Scams and the Internet- what to look for

Hi, and welcome to Growabizonline and today is about scams and how to pick them and also a great business platform explained further on.


The Internet is growing rapidly with over 5 billion people surfing the net looking for things to buy, things to learn and to also build an online presence whether this is a business or just some idiot out to take your money.

Today I would like to help you learn about scams on the internet and what to look out for so let’s get into this

Mobe- Is this a Scam?  

You decide for yourself- you pay a minimum fee to join which is great then, YES, you guessed it- high price upsells and we all know who is winning here.


I was going to continue telling you about Mobe when I have just discovered the   have closed Mobe down and are Investigating the Company- in June 2018, yes just a couple of months ago and here is the proof you need

So enough of me telling you what I think. This is all we need to know and I can hear you saying it as well. RUN!!!! No need, it has been taken care of thank goodness.

Ok next:

Four percent. com: 

I did some research on this website as well and it was really strange what I saw on there.

Firstly you can join for $1 but for a limited time only- They all say that to get people hooked into their system, then you pay an amount every month and guess what the cost is for the 2nd phase $1164 USD and this has now been discounted to free as well. Hmmm. Warning bells are ringing for me now.

Vic the owner( why is ClickBank shown at the bottom of the screen as the secure site) Is this just another affiliate link from Clickbank and not a genuine business owned by Vic? You go check it out for your self if you want to but I would suggest, do not jump in here, as warning bells are ringing for me as I continue to share my research on this program.

It states that you do have to do anything much as seen below and in my opinion, this doesn’t ring true for me.

  • Never Create A Product
  •  Never Build A Website
  •  No Programming Needed 
  •  No Merchant Accounts Needed 
  •  No Customer Service Needed 
  •  No Selling Needed 
  •  No Technical Skills Needed 
  •  No Sales Funnels Needed 
  •  No Experience Needed

Everything that is real, needs work to be done. Nothing happens without work and if Vic is saying all the work is done for you, I feel this is the biggest warning to you. It will mean 1 of 2 things. You join for $1 and the upsells will be hugely priced or once you become involved you are going to pay for everything you need to make this “system” work for you and I would RUN if I were you.

Why I joined Wealthy Affiliate:

I had been scammed in the past and have become very aware of what to look out for and a while ago I was searching for a business that was honest, had everything I would need to build an online future and came across a few reviews of Wealthy Affiliate. I did lots of research to make sure this platform was true, honest and without fault.

After doing my due diligence I knew I could take a look for free and have a thorough look inside this platform and decide whether this was a fir for my future online needs and within 2 days of joining for free, I upgraded to become a Premium member and am so glad I made this choice.

See why below this picture.







Wealthy Affiliate will give you everything you need to build your online business

  • 13 years in business and growing exponentially
  • Founders Kyle and Carson 2 men from Canada have built a state of the art platform for anyone who wants to be successful online
  • A wonderful community of people who encourage, help and support members 24/7
  • Technical support 24/7
  • 1000’s of themes to design your website and WordPress to create awesome Content
  • SEO and everything technical to get your website indexed and ranked with Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Here are a few shots to let you see more of what Wealthy Affiliate is all about.

These are some of the amazing things Wealthy Affiliate have for their members and if I was you, if you are serious about building an online business, I would do what I did and join for free and check it all out for yourself then you too can decide whether it is a good fit for what you are looking to create.

This is what you will get as a free member and a premium member, oh and yes $49 per month is it. No upsells to kill your bank account, I promise you this.

This is exactly what you will get – Pretty cool and it is honest. The most honest business platform I have had the fortune to become involved with and I love everything about it so go take a look and I’ll see you on the inside to help you if you need me.

Working in Wealthy Affiliate has given me the opportunity to become the owner of 4 websites so far, to earn income, to meet people from all over the world within our awesome community, to learn so much more about Internet Marketing, Website building, Content writing, SEO, Google Analytics, and much more. I am truly grateful to Kyle and Carson and the rest of the team at Wealthy Affiliate for creating the most brilliant platform anyone can learn from.

We have people who are members ranging from 18- 80 years old and everyone supports everyone on the platform. We share our questions when we need help and we share our successes and get encouragement from the members. It is the best and I will be part of this platform for the rest of my online working years.


Yes you will earn income but there are no scammy promises – You will have to do the work, do the training (included) and learn how to build a solid online foundation for your business and continue to put in regular effort to earn income.

You can do this by joining affiliate programs relating to your business niche and by helping promote Wealthy Affiliate which is pretty cool.

As a premium member, you will automatically also become an affiliate for JAAXY Keyword [platform, a toll you will love when it comes to learning about creating excellent content for your website. If you share information about Jaaxy on your website and people sign up to Jaaxy outside of Wealthy Affiliate, you will receive a commission as an affiliate.

Amazon Affiliate is another good program to earn income and you will learn about affiliate programs during the training.


All of this is included with your premium membership. There no hidden surprises and I don’t know about you, but I have never seen such a generous, honest platform like this, have you. If you have please leave a comment below this article as I would really love to know all about it 🙂

In conclusion today

I hope I have given you some good information on what to look out for on the Internet. Flashy landing promising all kinds of savings.

For instance, you will see on one of Four’s landing pages there is a detailed outline of what everything should cost and how NOW FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY, you get it all for free- If my opinion counts for anything, this is not a business I would be joining, however, if you feel you like this kind of thing, good luck to you.

I have learned the hard way so today I truly hoped you have also learned some key warning signs when searching for an honest platform to work in.

I look forward to your feedback on this article so please do me one favour, leave a comment below with your thoughts on today’s message to you.


Keeping it real









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