Self Employment Online- Is it for everyone

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I have been thinking a lot about whether self-employment online is for everyone and I have talked to people of all ages on this topic.

Today I thought I would share what I have learned on this topic as it feels relevant to me on so many levels

Mindset – How do you think?

We are all given minds and we all have the ability to think whatever we choose to think- Ok that was easy.

However, when it comes to self-employment online, many people think it is the perfect way to create self-employment and build a business while others I have talked to think it is a complete waste of time and some even think creating a business offline is the way to go.

Each to their own. I am not saying any of these choices is the best although I do believe however that takes a certain mindset to do what it is you choose to do.

Should you decide that being self-employed online is something you wish to pursue, then you are going to have to have a certain mindset for it to work.

  • Courage – To keep going even when it feels tough and it will get tough.
  • Persistence – working on your business with persistence is vital.
  • Self -Talk – Yes, you guessed right. Telling yourself- “I can do this” and keep going.
  • Self-motivation – you are going to have to make sure you have a plan to keep you motivated even when you feel like doing something else just because you are at home.
  • Focus – you must stay focused on your tasks that need doing before you do something else away from your work desk.

Plan – you will need a plan

Firstly when you decide to build a business online you will need a plan because without one you might drift along not getting things done as you perhaps could.

Start with:

  • What is your business going to be about? Have you got a niche? (Something you really are passionate about)
  • Who is your audience going to be? Think about the age group you are going to target.
  • Will you be selling products?
  • Will you be an affiliate for other companies and by this I mean, you join an affiliate program for certain companies relating to your niche and you have links to products on your website which take people to the company’s website and if they buy something, you, in turn, receive a commission for your work.
  • How are you going to build a website? Make sure you choose a good platform to build your site( I will go into this down further.)

Setting up your business – What you will need

You will need a great websites and if you are new to business online you will also want to choose a great platform to create this website as well as have a support team and training to make sure you do it correctly to achieve Google, Yahoo and Bing rankings and of course all the other things that are needed to ensure your success.

I remember years ago I went through WIX to create a website and it turned out pretty good considering I didn’t have much of a clue as to what to do. When my website was built, I thought Google and the other search engines would rank it and off I would go. Duh!!!

That doesn’t happen and I had no support, no training so eventually I left it and walked away.

Then one day I was searching online and I came across Wealthy Affiliate and decided because it was free to join, I would go take a look and WOW!!! It had everything I needed to create a self-employed online business starting at the beginning and after 3 days, I upgraded to premium so I could receive everything that was available and it was the best decision I have made regarding online work.

Wealthy Affiliate has given me everything and the community of support people are amazing and so helpful and encouraging. the training is the best I have seen in my online life which is a few years now 🙂 Not that I am old or anything lol.

If you would like to know more, then do what I did and join for free by clicking here. Wealthy Affiliate 

I am sure once you take a look like I did, you too will realise what a great platform you have to begin creating a successful online biz.

There are so many sites online offering you all sorts and charging you so much money only to give you nothing much at all and today I am not going into this anymore as I do not see the point. Been burned- Happy now and that is what matters when I am helping people like yourself.

Writing content- how does this relate to your biz

When you start a business you are going to want to share your knowledge with your readers to help them get to know you and what you are all about so content writing is really important. If you are not a great writer, do not panic. All you have to do is write as if you are talking to a friend about what you do and what is involved and the words will come.

If you have the money, of course, you could hire a content writer to do this for you. I enjoy helping people and I also enjoy writing so I prefer to write my own articles. you may even know a family member who enjoys writing if you don’t

I suggest to everyone I help get started to download Grammarly as this program does all your spell checks, punctuation for you for free and if you want it to check your grammar and sentence structure you can upgrade to get more features. I have found Grammarly to be the best tool for correcting yet.

Are you ready?work from home

If you are ready and have the mindset to start your self-employed online business- today is a great day to begin and I wish you success and all the very best on your new and exciting online journey.

Please do one thing for me – If this article has helped you make your decision then please comment below and if you have questions you can join our mailing list or email me and I will get back to you within 24 hours

Keeping it real

P.S I almost forgot- when you are working from home, you must have balance in your life. We can become so engrossed in our work we forget to take a break to get refreshed so remember to do this as it really helps your mind and body.

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10 thoughts on “Self Employment Online- Is it for everyone”

  1. Honestly, in all seriousness self employment in theory sounds appealing. I mean being your own boss is appealing. With that being said you need to prepare yourself to work very hard. Meaning, there is going to be several months even a year where you don’t make any real money.

    You have to lean to work when your home and treat it like a 9-5 job. Not just something you do and hopes of making millions of dollars.

    I’ve had an online business for 10+ years and know you have to be self motivated, persistent, and willing to learn new things.

    A lot of people start out with a job already, but once you start to make money I would suggest 1-2 years after it takes off you work from home full time.

    1. Hi Garen
      You are so right
      People think all they have to do is get a website and they will make money-WRONG
      It takes dedication, focus and persistence along with research and everything to keep you motivated to succeed and it takes time for sure
      Thank you sharing with us here at growabiz

  2. This is really motivating. I am a working mom currently stuck in a cubicle. I hate it here. I feel so guilty every morning when I drop my baby off at work. I want to start a home based business. You mentioned that Wealthy Affiliate is free, this is something no-risk to look into. I really would love to leave this environment but I really don’t have the option to right now. How long do you think it usually takes until you making the same kind of money you make in the rat race?

    1. Hi Sophia
      I can’t put a time frame on how long it takes as everyone is different. I do know that if you dedicated some time each day writing great content, you will see income sooner than someone who only writes content once a week
      I hope this helps and I hope you can get out of the rat race one day as I have

  3. I’m a relative newbie when it comes to being an online business owner (I’ve owned one for 1.5 years now) but I can agree with EVERYTHING you’ve said in this post! It’s definitely a marathon and not a sprint!

    1. Hi Kaleb, Yes all great things take time and an online business need solid foundations to grow as with any business
      I am glad you have your online biz and I wish you every success with it

  4. The thing about self employment is that while it can be easy once it gets going, it’s still hard in a different way because of how you have to hold yourself accountable for getting things done. So if something doesn’t get done, you’re the only one responsible. But that’s also a good thing since you can claim all of the accolades once your business becomes successful. Definitely not for everyone I’d say.

    1. Hi Jasmere- Yes, you are so right on this, however, it does take a special kind of person to be self-employed as I have written in this article’
      If people have these qualities, then I say- go for it. Create a freedom lifestyle and a time free lifestyle even if it does take a couple of years for this to happen.
      thank you and success in all you do

  5. I very much agree with you that a proper mindset is absolutely essential for success. Without the right thinking pattern, you are as good as lost. As an addition to focus, it helps to have the right environment to work in. In other words, a clean room is the sign of a clean and clear mind.

    I do have a question though. When trying to form the right mindset, what is the best thing to do? It takes time to build the entrepreneurial mindset. I look forward to reading your response.

    Thank you so much and I hope you make it a great day!

    1. Hi Alex- I believe the easiest way to create the right mindset is to work out your goals, short medu=ium and long-term and then you have a reason to be consistent with your work and focused which in turn gives you the mindset to achieve great results in reaching each goal
      Please stop by again and I hope this helps

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