Making Money Online- My No.1 recommendation for 2018

My no.1 recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate and here is my story on why over 1.5 million people also claim this to be a fact.

Trials and Letdowns- Rip-offs and more

For a long while I was online looking for a solid honest platform to build my online business and I joined up with a few places over time and all of them gave me hope when I 1st joined only to be let down very quickly by hideous upsell, false promises and lies by the owners of these so-called great opportunities and I learned by bad experiences what a scam looks like and also what a good business model is thankfully.

After 3 failed attempts at Business building, not because of me but because I couldn’t justify spending $3000 and often more every time you went to a new level, on upsells not knowing if spending the money would create success and reading other peoples reviews of these sites made me realise I needed to keep looking for something that was going to truly give me what I needed without any upsells and just good honest help.

Wealthy Affiliate- What’s it done for my Business growth

One day while I was looking online for a good platform, I came across a review of Wealthy Affiliate and thought I’d take a look and read through what Kevin had written and it felt real and was written with honesty and from a place where Kevin was truly helping people see all that Wealthy Affiliate was offering.

Kevin wrote that people could join for free and then if they felt it would be a good place to build an online business and had the things people needed you could go become a premium member and this also gave me a real sense of it being real so I joined for free.

Within 2 days of looking around, I knew that this platform was going to be just what I needed to create and build my businesses online so I became a premium member and got the special bonus offer of $19 for the 1st month and got started immediately set up my profile and my account and then it was into the training for me.

There are 2 training areas and I decided to take the OEC Certification which gave me absolutely everything I needed to create and build my online future. To say it was good is a huge understatement.

Anywhere else on the Internet you would pay an easy $10,000 or more for all that is offered and in Wealthy Affiliate is $49 per month which is just a little over $1.75 per day to own and build your online future.

I’ll go into what you get a bit further on and as I write this today, all I can say is how grateful I am to the 2 men, Carson and Kyle who created and built this business over 13 years ago.

Every day, they are both involved with the members, helping out, answering questions and behind the scenes the technical team and these 2 awesome men are building more and more upgrades, offering more add-ons for every member without charging extra to any of us.

Behind the scenes, Kyle, Carson and other members of their team, work to improve anything they can to make sure every member gets the best possible service in building a website and a business and this is why they have rated as the no.1 platform online and it has been like this for many years.

My Businesses have gone from being babies to being successful and earning me an income I never dreamed off and its thanks to Kevin for sharing his honest review and these awesome young men for giving ordinary people the opportunity to change lives by building online futures and as you will know this is where the market is and also where companies all over the world are turning too more and more as billions of people do their shopping online.

Membership details and services offered.

There are 2 memberships as I mentioned earlier – free membership and people have become successful staying as free members although it does take a lot longer as you will need to do a lot more research for yourself and premium membership which gives you everything. The only extra cost is buying a domain name which is around $15 for a year and you can do this within the platform which is pretty cool. If you already have a domain, you can transfer it to Wealthy Affiliate and carry on building your website and its a free service offered within the platform.

Another awesome feature with Wealthy Affiliate is our community of members some who have technical skills, some who motivate if you need it, some who are Social Media Experts, People who do video training to help learn about things like e-commerce, how to do a video, How to make a lot of money and what to do and all sorts of other amazing helpful  information and 24/7 there are people there to help and there is live chat which gets you answered quickly and a chance to connect with the experts which are very cool.

  • Training for everything you will ever need to become successful and always ahead of the competition
  • 24/7 Support
  • SEO, Analytics, SSL Security
  • 1 on 1 Coaching
  • Video Training
  • Bootcamp Training
  • Access to the owners/founders Kyle and Carson
  • Expert help if you need it 24/7

And so much more within the Wealthy Affiliate Platform- I invite you to join me by signing up for a free membership so you can take a look around and see if you feel this is what will help you become a successful online Entrepreneur.

All you need is a great attitude, a determination to succeed, focus and be open to learning some truly awesome new skills along the way.

Anybody can do this

I am now 60 and I knew very little about anything to do with becoming truly successful online, being ranked by all the search engines, and very little about building a dynamic website by using WordPress which is also inbuilt within Wealthy Affiliate for you to use. there over 3000 awesome themes to choose from to suit the style of business you are going to build.

There are most likely things I have missed today and if I have it’s because of all the tools Wealthy Affiliates gives us to use.

Oh Yes, one more thing – When you are building your website you will need to use a Keyword research tool so you get indexed quickly with Google Bing and Yahoo and Jaaxy is an awesome Keyword platform built into the platform for you to use as a member at no extra cost.

As I said earlier, the only costs are buying your Domain name and your monthly fee for membership should you choose to get all the extras needed to be an online Entrepreneur.


Just to recap before I finish this post today, I would like to say to you. If you are serious about building a future online, please join me in Wealthy Affiliate.

There is no better place to become successful online and becoming part of this amazing platform is the best business decision I have made and I now have 4 Successful websites and will continue to grow my online presence and hep people just like you become successful as this is my passion so I invite you to join me so we can get you moving forward.

The Internet is growing so rapidly and more and more offline Companies are turning to the Internet which makes our success become greater as we help companies as Affiliate Marketers.

All we do is build a website and add some products reviews for these comapnies and when people click on the link from your site and go buy from the company, yes, you get paid.

It’s such a simple proccess and is growing so fast every day so get moving and start now

All the best and thank you for stopping by and reading my post.

Do me one favour- If you have any questions, please leave a comment so I can answer your query and also join my mailing list to get updates if you are not joining me inside Wealthy Affiliate.

At least you will be getting updates on what’s happening online- Check out this blog from Kyle- He wrote it today and I think it is very important to have a read so click here, please.

See you


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