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How to Start a Blog and Make Money for- Your future

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I’m Vicki and I love blogging too. I have been in the online world for many years now and have helped a lot of people find success online so if I can help you today by sharing this information, then I am happy.

How to Start a Blog and Make Money for Your future



If you enjoy writing you can make really great money blogging, however, there are a few things you need to know on how to start a blog and money for your future so let’s dig deeper now and go through the necessary steps.

What I am sharing with you in the way I chose to do it and it has worked out really great for me so this is why I am giving this information to you today.

Having a WHY- The is most important

Whenever anyone wants to start a blog to make money, you 1st need a WHY as without this you will more than likely lose interest along the way.

How to Start a Blog and Make Money for Your Future

So what is a WHY? Well, it isn’t just money. That comes a bit later on once you have built a following. The very 1st thing you need is a great big WHY and by this I mean. Why are you wanting to blog? Have you got some goals for instance, what do you want to do when you start making money?

Buy a house, buy a new car, go on a trip, give to charities, have more time freedom and money freedom to be with your family, live a life without worrying about money, get off a benefit. What is your WHY?

If you just say I want more money this is not enough and if things get tough as they might sometimes you are more likely to throw in the towel whereas if you are steadily working towards your goals and ticking each one off as you go, this is where the continued motivation and desire to achieve will keep you writing.

What are you going to blog about?

This is another big question as you don’t want to simply blog about a whole lot of random stuff as this will not attract regular visitors to your website.

What I suggest you do is this. Write a list of all the things that interest you, then once you have written a really good list, pick 5 things, then from 5, pick your favourite. This will be your niche/blog interest/subject. There is a couple more things to think about.

Is there going to be a lot of interest from a lot of people? Can you monetize this blog subject? I will explain this more soon and will you be able to write loads of content about the subject you have chosen. This is super important as in order to get 10000’s of visitors to your site you are going to add great content regularly, say once or twice every week, more if you can.

Remember when you are choosing a subject to blog about, do not go too broad, for example, Horses is way too broad. You will need to think about horses and what is it you really want to write about. Breaking horses, Horse grooming, western riding and the saddles and gear that is used. Do not go too broad as it is harder to get ranked and also get a large following in your particular niche.

Any more questions on this please email me as I am here to help you all I can. 🙂


When you write content you want to help people learn about your chosen subject in a fun and engaging way, so when you write, always write as if you were talking with a friend as the words will flow more easily and it will be really natural when people read it. If you try and write perfectly it may sound too factual and boring and people will go somewhere else.

Images: When you are blogging always add a few images, maybe a video or something cool to keep your readers entertained. There is nothing more boring than a whole lot of words on a page and nothing else to relate to and people love visuals.

Internal links and external links: In your blog, use internal links to other blogs you have written that are relevant to your new blog so people can do more research if they choose to and also external links to the web so people can go see what a word means or maybe you have done some research and want to refer them to the research page to get more information. This really goes down with people as they know you really care about them and are helping them out which is really great.

Videos: Guess who owns Youtube? Google so please go to you Tube, find a video that relates to your blog then click share, then grab the embedded link and put this into your blog. The reason you use the embedded link is to stop your site from slowing down. Having a site that is slow puts people off really quickly as it becomes frustrating and people want answers NOW.


Before you start writing you need to find a really great title for your blog each time so researching keywords is another important step to take especially if you want Google Bing and Yahoo to notice you and rank you, which of course you do if you want to make money.Keyword Tool

As you will have seen in the article you just read, Keywords are vital for indexing and ranking with Google and you want to stay ahead of the mainstream by learning lots about keywords.

SEO and all the technical stuff

You will want to choose a platform to build your website which offers everything you need and I chose Wealthy Affiliate as this gives me everything I need to have my businesses running smoothly without the hassle of learning all about the technical stuff as I love blogging, not learning all the nuts and  bolts of how to make it all fit. I pay a monthly membership fee and get everything and here is a picture to show you what I mean.

You can become a member for free and this is good too however premium really does give you so much more. In fact, every member and there are over 1,200,000 at Wealthy Affiliate, all rave about how wonderful it is to have all they need to be successful online as bloggers and business builders.

How to start a blog and make money for your future is a fantastic thing to do and Yes, it works and I suggest you treat it as a business of you are serious about making money.

If not, well have fun blogging. If you are serious and I guess if you are still reading this you are, so let’s keep moving forward with this.

Ok, by joining Wealthy Affiliate as you can see by the diagram above it truly is the best platform to begin your online journey and if you feel a little hesitant because you may have been bitten by scams online, I can assure you this is not a scam. Wealthy Affiliate was founded over 13 years ago by 2 Canadian men, Kyle and Carson and they have created the no. 1 platform in the internet world for anyone who is serious about blogging online to build a great business doing this within their state of the art platform

Join for free like I did and see for yourself, then if you feel Wealthy Affiliate is a fit with you keep on going. Do the training, enjoy the community help offered and keep working steadily to build a wonderful online future that you own.

Scams on the Internet

There are literally 1000’s of scams on the Internet with people promising you, you do not need to do anything and you will become a millionaire with 12 months!!! What a joke. These people want to take your money and laugh all the way to their bank, not yours. Please be very careful as there are some real charmers out there and 99% of them are not ok to join.

Watch and beware of sites that say- Join for $1 offers as these are scams. Also, join now for the bargain price fully discounted to only $17 for the next few hours!!! These are scams. When you see pictures of big fancy cars and heaps of landing pages giving you a lot of promises, RUN, these too are scams and usually with very high priced upsells. WRONG!!!


You don’t know me so why should you have any trust in what I am sharing with you today? You shouldn’t and I would be stupid to think you have trust in me right now, however, I have been burned by a few dodgy scams over my online life and luckily I found Wealthy Affiliate and know 100% it is legitimate, honest, and if you are wanting to make money blogging for your future , then I suggest you come to take a look and I will see you on the inside of this great platform to help you in any way I can.

My life purpose is to help people achieve great success as I was a newbie once upon a time and was helped along on my journey so I would like to help as many people as I can find success in a legitimate way online. This is my WHY.

Helping people is my passion so if you would like to see what it is all about come and join for free and take a good look around like I did. I took 2 days of really looking at all I could inside Wealthy Affiliate and I knew this was where my online future was for me and now I have 4 online businesses that are growing every day thanks to all the training and the help I received as a member of Wealthy Affiliate, affectionately called WA. 🙂

To finish off today

I hope you have enjoyed learning how to blog and make money for your future and I invite you to join me at WA so we can get you rocking in the online world

Go easy and remember “If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always got” Jim Rohn

Seeya 🙂



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