Profitable online business for sale

You got it. Today I am going to be writing about how to create a profitable online business that you can sell.

A lot of people have asked me, is it easy to sell an online business and make a profit, which is a really great question.

So let’s get into this to give you a clearer picture of how to do this

Setting up an online business – what do you need?

  • Fully functioning website
  • A theme for your design template
  • WordPress for your content
  • Seo is done for you
  • Marketing strategies
  • Google analytics
  • Paying visitors
  • Affiliate Programs
  • Product Sales

Now that could be quite daunting to you if you are a newbie to the online world, however, let me assure you it’s not.

If you choose a great platform you will find most of this is covered.

Let me explain more about this.

You want to build an amazing website, create income so the site gains value right? Correct, so you are going to need an extra good platform to do what is needed and I am going to share one I highly recommend.

Wealthy Affiliate is the best platform you can use to create your future saleable online business

Wealthy Affiliate was started by these 2 guys from Canada,

14 years ago Kyle and Carson built a business called Wealthy Affiliate and it now has a membership of over 1 million people from all over the world

Why is Wealthy Affiliate so successful? Well, it comes down to a few things. The 1st one is honesty/integrity, the 2nd is work ethic and the 3rd is knowledge about building a state of the art online facility where people of all ages, cultures and backgrounds are creating hugely successful online businesses.

What does Wealthy Affiliate have for you to grow your profitable online business for sale in the future?

  • You can build 50 websites
  • WordPress themes and program is built into Wealthy Affiliate
  • Support 24/7
  • A community of helpers 24/7 to answer your questions and we encourage each other on our journey as well
  • Hosting
  • Keyword program
  • Domain names
  • Google Analytics
  • Training- Yes the best training I have come across and it is all included in the price of your subscription
  • Join for free – you can remain a free member however if you are looking to grow a really dynamic business worth $$$ down the track I suggest you go premium from the get-go as doing this will give you everything you need
  • Affiliate Program- built into Wealthy Affiliate, in fact, there are 2 income streams within the platform which is excellent
  • The cost to be a premium member is $49 each month however Wealthy Affiliate is giving new premium members a bonus and you will only pay $19 for your 1st month and you get the choice to pay yearly should you choose which is even more discount for you

I am not young anymore however in my early days of learning about working online, I tried a few different places, claiming you can make heaps of money and got burnt – Twice in fact, so I was very dubious when I saw Wealthy Affiliate on Google. I did my research and it looked legitimate so I took the plunge and joined for free(no credit card needed)

After 2 days of looking around at what it was all about, I could start to see what Wealthy Affiliate could do for me as an online business owner so I signed up as a premium member and I have never looked back.

I love it at WA, which is the name we use inside the platform. I am successful, happy, and I know one day I will sell one of my sites for a very handsome profit because I work diligently every day writing content and helping people as much as I  can.

I saw recently one of our members sold one of his websites for $28,000 and he was so thrilled because he and his wife are expecting a baby this month and they wanted to do some renovating before bubba arrives.

How wonderful is that?

He was so excited when he shared his news and just to prove it was real he had taken a photo of the sale which happened through Flipper and it was valid alright. I got so excited as I knew this could be me down the track and it could also be you.

Join for Free – have a look around

I suggest if you are serious about building a profitable online business you should join WA for free have a look around and make an informed decision about going for it and becoming a platinum member.

I worked it out. It costs $ 1.75US a day to run your own online biz depending where you live in the world. I live in New Zealand so it costs me $2.50, which is not even a cup of coffee. I would rather make my own coffee and have an awesome business, wouldn’t you?


In Wealthy Affiliate their a large community of members who are always around to help out, in fact, I have never had such genuine caring and support from people all over the world who I don’t know personally but who feel like my friends now because of the kindness and support they give to everyone.


work from home online
All you need

I have to tell you a little more on the training. WA have 2 types of training all included for you as a premium member. Bootcamp which is all about promoting WA and The online Certification Course. This course teaches you everything you need to set up and grow an income earning business.

If you follow the step by step training not skipping anything, you will see just how amazing it is. In any other place, you would be expected to pay a whole lot of money for a course of this calibre.

They also hold live webinars within the Wealthy Affiliate platform and it is recorded as well just in case you are away from your computer when it is aired.

There are literally 100’s of different articles about everything related to growing your business in WA and the list keeps growing as more qualified trainers add great lessons.

All are included in your membership subscription.there are no scary up-sells. What you see is what you get and that to me is pretty darn great,

So if you feel like creating a profitable online business that one day you can sell, why not sign up for free and come take a look and I’ll be there to give you any help you need as well

See you soon


12 thoughts on “Profitable online business for sale”

  1. Hi. Your content was so great, I shared it on Google+ and Twitter. You’ve provided great information on the resource called Wealthy Affiliate. If I wasn’t already a member, I’d definitely join based on your review.

    1. Hi Shalisha
      Wow, thank you so much- I write from my heart and from my own experiences to keep it honest and I really appreciate your kindness and support
      Thank you and success in all you do

  2. Hi Vicki.
    It’s great to see such a positive review of this brilliant community. I completely agree that Wealthy Affiliate is the No.1 place to be for the coming years. Like you mention, the training is second to none and will take you from amateur to entrepreneur in no time.
    Best of luck to you for the future!

    1. Benji, thank you so much for your feedback
      Yes, Wealthy Affiliate truly does have everything we need to build a successful online business and I hope more people come and see how truly honest and helpful this platform is
      Success to you Benji and to all who want a freedom lifestyle

  3. Excellent content, and I agree wholeheartedly that WA is an excellent platform to get started and create a serious, online business. As you say, you can set up a profile and get started to see if you like it for free. The training is second to none. I highly recommend WA for anyone who is considering establishing an online business. You cannot go wrong. The value for money is excellent.

  4. I have personally used this platform to successfully build 3 online businesses in 3 different niches. The Wealthy Affiliate training is the best I’ve seen online. If you have a hobby or have knowledge about anything at all then you can start a business online.
    Geat Article

    1. Hi Kavitha
      Yes WEalthy Affiliate is the best place to build a successful affiliate marketing business and I hope you will come and join me so we can work together to get you success online

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