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How do you become an Entrepreneur? In this blog, I hope to cover the most important steps you need to take to become an entrepreneur so let’s get right into it

Ideas – Niche, Interest, Passion

Everyone has some kind of interest or passion for something and you are no different. What you need to do is recognize which interest/passion you care about most.

I found by writing a list of all the things that interest you is a great way to get the mind opening up and when you have created your list, then break it down into your best 5, then your best 2 and finally pick 1 that is most important to you.

When you have chosen your no.1 interest you are now ready to do your research on this subject and write about it. Becoming an Entrepreneur is all about helping people and by doing this you will become more known and eventually you will be known as someone who really knows a lot about your chosen niche/interest/passion.

This is one of the vital steps to becoming an Entrepreneur.

People who are looking to learn from you will visit your website, read your articles, buy from your links and you will grow an online business to be proud of and you will help 1000’s of people from all around the world with your knowledge on your particular subject

Writing – How often and for how long?

work from home online

You will need to write blogs/articles often to let Google know you are working and you are real, not just a wannabe as Google, Yahoo and Bing do not take any notice of random writers so make sure you do at least 2-3 blogs per week when you are getting started.

Your blogs need to be well set out with short paragraphs as long ones make people lose interest. you need to be engaging when you write. When you talk to a friend about your favourite subject it is easy to chat and tell them lots of cool stuff, right? and this is how you write your blogs.

Be as natural as you can. Use words you normally use and be honest with your readers at all times.

There is nothing worse than arriving at a website and you start reading and within a few seconds, you know that what you are reading is crap. I have done this so often and I leave never to return. You don’t want this to happen.

Be authentic and what I mean by this, is don’ steal from other peoples sites and copy and paste as so many fools do. Google is your watchdog and they will be crawling your site and will pick up whether your work is original or copied and if it is copied, down the tubes you will go.

Another important step when writing is to ensure you have no errors in your work and it even if you have spell check often things can get missed. I know this through experience.

I suggest you download  Grammarly onto your computer and let Grammarly help you with your grammar and spelling. It is a free program and everyone ‘I have shared this with is so grateful as they say.

Grammarly saves so much time and they also know their document is being published with no errors. Click on Grammarly and it will take you the download site 🙂

Titles for your articles

So important to choose the correct titles for every article you write and using keywords is the key.

I use Jaaxy Keywords and I love this place. All you do is type in a few words you might be considering and click search and Jaaxy comes up with, average visits per month. plus the most important of all the QSR which means Quoted search Results and when choosing keywords. please make sure the QSR is 100 or less as this will help you with your Google rankings down the track

Check out Jaaxy and  give it a try for free by clicking

Website  – Setting up/ Training. SEO and more

Ok, you have your niche, you are going to learn about keywords and you have Grammarly ready to go.

You are going to need a great website to build your online biz and I would like to introduce you to a company I have so much pleasure telling you about.

Wealthy Affiliates. Why does this place mean so much to me? Because of the 2 guys. Kyle and Carson who put this platform together over 13 years ago to help people just like you and I create an online business have done a 10/10 job

Why is it so good?

The training for a start

  • 50 lessons to a certification 

Step by step training to help you build a great website to get you started toward your success in becoming an entrepreneur.

Community – Support 24/7 from the Wealthy Affiliate Community of like-minded people all supporting and helping each other

Site Support – 24/7 site support if you have any technical questions

I have been involved with a few online platforms over the years and I know without a doubt Wealthy Affiliate has helped over 1,000,000 million people on their journey and I invite you to come to take a look. Yes it is free to join 

Wealthy Affiliates is honest, with the best platform you will find, using WordPress which is all incorporated and everything you need to become an entrepreneur so please take come to take a look. You will not be asked for your credit card unless you want to upgrade to premium which gives you a whole lot more to be successful online.

I signed up for free and then within a couple of days realised what Wealthy Affiliates could give me and I went premium

Special bonus for the next 5 days:  If you decide this is something you want to pursue, join for free and if you upgrade to premium for a limited time instead of costing you $49 to join, it will only cost you $19 for your 1st month so go take a look for free and see what you think.


