How to grow an online business-what does it take?

Thanks for being here.

Today I am going to share my thoughts on what it online biztakes to grow an online business.

Some people think it is very hard, some just don’t want to do it and others like myself have built very successful online businesses because we have what it takes.

Ok, let’s go deeper into this

Ideas – Yes you have them

For some of you, you will already have a career offline doing something you enjoy, or perhaps you are wanting to change your career. Whatever you are currently doing, please do not stop doing this.

Ideas – Wow, this is an amazing neverending subject, however, I will endeavour to shorten the process here for you.

Get a piece of A4 paper and a pen. Ok, start writing down all the things you are interested in, for example:

  • Swimming
  • Sport
  • Planes
  • Motors
  • Cars
  • Birds
  • Bugs
  • Cooking
  • Building
  • Singing/ playing an instrument

The list is as you can see neverending. Write down everything that comes into your mind and until you stop coming up with ideas I want you to keep writing.

Now I want you to choose 5 of your favourites – Good you have done this. Now out of those 5, I want you to pick 1.

Have you picked 1?


Mindset – What mindset do you bring to the online world?

This may sound a bit weird but if you haven’t got the right mindset to grow a business online, you may as well go visit another website.

You are going to need a great mindset. Positive, determined, focused, open to learning, courageous, persistent and disciplined. If this is you, then let’s continue. If not, Bye and take care. Working online is not for you.

If you are still here, fantastic, you truly do have what it takes.

There will be times when you are learning to build your website when you become frustrated, think, hey this is a bit tricky, however, if you keep going, you will see how lucrative having an online business can be.

There are too many people doing this!

What? That is such a silly thing to think, considering there are millions of people surfing the net all day and night looking for something they need and if you learn the necessary skills required to build an online business, you can also have a large piece of the pie as they say.

Sure there are a lot of people with websites claiming they know everything, however, you will find there are 100’s if not 1000’s of scammy sites online and if you learn from a great training platform, you will be streaks ahead of most online business owners.

Offline business costs

I had a gardening business for a while and of course, it was offline. It was a small business but it still had the usual overhead costs most businesses offline have. Such as

  • Mower   $875
  • Vehicle to cart gear $7000
  • Gardening tools  $420
  • Fuel and registration/Insurance   $500 min
  • Repairs- Oil changes, blades, breakdown and servicing  $340

Total cost to set up    Approx $9000 with ongoing costs every week

Income $25 gross per hour less travel, minus expenses  =  $15 per hour

And this example is one of a very small business, so you do the sums

Compare this to say building an online business

  • Website built and functioning    $49 per month SEO, Google analytics and everything you need
  • Training – Included in the $49
  • Support 24/7 technical and other all included in the $49
  • A community of helpers – all part of the $49
  • Discount for paying yearly

Yes, for $49 per month you can create your own online business, however, you must be prepared to work smart, learn all the training as it is so beneficial to your success and I don’t know about you, but I haven’t found anything else that comes close to this.

I have seen a lot of offers by different companies and after doing a lot of research have found most of them offer you a low start-up or joining fee, then once you are in, they have very expensive upsells.

Have you come across places like this?

I prefer to be with a company that has been going for 14 years solidly and is growing every day than join some dodgy rip off company who promises you the moon and it is not so when you join.


If you want to know how to grow an online business and you are teachable, then you are in the right place.

What do I mean, teachable?

In order to create a successful online business, you must be committed to learning all the skills required to become successful online. Some of you reading this might be beginners, some of you have some knowledge and some of you will be advanced in your online knowledge and that is really great, however, to learn everything you need to know I suggest you do any training on offer as part of your subscription to the platform you choose.

Training sets you up for your online future. I did it from the get go and it has given me the opportunity to build something pretty darn special hence my reason for sharing this information with you today.


Do you have what it takes?

If you know you are ready to start building your future today then click on the picture below and before I forget, it is free to join so you can have a really good look inside and do your due diligence before you upgrade and get to work

So what are you waiting for? You might find a Bonus waiting for you as well

I will be there to offer my help as will 1000’s of other members as you will see inside

Are you ready?




20 thoughts on “How to grow an online business-what does it take?”

