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Hi and welcome to Growabizonline and hopefully today I can share some helpful ideas for those of you who are thinking about or ready to start your online journey in the business world.




So let’s get right into it

Don’t look for fancy

When you are starting out, lots of people think they will need all kinds of programs, platforms, gadgets, knowledge, and go looking online for the best of everything.

This, in my opinion, isn’t needed at all when you are starting out in any business online.

There are a lot of people offering you this at 50%, that for free and then you find the upsells are in the 100’s or even 1000’s of dollars so please keep reading as I was a newbie a long time ago and I still research a lot every day to see what is happening in the online world and I know for a fact, there are so many scams online, it is ridiculous so be aware of this.

5 Essentials to start your biz

What are the essentials for starting your online business?

  • Decent Computer as you will be adding a lot of content and graphics and other things such as an e-commerce store and other things.
  • Internet connection- fast uploads and downloads are always a bonus
  • A website that has everything you need to create and build an online presence
  • A great work ethic and determination to make it work
  • Goals to work toward
  • A clear space where you can set yourself up or an office at home in the spare room so you can have all your online work and offline essentials close by.
  • A schedule of the time you will spend building your business especially important if you are currently working although even if you are not it is still essential to keep you moving forward.

work from home

Be alert at all times

When you start searching for ideas on what to do as a business, I am going to say it again. Be alert at all times when you are looking as there are people online/scams that will take your money and you will lose whatever you invest. Look out for overpromising, bright false looking advertising. 3 or 4 landing pages trying to hook into the next greatest thing that has ever been online.Scam alert

Beware of the promises from sites telling you, there is no selling, no work, no website needed and you will make 10000’s of dollars every week. These are the most hideous scams of all.

Read reviews and make sure you feel safe before signing over your hard earned money. Ok, warning finished. I hope you take heed.

Don’t buy into stuff you don’t need

When you get started with your online business, you are going to want to build a really solid foundation with lots of great content and lots of help for people when they visit your website and the only way to get traffic is to build that foundation and then the organic traffic will arrive and you will be in business.

You do not need an autoresponder in your early days unless of course you already have a large email client base, in which case you may want to go with Aweber which you will see on the right of this article.

It is a great platform for email marketing however it does come with a cost.

If you are going to be writing a lot of content you may also want to invest in Grammarly. The platform check yous your grammar, your spelling and much more and I have saved hours of time editing because I let Grammarly do it for me and it is so good.

If you are working on content, you will want to use a keyword program to choose the best keywords to use as this will help you get indexed and ranked within the major search engines- Google, Bing and Yahoo.

On the right you will see a keyword platform that is awesome however before you join this program, please wait as I am going to introduce you to a platform I chose to build my websites and it is only fair, I do the same for you as it really is the best I have been involved with in my entire online career – and in my early days, I fell for the idiots and I joined and lost money, hence all my warnings to you.

Been bitten, learned the hard way and do not want this to happen to you that is for sure.

Starting out online- How hard is it?

My intention behind this article is to show you the Best online business start and I have found the no.1 platform to help anyone build their online business with success and yes, money made.

The platform I am going to share with you today is Wealthy Affiliate and I hope you read right through as this platform truly gives you everything you need to get started and continue to build a successful online business.

So, what do Wealthy Affiliate offer you as a member?

Before I give you this information I do want to tell you this.

There are only 2 memberships- 1 is free and the other one is premium and costs $49 per month which is pretty awesome considering what you will get for this. Every business has overheads and there are other platforms can cost you 1000’s of dollars or there are free ones who  give you a website for free that does absolutely nothing at all except sit on your computer waiting for the all the bells and whistles to be added to make it function which will cost you a whole lot of money.

Wealthy Affiliate- Here is what you get

Because I was dubious about online offers, I joined Wealthy Affiliate for free and had a really good look around at everything that was on offer and within 2 days I knew this platform was going to give me everything I needed to build a successful online business and today I have 4 websites all doing really great so lets get into this,

What do you get when you join?

As a free member, you get 2 websites through a subdomain- site rubix and you get some of the training offered, however, if you are a premium member you get literally everything you need and here is a picture so you can see exactly what I am telling you about.

Hopefully, this will give you a good idea of what is offered as a member of Wealthy Affiliate. I was blown away when I joined and saw what it was all about and every day when I am inside the platform, I learn more and more especially from the community of people who offer helpful tips, extra training and encouragement to everyone.

I am part of this wonderful community and will help you if you decide to come to take a look for free which is what I suggest you do if you truly want to start a really successful online future for yourself.

Here is another couple of pictures for you to see what else is going on in Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate was founded over 13 years ago and has over 1,200,000 members and in the whole time I have been involved I have never heard anyone say a bad word or make a negative post about the platform.

Everyone loves it and works on their own business and quite often people share their progress in a blog which is always so good to do and the response from members is just so positive.

You really do need to come and see for yourself. You have nothing to lose and a whole lot to gain from checking it out.

The best online start you could make is to join Wealthy Affiliate and start building your online future. you get everything you need, the training is amazing, the system is state of the art, the guys who own Wealthy Affiliate, Kyle and Carson are from Canada and they are really great guys. They are involved in the community every day and help people out whenever they are there. Over 13 years ago they decided to build this platform to help anyone who wants to build a successful business online and it has continued to grow exponentially daily.

Some people ask if the market will saturate and here is my answer to this. Over 4 billion people, yes 4 billion people surf the net looking to buy, to learn, to grow and to develop businesses and this is also growing because the population is always growing and of course, technology is making it more accessible for more people and it will never saturate.

It has been said the Internet will be our future shopping cart and those offline businesses will go online globally with very few staying 100% in the offline world and from what I have seen even where I live this is happening already so it will only happen more and more as the Internet growth accelerates. If you want a piece of this action, please come and join me in Wealthy Affiliate and see what I am going on about.

In conclusion today

I hope I have given you the best information to help you on your new online journey and if you have any questions, please ask me either by signing up for emails or in the comments below.

I have given you my honest ideas and thoughts on getting you started online and developing your own business and I look forward to helping you in any way I can should you decide to come and join Wealthy Affiliate for free

Go easy and success for your future online business

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