How can I Make Money Online from Home – My No.1 Choice

Making Money Working from Home can be a challenge – Are you up for it?            ©


Having the right platform that gives you everything you need makes your job much easier so let’s go into this more.

I hope you find my blog easy to relate to and most of all helpful to you when you make your decision about what to do as you begin your online journey.

What you will need  

Working from home can be challenging and there are a few things you will need. A mobile phone, tablet or a computer connected to the Internet is the 1st essential thing you will need.

I prefer to work from my computer and it has a larger screen making everything easy to see online. Up to you though as you may have way better eyesight than me. 🙂

You will need to learn how to create and build your own website and this has to be done well in order to get all the search engines to find you.

If you want to build a website within 60 seconds click here and see how quick and easy it really is

You will also need to do some training to learn the skills and how to use different tools to build out on your site to make it look amazing

You may also need technical support if something doesn’t quite go to plan and this can happen when you are learning.

Why I rate Wealthy Affiliate as my no.1 choice

I joined Wealthy Affiliate not knowing much at all,(in fact, out of 10, you would have rated me a 1 lol) about creating and growing a business online and I joined for free to take a look inside to see if it was really all the people are saying.

Within a couple of days, I decided to go premium and I went through all the training offered within this amazing platform and I took my time so I could build a really successful online work from home future and you can too.

Within Wealthy Affiliate, they have everything you need to learn and grow your future online. Training, Support 24/7, the live chat where the experts can answer any questions you have and the most incredible community of people always ready to lend a hand


There are 2 different training programs. The first one the Online Entrepreneur Certification or OEC and the other one is Bootcamp which is awesome if you want to promote Wealthy Affiliate full time.

The OEC training is based around having a Niche and becoming an Affiliate for different companies to promote their products. If you want to know more about Affiliate marketing go take a look at this blog as this will teach you more about what a niche is and what Affiliate Marketing is all about

Here is a pic of some of the training you will go through

This is a small portion of what is offered within this great platform and if you are serious about what you asked when you typed your question”How can I make money online from home?” then you should seriously consider joining Wealthy Affiliate as I did, for free and have a good look around.

Go to live chat and ask questions in there to see what other members have to say and also I will be there to give you a hand when you need it along the way.


What do you need to become successful?

There are definitely a few things you will need to become successful working from home so here we go.

  • Focus
  • Goals
  • A plan to work with so you can tick each task every day when it is completed.
  • Training
  • Help when needed by experts
  • A really big WHYWhat I mean by this is. Why do you want to build a business working from home online? What do you want to do with the income you will create? Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now if you are successful?
  • A Motivational reason: Having a really big WHY is the most important thing you need as this will keep you motivated and keep you working towards your Goals
  • Attitude- You will need a truly positive attitude and you need to believe you can do this. Some people will say things like: “This doesn’t work” or ” You won’t last at this” or some people close to you may not care whether you are doing this and will be of little support.
  • It takes courage and hard work to become successful in anything you do and working from home takes discipline as you could easily be distracted from your tasks and lose interest and Boom, there goes your success.
  • 2 Years commitment- This is not a very long time when you consider what your business could be worth by then especially if you work consistently and keep working even when things may feel hard.


Here is 1 more to inspire you 

Amazing results from 2 of our members within Wealthy Affiliate and I could fill page after page of this type of success and the stories from 1000’s of members who have worked hard and achieved these  fabulous results

I have seen 1000’s of people within Wealthy Affiliate make a lot of money from their effort and I have also seen others who give up before they reach their targets.

Why did I mention 2 years? Well, it’s simple. It may take a less time to find success however when I started I made a plan and said I will make this happen and in 2 years from now(my start date), I will know success.

This doesn’t mean you won’t see any income before 2 years is up. What it means that in 2 years from the time you start, if you do it as the training teaches you and you stay focused on your Goals, you will truly know success big time on 2 years if not sooner 🙂

I earned my 1st income after 3 months and I continue to earn today and Yes, I am successful. Have I slowed down? NO.

I love helping people become successful online working from home. I am here for you.


Before I finish this post I want to invite you to join me inside Wealthy Affiliate so can start creating and building your online business.

Learn from experts and great people and I’m sure you will love your new journey as I do. Every day is another chance for me to grow my businesses online so when I retire which is in 5 years from now I will live life comfortably doing things I only ever dreamed of. Will I stop working then? No, I will keep working my business and teach my daughter everything I know so she can take it over when I pass on.

Anyone of any age can do what I do. remember I knew nothing and today I am fully confident building successful websites and sharing my knowledge and help to anyone who wants to join Wealthy Affiliate.

Come to see for yourself and if you want to know more click this link

And Remember 



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  1. Thanks Vicki for this post. Lots of helpful information for me to think about. Two years is not a lot of time to commit to when you think it could be a complete change of lifestyle that you’re creating at the same time.

  2. Im from the wa affiliate to and I love that they teach you from the abc, and that it’s amazing your blog post it’s perfect and I’m in love with it

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