How to Build your Own Website for Free- Earn while you learn

Welcome to Grow a biz Online and today I am here to help you get started with your online website and hopefully a business as well

I am an Online Marketer and have been helping people grow their online presence and love doing this and get g a lot of emails telling me how they are going which I enjoy so much. So let’s get into this.


I chose Wealthy Affiliate as the platform for me as it gives you everything you need to create and build an amazing website, in fact, 2 free websites as a free member and 50 websites as a premium member. Click here for 2 free websites.

The reason Wealthy Affiliate is rated no.1 in the world to teach people online marketing, website building, affiliate marketing, e-commerce and more is that inside the platform there are 2 official training classrooms and also with the platform, there are 1000’s of resources for members to utilize and grow from.


To build your actual website takes around 30 seconds and within Wealthy Affiliate, we use WordPress to build our websites and as part of this, there are themes you can choose from to design your site. Premium members get around 3000 to choose from to suit your business needs but if you just want to blog then the free membership will give you some great choices also.

Reasons, why people want websites, varies from blogging for fun. building a business, Affiliate marketing and also e-commerce sites to have your own products store online.

Affiliate Marketing

How does Affiliate Marketing work? OK, so you have your website and you want to make money along the way. Great. Becoming an affiliate marketer is a great way to make an income and in time can lead to full-time income and many of our members are doing this including me.

The first thing to do is have a niche to market- To explain a niche is easy terms it means this: You have interests in say sports, hobby, knowledge on a certain subject, love certain things…

You choose your niche and you write blogs to help people learn about your product, interest or whatever your niche is and when you have added some helpful information, then you join Affiliate Programs relating to your niche

Here is an example of a niche 

As you can see there are millions of results for professional soccer balls and should you decide to make this your niche because you love football when you have written some content to get people interested in your website, then its time to join Affiliate Programs relating to your niche

Once you get accepted you will get your own personal link from the Company and you will add this link to your website and when visitors to your site are looking to buy, they click on your link and they will go directly to the store of the Company you affiliate for> They buy there and yes, you get paid a commission, just for having their link on your website.

As you build your websites you have can have different niches and make a great income so if this is you click here and join me inside Wealthy Affiliate so you can get started on the awesome training offered within the platform.


If you want to be hugely successful and you are prepared to learn how, great, as inside Wealthy Affiliate you get your 1st 10 lessons free as a free member and if you decide you are serious about building a really big business for your self you will want to go premium and get all the tools and learn all the skills you need to create and build a truly awesome online future

All you need is the right attitude and a lot of hard work and determination to build your website into something special so you attract lots of traffic/visitors and lots of buyers.

The training will teach you everything- I knew very little about anything to do with online business building and I am now very successful and have 4 websites all doing great.

Upsells and hideous secrets

No there will be no hidden costs within Wealthy Affiliate and the only extra cost will be your domain name if you are premium plus of your monthly fee which is around $2 per day to own your own business which is unreal really especially when you think of how much other companies charge. I saw a quote the other day from a company charging $5500 to build your website and Wealthy Affiliate had more to offer than these guys did.

24/7 Help and support is available and live chat 24/7 to answer questions you may have along the way so someone in the community is there to help you as I will be as well and will be my pleasure to offer any help you need along the way as my passion in life is seeing people achieve their goals and become Entrepreneurs online so if this sounds like you I’ll see you at Wealthy Affiliate.


Before I go today, I do want to say a couple of things that I feel are important to know

A lot of people say, yeah, I’ll do this and they join thinking they will make money within the 1st few days. They create and launch their site, do very little work and expect money to appear in their accounts.

I can tell you is NOT going to happen.

It takes times to build a really good business whether you are online or offline and business growth takes work and consistent effort plus learning and more learning so you get it right and become successful along the way so if this is you, then I would love to work with you help you and if this is not you, I wish you all the best in whatever you choose to do and I would always welcome you should you decide to put on your motivation hat and your business head to begin your journey towards success

Remember Success starts with the 1st step and I hope you take the 1st step towards time and money freedom and I also hope I have shared enough information on How to build your Own Website and Earn while you Learn

What are your goals and dreams?

Where do you want to be in 5 years from now?

I would love to hear from you and look forward to your comments and feedback and of course, if you have any questions, please ask as I am here to help you

Go easy



Founder of Grow a Biz Online





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