying this is because once you are premium you can see everything within Wealthy Affiliate and you can also see whether all of it is exactly what you need to become successful online.

You don’t know me at all however I am giving you the facts as I see them but it is always good to see things for yourself to make your own informed decision about your future online.

The Community within WA

There are 1000’s of people within the community on any day/evening and the members are amazing. There are new people sharing their 1st Success, there are members asking questions, members who have written blogs to teach members and blogs celebrating Income success and so much more.

There is also a ranking system for people who want to help out a lot and are putting in long hours within the community. These people become ambassadors and currently, I am honoured to be one. having said this, I have decided this year I will be in the community less each day as I am really focused on building my 4th website and business in a niche I have chosen relating to my years being a Success Coach.

This will mean less time helping others however I will still be there for a certain amount every day as I love seeing how people are doing and encouraging them and helping them when I can.

My Recommendation

How do I rank Wealthy Affiliate


  • Incredible training
  • 25 Domain name Websites + 25 Site Rubix Domain websites as a Premium member
  • 2 x free site rubix websites for a free member
  • Low Fees
  • 24/7 Help
  • 24/7 Technical help
  • Live Chat
  • Anyone can do this
  • Integrity
  • No upsells
  • A community of awesome members
  • SEO. SSL. Analytics all included
  • A very well rounded Platform filled with experts


  • No good if you aren’t prepared to work
  • No good if you are not prepared to learn
  • Addictive within the Community/ Can stop your progress spending too much time in there 🙂

Recommended- Yes 9/10

Legitimate – Yes 100%

I really can’t think of anything else for Con’s so I will leave it there.


My title for this post – The Wealthy Affiliate Review is – a Must Read as Secrets are Revealed was chosen specifically so I could explain the truth about Wealthy Affiliate in this Review.

I searched for a long time trying to find a platform that had everything needed to become Successful Online and I got burnt along the way as 1000’s of people do with all the hideous scams on the Internet and the platform where you join for say $37 discounted to $17, only to find the up-sells inside are very pricy and each one gets more expensive if you want the necessary tools to build Success Online.

Wealthy Affiliate has none of the nonsense as these sites have and I invite you to join for free and take a good look around.

It might just be the platform you will use to become a truly successful Affiliate Marketer and if you do come aboard, I will be there to welcome you and help you in any way I can 🙂

If you want to read some more on Affiliate Marketing, please click here

Also please do me a favour and leave a comment with your feedback and also any questions you might have

I hope to see you soon


Founder and owner of Grow a Biz Online

Remember to believe in yourself and your abilities 🙂

Make 2019 your best year ever

8 thoughts on “The Wealthy Affiliate Review is – Secrets are Revealed”

  1. Wealthy Affiliate does work. The people that state it doesn’t don’t stick it out for a good 2 years. A lot of other programs promise the secret sauce. You know stuff that is going to make you a millionaire without doing anything.The real story is you’re going to have to work hard for 6-8 months before you will realistically make your first affiliate commission.I do love the community at Wealthy Affiliate. People help out so much. Not to mention you can contact Kyle and Carson for 1 on 1 support. That enough is worth $400/year!

    1. Hi Garen

      Great to connect with you

      I haven’t seen you within the community as yet but I am so glad you love Wealthy Affiliate too.

      Yes, nothing great is built without hard work and those scam sites with their promises are actually really great for Wealthy Affiliate because so many people who join WA have been hurt by these hideous people and I hope to help a lot of people this year

      All the very best for 2019 Garen and thanks for this great comment

  2. Thanks for sharing you’re perspective of WA. I too agree with your review. I am also a member of WA and have found the experience such a positive one. I never used to feel comfortable asking questions, but the community of like minded members are all there to help and support each other, so no question is hard to ask. It really is a genuine place to work your own business from, with excellent training and support every step of the way. Thanks for sharing your honest and genuine perspective, love it :)!

    1. Hi cat and so glad you love WA as well

      Seems more and more people are becoming successful online due to everything offered within Wealthy Affiliate

      Enjoy 2019 and make it your best year ever

  3. Rosie the Roadie

    Wealthy Affiliate Changed my Life.

    I have been in business for over 30 years.  For the past 9 years, I have been a traveler selling goods and have recently, with the training of Wealthy Affiliate, moved my business online.  I have also started blogs learning as I go from this wonderful website and community.

    The community is a group of mentors all helping you in your journey

    I urge anyone who wants to build an online business and change their life, as I have, to click on the link in this post and discover this wonderful opportunity.

    1. Hey Rosie the roadie- Awesome name by the way and Yes, Wealthy Affiliate can certainly change lives and it sounds like you are living the dream travelling and working- What a great way to live and all the best in 2019 and beyond

      Thanks for pulling up and sharing your awesome journey

  4. I must say this is an unbiased and honest review about the No.1 online training platform, Wealthy Affiliates (WA). I have been on WA for a little above a week now, and I’m completely blown away by all that it has to offer. The training is next to none and the community support is awesome. Success does depend on hard work. Ex-members who say WA doesn’t work probably didn’t put to use all the resources available. They may be better off joining other get-rich-quick schemes. Here you work hard and pay it forward. Anything sustainable takes time to build. My honest advice is: “Don’t join WA if you are not willing to follow through the training or work hard.”

    1. Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate Phranel and I am so glad you are enjoying your new journey

      WA is the best and I hope you enjoy a long and very successful journey online

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