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I have been helping people for many years now and today I hope to share some good information to help you about how to make more money online and the 5 essential tools you need to be successful so let’s get right into this.

Making More Money Online Today is such a vast subject and there are literally 100’s of people with Big online Money Making Promises most of which are not worthy of pursuing and come and go quite quickly because of a lack of business Integrity, They are shut down because they are breaking the law like MOBE was last June and this is one of the main reasons I wrote this blog.

I want to help you learn what the 5 Essential Tools are to making money online and then share with you what platform I continue to use to build my successful online businesses.

You will need a Product/Niche

Affiliate Marketing is becoming the number 1 choice for people to make money online these days so let me explain this in a bit more depth for you.

What is a niche? The descriptive word for Niche is – “denoting or relating to products, services, or interests that appeal to a small, specialized section of the population”.

So how do you choose a niche product?    


My suggestion to everyone is to write a list of all the things that interest you or that you are truly passionate about.

Once you have this list, pick 5 things from the list and then, pick your number 1 choice and make sure when you choose this niche/product, a lot of people are going to want to know more about it or learn about it and the big one a product/subject that you can monetize once you have built a solid online foundation for your business.

Here is a couple of examples of results from Google around a couple of niche ideas.



As you can see there are literally millions of results for the questions I asked and these 2 subjects are great niches.

Have fun with what you choose and type something like, What is… or The best… and see what comes up for your niche and I know you will be surprised with the results you see when you try this 🙂

A Website/ Domain

Ok, so how to market your chosen niche?

First, you are going to buy a domain name and my suggestion here is to make sure you get a dot-com domain as Google, Yahoo and Bing who are 3 big search engines prefer dot com.

Also never have hyphens for example- best-basketballs- for – you .com as the search engines don’t like this too much so take your time to figure out a domain name that relates to your chosen niche.


Writing great content is essential as well, in fact, I would say this is one of the most important tools to your success online.

If you do not like writing content you can always hire someone from say and pay for this service however it is much better to do this yourself and share your knowledge with your visitors who come visit your website.

If you would like to learn how to write awesome content, join the mailing list and tell me what you want or email me at and I will send you some training for free to get you the help you requested 🙂

If you want every essential tool and an honest place to build your business

Affiliate Programs

What is an Affiliate? When you have built a foundation for your website with great content, then you are going to want to start monetising your site, Yes? YES, so becoming an affiliate for different companies is another essential task.

How does being an affiliate work? Easy, you have a niche, right, ok, now you type on google search Affiliate programs for….. your niche and up come all the results and then you go and apply to become an affiliate for the companies you choose.

Here is a picture to give you a really small idea of some of the major companies 

Again just with thin this picture, there are over 598 million different results for affiliate programs and there are millions more online if you go check this out.

Ok, you have now been accepted as an affiliate to Amazon as an example and because you are now an affiliate, when you log in you will have your own special links to use to promote your niche products on your own website  and when people come to your site and read your product review or an article on your niche connected to a product, they may click on the product link you have on your site and go purchase something from Amazon and, then, Yes, you got it, You get a commission.

Exciting huh!!!


Another Essential tool if you want to make money online. Many people think all they need is a website or to join some money making dare I say it, scam and all will be well. While they are asleep the money will roll into their bank accounts and they don’t have to do anything. WRONG!!!

Any honest worthwhile business be it offline or online takes work and also you need to learn all the skills necessary to achieve the results you want in the online money making arena and Training is one of the greatest ways to learn the skills you will need to be successful online.

Fortunately, I joined a platform some time ago and I am now going to share some information on this now that we have covered the 5 Essentials to Make More Money Online Today.

I love this place and so do 1.5 million other people which is awesome

There are millions of opportunities to make money online if you do it the right way and for so many people even some of the 1.5 million in the platform I am about to share with, do not do what is necessary to build a successful online future because they think they know better and skip pieces of the essential training offered with this platform. So What am I raving about?


Everything in 1 place

I am talking about Wealthy Affiliate the no.1 Affiliate platform where people are creating and building successful online futures for themselves every day

I had been stung a few times in the early days when I was naive about Online Marketing, by idiots online promising everything only to find out pretty soon down the track once I was inside it was yet another scam or business that says its only $17 to join and then once you have paid the upsells are through the roof. Maybe you have seen these types of sites. RUN is all I can say.

So when I joined Wealthy Affiliate my trust was a little slim, to say the least, so I joined for free so I could see if this platform was what they told me it was on the website I went to.

Within 2 days, I knew Wealthy Affiliate was where I wanted to begin my Money Making online journey and Success has become my friend.

This picture is what you get- NO Upsells, except you, will also need to buy your domain name and this is around $15 for a year.

Here is the picture      

As you can see in this diagram/picture this is exactly what you get with the 2 memberships offered within the platform so my suggestion is this.

Come and take a look for free and if you feel Wealthy Affiliate is a fit with you, then I will be inside to offer my help to you and help you along the way 🙂

Also, there is an amazing community of people who are supportive and help out all the time if people have questions.

Kyle and Carson the 2 Canadians who  built this place are there as well and always looking at ways to give more to all the members which is pretty amazing especially with how low the monthly membership is to be a business owner who gets so many tools to build a truly successful online business so can and take a look for yourself so you can make an informed decision as to whether you feel like I did when I signed up.


In conclusion today

I hope I have been able to help you learn the 5 Essential Tools you need to Make More Money Online Today and if you are someone with a great work ethic who is determined to be successful online and you are focused on where you are going and goals you want to achieve, then I welcome you to join me inside Wealthy Affiliate so you can really build an amazing future for yourself starting now.

To those of you who need more time to think, you could also join for free and stay as free members until you feel confident and ready to make money for you, your family or whatever else you want  from life

Time and money freedom are 2 of the greatest assets you can have along with good health and a kind spirit

I wish you well and until we meet up again, Take it easy out there


Also, Wealthy Affiliate has 2 built-in Affiliate programs as well when you join 🙂



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  1. This article does provide good information about what is needed to build a successful online business. I think two keys to building a profitable business is to pick the right niche and to have a passion for it.

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