Are you ready

if you truly want to become an Entrepreneur then I suggest you come and join the awesome team at Wealthy Affiliate and I look forward to helping you on your new and exciting journey. If you are a beginner with this online stuff, great, we are all here to help you in every way we can so the choice is yours

Are you ready to take the next step?

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me in the comment box below or if you prefer to join the mailing list and I will get back to within 24 hours

Keeping it real

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16 thoughts on “Entrepreneur – How do you become one”

  1. Great advice on how to pick your niche. Making a list of your interests is a great idea.

    I remember when I first started I had a hard time narrowing down what I wanted to write about, and I tried to make a general one about anything and everything, big mistake!

    I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate, I’ve been there for almost a year, and I’ve learned more through their training than I have in 10 years of trying to make money online. It is a great community where you will get education and support.

    And Jaaxy is the best tool around for finding low competition keywords that will get your blog indexed by Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

    1. Absolutely Jim- Wealthy Affiliate is the best [latform for anyone who wants to create an online business and I thank you for your input

  2. Hi, it is very good. I like you use Why to start a question at the beginning your article. Your article make me getting more clear how to make a Goal, it just like you are stepping on a stair, if you can not get to your goal at tomorrow or one week, or just short term, why not step by step to close your goal. I like your article. Keep going, keep learning, we will get to the goal.

    1. Hin Lori- you are so right. step by step you will reach your goal and if you have a great WHY, this will keep you motivated to keep going even when you feel like stopping
      I wish you success in reaching all your goals
      Kind wishes

  3. Great advice.

    I wish I followed your idea of picking your niche. I sometimes find it difficult to continue writing about mine.

    I totally forgot about grammarly and I see it all of the time! I will definitely try it.

    Thank you for laying out the how to’s!


    1. Hi Kahlua- you can have more than 1 niche- You can have 50 websites over time with 50 different niches
      I hope this helps and success in all you do

  4. Thanks for your honest advice. I really enjoyed your post and visiting your website. I come across so many articles on the internet when I’m looking for something specific and get upset when I realize the title is misleading: They use a title that is very appealing but when you read the article, it’s irrelevant. Or they use too many links and after wasting an hour of reading and searching, you end up disappointed and exhausted. And worst of all, you still don’t get what you were looking for. That is completely dishonest. I am surprised that they get ranked by google.

    Thanks again,


    1. Hi Sierra, /thank you for your kind feedback. I am always honest as I don’t see any other way as you won’t build trust with readers if you don’t tell the truth, whether the truth is harsh sometimes at least it is always real
      Thank you for stopping by

  5. Very interesting article with great advice for those who are just starting. One very important thing you mention that I believe others don’t emphasize is the point of being real and not steal the work of others. It is really not necessary. Even if you are not sure about your grammar you can always ask someone for help or hire someone from Fiverr to proofread your article. That’s what I do. I use Grammarly too but sometimes is not helpful to check the sentence flow. Since English is not my first language I think about what I want to say in my language and translate it. But the translation does not always flow so I seek help.

    1. Hi Dira
      Yes although if you pay for the premium services you will find Grammarly will help you with all your sentence structures and grammar
      I hope this helps and I wish you success

  6. I love this post. Such great advice! I wish I had this information all those years I spent trying (and failing) to get started working from home. I agree about Wealthy Affiliate. It has changed my life.

    1. Hi Barbra
      Yes Wealthy Affiliate is changing 1000’s of people lives day by day. Isn’t it refreshing to find an honest platform to create a great business

  7. Brilliant advice – especially about the writing of the blogs and trying to keep it descriptive. The more engaging it is the more people will read it. I had never looked into Grammarly before so I think I will try that as well,


  8. You’ve definitely made making money online easier to understand and I can vouch that it is really that simple. The secret lies in how much you are able to write and how often. The more often you write and publish on your website, the faster success will come. 🙂 I have experienced this first hand so I definitely know that it works.

    Being a member of Wealthy Affiliate for around 9 months now, I have learned so much about how the online world works and it is so inspiring to see people succeeding every single day. Not to mention that you can even interact with the successful people and ask them for help. I love how the playing field is level at Wealthy Affiliate and how easy it is to ask for help. The support structure is one of the best that I have seen in an online program. I definitely recommend Wealthy Affiliate to anybody looking for a scam-free and legit way to make money online.

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