Review of Profit 24x7 -Is it a scam

Review of Profit 24×7 -Is it a scam

Profit 24X& - Is it a scam or not?

Welcome to Grow a biz online. I’m Vicki and if we haven’t met before you can go check out who I am here.

Before I go on further, I am going to say this. From the  research I have done these are my findings and my opinion based of what have reasearched however your opinion may differe from mine and that is ok too 🙂


Today I  am going to be sharing a review on Profit 24X7 for you so let’s get right into this now

Who are Profit 24X7?

Well, I have done some research on this and this is what I have found out.

Profit 24X7 is an online marketing “business” and the spokesperson I listened to is Jacob Alan who sounds very familiar to many other recordings for a so-called billion dollar business I have heard,

A recording with a photo of a guy who says he is Jacob Alan.

Suspicious? Well I am and I’ll now tell you more

When you open the page the recording says this. “Limited to only a few exclusive members and highly confidential which got my hackles up instantly.

Why would you advertise an amazing business opportunity and then tell people it is a secret and highly confidential. Hmmm, I smell a rat already.

Then “Jacob, recorded voice man goes on to say – If you want to generate 1000’s of dollars that only very few people know about then keep listening. Suspect again!!! Why do only a few people know about it if this guy is claiming to be a multi-millionaire and in a very short time I might add?

Wait there is more – Now he is saying this secret industry is worth over 12 billion dollars each year and only an elite few are invited to join. what a load of …..!!!!

Let’s carry on – there is more.

So this secret group you join is going to be given everything by going through the modules inside to learn what to do and then by some miracle you are going to sell a lot of products and “share profits with your group from people who are hoarders and spend money on buying things all day long”  not verbatim but very close to the exact words Jacob says in the recorded message.

If you want to try an honest business platform to make money please click here and see What is offered to you:)

What do Profit 24X7 do?

I have no idea really as the video just goes on and on promising all sorts of income without actually explaining the business model at all which I find really bizarre because if you are looking for something online to build as a business surely you can go to the website which I did and gather information. Not in this case, it seems. When you type in the website address it comes up as an error which again doesn’t make me feel safe.

So Profit 24x 7 – How did I find it?

It is an affiliate program from Clickbank and I am not saying this is a bad thing but when I clicked on the link and got told nothing except a whole lot of promises and then to get inside I was asked to $37 dollars which of course I didn’t as I didn’t feel any trust towards this type of business at all and I hope this helps you understand what to look for when you are searching for an honest business.

Commission for joining Profit 24X7 as an affiliate

This seems weird too. The commission payout is $56.95 and the joining fee is $37 to get in the door so my guess and I might be wrong is there are going to be some heavy duty upsells once you get inside and to me this sux.

Whenever you are invited to join an online business, you should be able to see in black and white everything you will get as a member and not the “Secret or Highly confidential” promises on the outside.

This feels like a scam to me. I’m not saying it is but the feelings I get are not good at all. Warning bells are ringing big time!!

Rating: 3/10

Why do I rate this low? Because I have been stung a few years back and this business has the same feeling to me. I might be wrong but I am pretty sure I am right.

If you decide to take a look please be careful as I am here to help people and I would hate it if you got stung by any online so called: business” opportunity and Profit 24X7 feels dodgy to me.

No, I do not recommend this business

As I have said and will say again, if you want an online business to build and to become successful it takes time, no matter what anyone tries to tell you.

Get rich now!!!!! Do nothing, this is a fully automated system that works 24/7 while you are asleep money comes into your account…. and all the other really strange but tempting words that are used to entice innocent people into the online trap.

BEWARE!!!! of anything that seems scammy because chance are it is a scam and you will lose your hard earned money every time and I am here to stop you losing your money because my passion is helping people build online businesses in an honest way with consistent effort and training to learn what you need to become successful online.

online business             or             

So my Review of Profit 24×7 -Is it a scam has come to an end and because I haven’t paid the $37 to enter the secret world of profit 24×7 I cannot say 100% this is a scam but I can and have given you my honest opinion in this review of what I found through my research and would say no to this “Opportunity”

What to look for?

As I said earlier and also if you clicked on the link and went and read my profile you will see I am truly passionate about helping people grow a successful business online and I am helping a lot of people do this every day which is awesome, so if I can help you, then this article hasn’t been a waste of time.

When you are searching for a platform to join to grow your business make sure it has all of these things.

  • All the information about the platform
  • Training offered as part of the membership
  • 24/7 support technical and other
  • Honesty and openness
  • no Upsells that are hidden and by this I mean. You join for $.. and then you have to pay anywhere up to say $2500 for everything you need to build your business once to have joined.
  • Find out what you get before you spend any money and please do not feed the guy at the top all your money.

I found an online platform that I joined some time ago and it gave me absolutely everything I needed to start my online business career and I now have a few websites all helping people make money online so if you would like to go take a look at the review I did on this platform click on the link below and go and see for yourself.

It has everything and more of what I have written in the must-haves above and should you decide it is something you want to try it is free to join so you can take a look around at everything on the inside before you decide to stay and continue as a premium member to build a successful online future.

It is not up to me to push you into anything but if you go take a look at my review you can then make up your own mind as to whether it is a good fit for you and if you do decide to join for free to come to take a look I will be inside the platform to offer you any help you need along the way. So please you owe it to yourself to click here

In conclusion today

Thank you for taking the time to read this article and I hope it has given you some clarity on what to look out for when deciding what to do and what platform to join to build your online business.

If you have comments or questions about this article or you need help with your online future please ask me as I am here to help you along the way.

I wish you all success in your pursuit of Time and Money Freedom in the online world and just before I go, Please go and see what I am talking about before you leave here.


Thanks for your time and go easy


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