Network Marketing vs Affiliate Marketing

Network Marketing vs Affiliate Marketing – pros cons

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Network Marketing vs Affiliate MarketingIf this is your 1st visit let me introduce myself. I am Vicki, a Successful  Entrepreneur and have been helping people become successful online for many years.



Today I am going to share my knowledge of Network Marketing vs Affiliate Marketing – pros and cons so let’s get right into this as there are some really interesting things to share with you.

Network Marketing

I have been involved with a few companies over the years including my 1st one Amway, then Neway, then Tupperware, Avon, Herbalife and Usana.

Wow, that’s a lineup, isn’t it? Am I rich from this? No, on the contrary. I spent a lot of money, did all the pieces of training, told everyone I met, talked to family members, friends, people on the street, even bought leads to help me make this work for me and I was also a salesperson in a business not related to Network marketing and did extremely well.

So why didn’t it work?

Firstly for me, I think it was having to pressure people all the time, well that’s what it felt like.

People liked me so they would join under me and then a month or 2 later, they would leave. When I asked them why they said they couldn’t afford to keep up the monthly commitment.

I tend to agree with this in some ways because often the commitment was well over $150 just to remain in the position of being a wholesale associate and when you are trying to raise a family and have other commitments this can be difficult.

I did do very well with Tupperware in the early days when it was very popular and sold quite a bot of product and also Avon when it 1st came here but I found out a lot of the products contained harmful chemicals so I walked away as this goes against my eco- friendly lifestyle totally.


Ok, here’s a story for you. I was invited to join Usana and was told if I bought 3 business placements my business would grow so quickly and I would be really successful and the price at that time was around $795 to buy in.

I sold a washing machine, a tv and a few other things and bought the 3 business centres and in the next 8 weeks I signed up a whole lot of associates and became a platinum associate. Wow!!! I thought the money would be rolling in but oh no, I didn’t receive any money as it was still too soon. How could this be?

Then as always a few of the people dropped off and then a couple more until I had 2 left and everyone I tried to get to join, through the Leads I bought, didn’t join so I was back to square 1 again and still trying to find $150 every month to stay in the “game” as it were.

Finally, it got too much more for me and I left. Yes, the supplements are very good, however, they are also very expensive and if a company claims to be that successful, why are these products so expensive and out of reach for the average earner?

This doesn’t seem right and this also goes against my ethics as I love helping people not hurting them.


Another thing with most of the mentioned Network Marketing Companies is this.

You do well, you get ranked and people tell people they are of a certain Rank, however, if they lose people from their business they still call themselves by there rank to help with recruitment and I also find this to be really dishonest and I could name so many people who do this and the people who join them, even for a short time think their sponsor is some sort of wizz at the biz if you know what I mean, but really they just aren’t telling the truth. Unreal!!! and so wrong!!!


  • Good products
  • Delivered to your Door
  • Meet people


  • Expensive to join (Avon Excluded)
  • Monthly Costs expensive
  • No- easy sign-up
  • Pressure placed to get people
  • Expensive products in most cases

Recommended- NO 

I would seriously consider doing something else unless you have lots of money behind you in the 1st place to use for Marketing etc as everything costs in this game

If you want to join a business to secure your online future then I welcome you  to join me here 

Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing?

To become an affiliate you need to have a niche/product/interest that you can write about and help people when they are deciding to buy a product for example.

Maybe you ride horses and know a lot about a certain type of saddle or maybe you love a certain type of clothing. There are millions of niche ideas that you can make money from.

Here is a couple of examples

As you can see there are millions of results for just these 3 niche products and there are millions more online so go check them out

Type your interest in Google Search and see what results you get. 🙂


Yes, you are going to need your own website so you can write about your products, do product reviews and learn the skills needed to build a solid foundation for the online business you are creating as an Affiliate.

You are also going to need some training so you know exactly what to do as owning and growing a business online needs a few skills, however, I can assure you it is not hard. Anyone who wants to do this can do it.


You are going to be helping people learn about your products so you are going to write blogs about your niche and these blogs will go on your website and when people visit your site they will get to know you, feel if you are for real and genuine and start trusting what you are telling them so content is very important and doing some training will give you extra skills on how to write great content

Affiliate Programs

Now you have some really good articles/blogs and people are visiting your site. This is when you want to start joining affiliate programs relating to your niche so you can start earning money online. You do want to earn money, don’t you?

Ok what you do once again is type into Google search Affiliate programs for…. (your niche)

Here are a couple of examples for to you see what I’m talking about- well writing really lol 🙂

As you can see again there are literally millions of results and many great affiliate programs you can join and its free


  • Your own business
  • Not expensive – Domain name and fee for platform membership to learn everything. I’ll go into more soon
  • Time and Money freedom
  • No chasing friends and family
  • No selling products
  • No pressure
  • Great income built up over time
  • Tax-deductible because it is your business


  • You have to work it as a business even if it is part-time
  • You have to set Goals
  • You have to be determined to build your business and be consistent with your efforts
  • You need to write content to help your visitors learn about what you are offering them

Recommended – Yes definitely if you can handle the cons. I consider the cons to be amazing and I know success because of these so-called “cons” and you can too.

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What I recommend for you

Today I have given you information on Network Marketing vs Affiliate Marketing –  pros cons and I have been upfront with you because of my experiences.

Not everyone has the same experience obviously however I know 1000’s of people who have been burned by Network Marketing/MLM’s and have moved to a new platform to build an income earning future for themselves and I hope you will too.

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So there you go – and there are 100’s more of these success stories shared by our members in Wealthy Affiliate so why not come to join me for free and check out what this awesome platform is all about and if you like being there, you may want to consider the premium membership as you see above,

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Thanks for stopping by today and I will be seeing you

Go easy and success to all who work for it







4 thoughts on “Network Marketing vs Affiliate Marketing – pros cons”

  1. Hi Vicki,

    Thank you for this very informative article.

    Yes I agree with you about network marketing. I really did not like having to persuade people to join and that is what put me off.

    Affiliate I am helping and persuading and I love it.

  2. I am in the affiliate marketing business and have been learning through wealthy affiliate. I love it, and there is so much potential if you take the time to truly learn it and stick with it. It’s inexpensive (at least Wealthy Affiliate is), but there are a lot of scammers out there when it comes to affiliate marketing which I’ve been burned by multiple times. You have to be careful when getting into online marketing.

    1. Absolutely Danny

      I have also been stung by the online scammers and thankfully Wealthy Affiliate is an honest and truly amazing platform to belong to and I have created success through this platform and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do

      All the best

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