Making Money Online From Home- Is it easy?

Its a good day to write and today I want to help you move closer to making a decision about whether working from home online is easy.

When I first started looking for opportunities online I came across a 100’s of places and so many of them were no good at all so I hope through this post it will help you see what is out there 

What do you enjoy

Think about all the things that make you smile when you are doing them or when you think  about doing them, for example, are you into sport, writing, music, gaming, hiking,.

You are probably thinking what has this got to do with working online. Just go with it. I’ll tell you more down further

Having things you enjoy is part of working from home online because if you prefer to be outdoors 90% of your time, then being inside on your computer working may not suit you. Just a thought, that’s why I am curious to know what you enjoy doing.

Research-  What are you looking for?

When you go online you are going to most likely type in the search box- Work from home.. and when Google opens the page you will see literally hundreds of offers to look at.

There will be survey offers – hmm. Do surveys and get paid or something similar. Yes, it is true, you can get paid to do surveys and good luck trying to make a business from your earnings. When you eventually get to 2000 points you will get $20 and it takes a long time to get 2000 points. ( This is just an example of a company I experienced)

How about typing for money- Again good luck trying to make a living from this.

What about websites that say”Make $500- $1000 per week, fully automated, no need to find customers, We do it all for you/ RUN!!! These are scams and you will lose whatever you invest. There are a lot of these online – Making all kinds of promises and guarantees which mean nothing. Just another scam

Being diligent – Choose something real

Doing your due diligence (research) is so important and here are some things to look for

  • How long the business has been going
  • How much does it cost not just to join but to continue ( Some online businesses say “It’s $50 to join and then charge $79 – $500 to go further, sometimes even more) Just an example
  • Read reviews about the business
  • Have they got 24/7 support
  • Have they got a supportive online community
  • Are they honest- you will know more about them through researching reviews

Be sure to your research before you go into any online business.

I was really careful after I had been stung big time a few times. This was years ago now and I am just glad I found a great company through my research or due diligence so please do yours

What is your belief about work?

This may sound like a  strange question but I want to ask you. What is your belief about work. you see when you choose to create an online business you are going to have to be prepared to work to grow your business. Nothing grows without help and you are the grower of your business. you are going to nurture it, add to it, and learn all you need to grow a really great online business.

Should you decide you don’t like working then leave now. a true work from home online biz is going to takr work and if you don’t work it wont grow into something special. it will sit doing nothing and you will make no money. If you want to work on your business every day and stay focused, learn what to do and keep going, over time you will have a business you are proud of. It’s up to YOU

Are you ready?

I was introduced to an online opportunity and di my due diligence, looked at reviews and after doing this I knew it was honest and worth pursuing and what I found were these things

  • Time in business 13 years
  • 24/7 support
  • A community of great people always there to help
  • Free to join and if you like what you see you can upgrade
  • $49 each month and this gives you – Training which is excellent, websites in fact everything you need to become succesful online

If you are ready to check out this business i welcome you to click this link and go take a look

I did and I love every minute of what I am doing and if I can help you then, great.

Please do me one thing. If you have any questions please just ask or leave a comment below

Have fun

Vicki ©





2 thoughts on “Making Money Online From Home- Is it easy?”

  1. Thank you very much for your post which has given me a full picture of what running an online business involves. Also, working from home.
    I have heard about many success stories involving people who started their online businesses around things they were passionate about. In most cases, they were always productive and efficient.
    The reason is this calibre of entrepreneurs is so focused on making money online.

    1. Hi Zegu

      So true. anyone who is passionate about something can truly create a really successful online business and I thank you and am glad you enjoyed this article

      Kind wishes


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