Online Business Opportunity- Make 2019 Your Year

Make 2019 your best year by choosing to build an Online Business.

By Vicki

Welcome, and I look forward to sharing my top choice of opportunities online for 2018.

The reason I chose this awesome platform is that it has given me everything I needed to become successful online and it keeps getting better all the time

The Founders, Carson and Kyle keep updating and creating more new and awesome tools for our business growth, more incredible training videos are created every week by Jay one of the best trainers in the platform and so much more so let’s get into this so you can see what it’s all about.

Wealthy Affiliate    

I’d been looking for some time for a platform I could use to create and build a website for my business and I had joined a couple of places that didn;t work out due to up-sells everytime you wanted to learn more and upsells for tools to use so I left and kept looking and came across a review similar to this about Wealthy Affiliate and after reading the post which was sincere and to the point, I joined for free to check it out on the inside.

2 days later, I went premium and I now have 4 online businesses which are all doing really well and its thanks to Wealthy Affiliates platform and all it offers premium members I have learned the skills and use the tools and so can you.

Wealthy Affiliate is rated as the no.1 Affiliate Marketing Platform and in the next sections of this post you will see some of what goes on within the platform

What do Wealthy Affiliate Offer


Wealthy Affiliate offer 2 Memberships

Free membership and Premium membership and if you are serious about an excellent online business opportunity I suggest you join for free and take a good look around, then take advantage of the Bonus Offer we have going right now which is, you pay $19 for the 1st month and then $49 each month after this.

Imagine this for a moment- You can own your own business and build it into a full-time income over time for just over 1 cup of coffee per day probably less and the only extra cost you will have is you will need to buy your domain name for your website and you can do this within Wealthy Affiliate as well.

As a Premium Member, you will get

  • 50 websites- 25 Site Rubix and 25 paid domains
  • 24/7 Support
  • Training for Beginners right up to people who already know what to do
  • SSL. SEO, Analytics, and more
  • A community of helpers 24/7 to answer your questions
  • Video training
  • A trip to Vegas competition
  • 2 x Affiliate programs within the platform free as a member
  • Private access to the 2 Owners Kyle and Carson
  • Keyword Research using Jaaxy
Wealthy Affiliate is for anyone who is serious about building their online future by building a great business and the really awesome thing is you can earn while you learn which is so great.


How long before I make money Online Business Opportunity Make 2019 your Year

As with any business you build online or offline it takes time and consistent effort so be prepared to work hard to achieve results and building a really solid foundation for your website is the most important thing to consider when you get started.

Many people join Wealthy Affiliate and expect to make money within the 1st month and this is silly as you haven’t even reached the runway.

I had been with Wealthy Affiliate 3 months before I made some money and it was pretty exciting to receive this having been building for only 3 months. In this 3 months, I worked 9- 10 hours every day and was still very fortunate to have my 1st sign of income.

You are the owner of your business, the CEO of your business, in fact you are your business and even though you get so much help from the awesome community when you need a question answered, you are the one who is doing the work and you can’t rely on others to do it for you unless you are willing to pay lots of money to another person and this would defeat your purpose wouldn’t it.

What will this create for me

I feel like I’m going on a bit about how hard you will work if you want to create a successful online future for yourself but it is so important to understand this before you go jumping in.

If you are ready and determined to grow online then Wealthy Affiliate is the best platform to give you the opportunity to become really successful and you will have time and money freedom over time.

A lot of people start off with great ideas and work for 3 months, then they become complacent and slow down the building and then they either realise what is happening and get back on track to reach their goals or they eventually stop work, become diverted and their business comes to a stop as well- no income, no business and who is to blame- Not the platform. They made the wrong choice and they gave up and down went their future online.

Which one are you?

Have you got the drive and the grit to go for it?

If you answered yes, then please join me inside Wealthy Affiliate and become a super powerful online marketer with an awesome future


I hope I have given you a thorough explanation about what is involved in an Online Business Opportunity and if want to make 2019 your best year, get started now and in a few months, you will be well on your way to having a solid foundation for your business.

Whether it is niche marketing, seeking products, teaching people, or a million other reasons if you want to do this, then please join me inside the best platform you will ever find online and I will be there to help you along the way.

I have been helping people build and grow successful online businesses for a while now because I love seeing people succeed at doing what they love and saying goodbye to the rat race of going to work for someone else.

Start part time and become a full-time entrepreneur with your own online business and see how different your life will become with a full-time income, freedom to do whatever you when you like, living life on your terms instead of grinding it for someone else.

What are your thoughts on this? I’d love to know and if I can help you please let me know by asking me in the comments below

See you soon I hope



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2 thoughts on “Online Business Opportunity- Make 2019 Your Year”

  1. Hi Vicki,

    This is a wonderful review on Wealthy Affiliate and I can confirm every word you are writing about how this online platform functions.

    I am with WA for 4 years and never looked back. I was a real greenhorn when it came to online marketing and how to set up a website or to promote myself, not anymore.

    I am running 2 websites and have quite the success.

    Therefore, I can encourage every person who wants to earn money from home to join Wealthy Affiliate it is the best way to learn and to grow.

    Thanks for this wonderful article and for sharing 🙂

    1. Hi Sylvia and thank you for sharing such a positive comment and also Yes Wealthy Affiliate has it all and I love it as well so thank you and all the best with continued success online

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