  1. Oh my goodness Vicky, as a fellow online entrepreneur, I could not have put the whole thing in better words myself! I must admit, when I started my online business over two years ago (and yes, I too started from the wonderful WA platform) I asked myself all those questions: competition, writing skills, right entrepreneurial mindset, not to mention costs, I questioned myself on all of these and more. If I compare the beginnings with now – after only two years down the line – I cannot believe it that I could and did make it. I believe everyone desperately wanting all this for any different reason – financial independence, wanting or needing to work from home, career change, getting away from the restrictive corporate 9-5 environment, an additional income, supplement your retirement payout, to mention but some – you can find in yourself what it takes, and you should follow your dream. With the right start up pack, that dream can very realistically become true 🙂

    1. Hi Giulia
      Yes and congratulations on your 2 years as an Entrepreneur. you clearly have defined your WHY, set your goals and kept working towards everything and that is so awesome
      Thank you for sharing here and I wish you continued success

  2. Hi Vicki, these are so important especially to me as i start on this journey to make my passion a living. Thanks so much for the reminders that help me get through knowing that success doesnt come cheap and requires dedication, spirit, and a positive mindset. Im trying to share this on google plus but sometimes living where i am the site crashes instantly but will definitely share in other social media. Thank you!

    1. Hi Zulfan. Thank you for your comments and I am glad this article has put you on track to continue to say focused and determined to reach your goals
      I wish you every success on your journey

  3. Hi Vicki, great article, thanks for sharing. Couldn’t agree more with everything you said. I myself am running a website and you have that fear that you won’t stand out, but with consistency and hard work, good things will happen!

    1. Hi Will. Yes, everyone can stand out as you say. Consistency and a lot of discipline to keep writing and helping people is the key and I wish you success on your journey

  4. Hi Vicki,
    Thanks so much for your article. It really opened my eyes about the value of an online business compared to an offline one.
    Is Wealthy Affiliate really only $49 per month? There must be some upsells or something?
    Every other platform I’ve looked at wants you to buy their higher end products once they get you in the door. It’s so frustrating!
    Thanks for this, I’m going to check this one out.

    1. Hi Suzanne- No upsells $49 each month and you get exactly what I mentioned in my article- It is the most honest well-informed platform and I hope you join us

  5. Hello Vicki another fantastic article wanted to stop by and see If you had any new articles and bam here it is. As an online Affiliate myself everything you stated is tried and true. It does take a lot of commitment and work but if your willing you can be very successful and have a great business.
    After reading past articles of yours I joined WA and It’s by far the best thing I’ve done.
    Thank you so much for another great article.

    1. that’s great news David- I see you in WA working away – fantastic and thank you for visiting again
      Success to you on your journey

  6. Mindset is so important! Whilst it is relatively easy to set up an online business, many people don’t have what it takes to stick at it and make it succeed. I think many people think online business are instant cash machines, and they simply aren’t. They take time and dedication to build!

  7. Hello Vicky. I am an Online Entrepreneur myself. I loved this post, especially the fact that you are honest and you make it clear from the go, this is for everyone who is willing to give what it takes, and take all that comes in order to succeed.
    Great tips and recommendations.


    1. Hey Pablo
      Thank you so much for this generous feedback and thank you for your honesty also
      I wish you success in all you work for

  8. Awesome post! I have found wealthy affiliate to be perfect for my journey into online business. It truly is a gem and I’m happy to see it being promoted well so that others will be well equipped when taking on this online business world!

  9. Hey Vicki,

    I like that you come flat out and let readers know the importance of having the right mindset and if they don’t to go to another sight because making an online business is not a get rich quick project, it is a process. Without understanding the importance of building a foundation, they may give up on there business to early and miss out on the future success they could have had. Thank you for this well made post!!!

    1. Hey KB thanks for the awesome feedback on this article and yes, you are so right with your comments
      I believe honesty is always the most important thing to offer people and I just share the facts so they can make informed decisions about moving forward into the online business world and it is pretty exciting to be doing this
      Success in all you want to achieve KB and thanks for stopping by

  10. Good article for those that just want to start out. But expectations must be real and there is no fast money here. If you are willing to work hard then results will come eventually.

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