Part time Jobs Online – Be your Own Boss Opportunities

Why would people want part-time jobs online when you can be your own boss opportunities?

Beats me. 👩

I find it very interesting that people look online for job opportunities because from what I’ve seen and researched a lot of job opportunities over the years and I have not yet found a “job” online that pays decent money.

Please tell me if I’m wrong but from all I have seen it is a pretty miserable offer for what you have to do, for example, let’s say you did Online Surveys. Well, aren’t these fun, (she said sarcastically), 1st you have to qualify and if you do, you then spend the next 15 minutes answering a whole lot of questions and on completion, you get let’s say 100 points. Wow!!

Now you have to wait until you get 2000 points which equate to $20 and it can take a few weeks to make the $20 as many times you don’t qualify and sometimes, you even get halfway through and you answer a particular question and you get told, you no longer qualify but here are 5 points to keep you hooked into doing another 1. To me, this seems like complete madness.

I mean why would you get paid $5 per hour doing something like a job online or $10 or even $15 per hour although I guess if you are desperate to make a few dollars, you might consider this.

Being your Own Boss

Best Online Business Review

How about just for a moment, you think about what it will be like when you earning say $2000 per month increasing as you grow more and more.

What would you do?

Let’s say it is now $4500 per month and still increasing. What would you do now? Would you leave your full-time job and keep growing your business?

Here are screenshots of a couple of my colleagues so you can see what I mean 🙂



As you can see here Debs and Jerry are doing great and there are 1000’s of people doing this online working for themselves.

Becoming your own Boss working part-time from home can become full time if you work hard, learn what you need to learn and keep moving forward towards your Goals every chance you get until you are successful, truly successful and then you can have money and time freedom doing whatever you like when you like.

It takes time to do get to this level however, I don’t think any business can make a profit from the get-go, do you?

Everything great takes time, 1st the foundation, then the building, the skills and of course the tools you need but if you do it the right way by learning from experts, you will get there a whole lot quicker.

I am an Ambassador for Wealthy Affiliate and from the moment I joined, I knew this platform was going to give me all I needed to learn all the skills and also learn how to use all the tools to become successful with my own business online and now, I have 3 really successful websites where I help people like you, how to become Successful Online.

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“Whether you think you can or You think you Can’t, You are Right”

Think about this statement for a minute. You are in control of your mind and whatever you tell yourself is possible becomes possible, within reason of course (jumping off the rook and thinking you can fly is a bit different to what I mean here) and if you do make a decision to make your life better than “Normal” keep reading as Wealthy Affiliate has some exceptional results from people earning a lot of money doing what they love.

So what do I mean with this comment?

Choose something you love

Write a list of everything you enjoy and don’t stop until your mind stops giving to you.

Is it clothing, music, sport, cool football jerseys, basketball, gaming, snowboarding, tennis, swimming, kayaking, fishing, hunting, shoes, boots, guitars… The list is neverending and when you have finished writing your list, then pick your favourite thing. Make sure when you choose this thing. service, item, niche, product, hobby, make sure it can be monetized because this niche you have chosen is going to be your main focus from here on in for the next few months.


For the next few weeks, if you join Wealthy Affiliate, you are going to be learning everything you need to know about creating and building a website and then you are going to learn how to grow it step by step going through each lesson along the way.

I absolutely loved this part of my new journey and the more I learned the more excited I became and even today, I still get excited as more people join Wealthy Affiliate to learn the process of How to become successful online.

Seriously – Why would you even think part-time jobs online when you can learn how to be your own boss through the excellent opportunities you will enjoy in Wealthy Affiliate.

This platform has everything and there is another really great bonus inside the platform and if you want to know more about the learn and earn, then click here for further information

If you are still here, I want to thank you for stopping by to read this post and I invite you to take a look at you and where you are today. Then please think about what extra income could do for your life and come and join me inside Wealthy Affiliate so you can get started creating and building your own business online.

If you want to learn more about Affiliate Marketing, please click here for more information. Within, Wealthy Affiliate, you can become an Affiliate Marketer, my personal preference right now, or you could learn how to do e-commerce or drop shipping if this is something that interests you.


Everything is within Wealthy Affiliate and anybody can do this business. The only thing you need is enthusiasm, a love of learning and a passion to earn more money. With these 3 motivators, you are already on your way to Success Online and I am looking forward to working with you to offer my expert advice if you need it.

There are also over 1800 Experts within Wealthy Affiliate Community to help members 24/7 which is awesome.

This choice I made is the best choice I have made in Business for a very long time.

The last time I was this happy was when I singing on stage and Wealthy Affiliate makes me feel so happy every day and every month when some money arrives, I have so, so, happy 🙂

Choose well and Go happy


Founder of Grow a Biz Online

© 2018


6 thoughts on “Part time Jobs Online – Be your Own Boss Opportunities”

  1. Being a new time entrepreneur, i love reading posts like this on how to get started with your online business and grow it as well. I think it is so important for new time online entrepreneurs to sound themselves with valued sources of information so that they can receive the full benefits of creating a successful business online. Thanks for sharing !

  2. Hi Vicki, I have to agree with you about surveys! Ugh. Whilst they might work out for some, for many people who want to make a genuine online income rather than pocket money surveys just won’t cut it. And neither will most of the ‘get paid to’ sites despite some of them having a few cool features. I know that many people have some small success with sites like Fiverr and Upwork and other sites that require some skill. However, I prefer the idea of building an online income that will create passive income for me in the future. I absolutely love Affiliate Marketing and in my view is a really smart way to go. Affiliate Marketing is only going to go from strength to strength, and I wish I’d discovered it years ago!

    1. Hi Melissa

      I’m just glad you finally found Wealthy Affiliate and now it’s your turn to shine and grow your online business into something spectacular

      All the very best with your exciting journey

  3. What a great article about Wealthy Affiliate.  i to am a member of wealthy Affiliate and bar none it is the absolute best platform anywhere on or off line.If you are reading this article and are thinking about getting online and learning how to make money then its time to stop looking and start doing.Thank you for writing such  great articleDale

    1. Hi Dale

      thanks for the great feedback in this comment and I am glad you enjoy WA as much as I do

      It truly is the platform to use to learn it all for online success

      Go well

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