How to Build a Site Using WordPress – Learn and Build a Website

Today is about WordPress and how if you learn some skills you can build your own successful website and its not at difficult as a lot of people think.


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When we are surfing the net we see 1000’s of websites and in our minds, we are like, Wow, I wish I could do this. Well, the good news is anyone can and in this post I hope to give some help so you can also learn how to Build a Website using Word Press so let’s get into this a bit more here.

WordPress and Websites  

Yes, you could go to and build a website however when considering building a website, there are a few essentials that go with a good website build and if you want a great website, you need to apply these essentials, otherwise your site is probably going to drift around in cyberspace not being seen by anyone, other than those you share your link with, which isn’t really efficient and you are also going to need a Quality Security and of course hosting.

All of these factor in when you are creating a great website so let’s dig deeper to give you a better understanding.

Before I explain things further though, I do need to share this as I feel its important

Years ago I decided to build a website so I found a platform called WIX and off I went making this really awesome Website. I was so proud of it and I knew I was going to be so successful as I had my business website built and I was on my way to the top- WRONG

Yes, my website was really great but I had no idea on SEO, Keywords, Themes, Analytics, SSL Security, How to get indexed and ranked or hosting.

Here is a hosting comparison:

WIX offers hosting from what I remember so I paid a yearly fee for this and thought that was all I needed. I had virtually no support and no idea on how to market my website so guess what! It went out into cyberspace never to be noticed which wasn’t the outcome that I wanted after my hard work.

I didn’t bother trying again for a while and then one day a friend of mine who was looking to make money online asked me to research some places for her. Of course, I agreed gladly and off I went looking at a couple of platforms she was looking at and while I was surfing, I came across a review of this platform called Wealthy Affiliate so I decided to read what this guy Kevin had written.

After reading his post thoroughly I decided this platform was worth more than just a read, so I joined for free to take a look around inside and I was absolutely thrilled to see what was offered within this platform.

I immediately rang my friend, Linda and she also joined for free and within a couple of days, we both decided to go premium to get absolutely everything we would ever need to create and build a successful online business and we got to work and started the training offered within WA(Wealthy Affiliate) and today, I now have 4 successful businesses online which is awesome.

What You get at Wealthy Affiliate

Firstly as a premium member, you get to choose from 3000 WordPress themes for your new website, you buy a domain name relating to what your website is going to be about (Cost for . com is around $13.99 for the year) and you then push create and within around 40 seconds a website is created and ready to build on.

WA ( Affectionately called by all members), had given us our very own websites and you can have this too. All you have to do is figure out what you want your website to be about (Your niche) and do what we did. Choose a theme, buy a name and push Create. Voila!! your site is yours and all you have to do is add some really great content/blogs to your site as well as images to engage your visitors and if you decide to join WA, you will learn everything you need to become truly successful online.

All you have to do is learn and build and keep building.

Here is what is included with the 2 Memberships at Wealthy Affiliate

WordPress Plugins and more

When you learn how to build on to your website, you will most likely add plugins to your site for example -All in one SEO. This will give you Sitemaps, Analytic and comes as a plugin. you will learn more about this in the WA training.

Also, you will learn how to use Social Media to market your website and there are plugins for this as well. I enjoy using Sumo as it links me with every SM platform so its great.

You may also want to add page builders, Header And Footer plugins, Image Optimizer plugin and many more as you build your website and it starts to really take on a professional feel and all these things are taught within the training at WA.

WordPress Update

WordPress has just released their WordPress 5.0 and it is amazing. You can create a content block, more visuals, HTML add-ins, media and more and the only thing needed before the update is. Be sure you back up your website even though WA do this regularly, just to make sure all is well is something did go wrong. I have upgraded and so have most members and nothing went wrong but always good to play safe.


Before I finish this post, I hope I have covered the main points in this post so you can see how to build a Site Using WordPress and how easy it is to learn and build your own Website

If you decide to join me inside Wealthy Affiliate, you will have over 1800 experts within the platform offering help when you need it,live chat 24/7 and 24/7 Site Support from our technical team which is really great especially if you make the odd mistake as they will fix things for you very quickly- (I’ve done this a few times )

Everything is state of the art and I hope you come and see for free as I’m sure once you have had a look around, you will be so pleased you too found Wealthy Affiliate to create and build a truly successful website

All you have to do is learn and build so come and join us and get building so 2019 is the best year ever for you.

Go well and I’ll be back with another post soon


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Please, if you have any questions, ask as I am here for you and will reply within 24 hours and also it would be great if you could leave some feedback on this article as this is always appreciated

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