How can I make Money Online and from What

Making Money Online and what does it take


Hey there and welcome to another blog post around making money online and what can you do that is honest, easy to learn how to do and can make you money.


I”m Vicki the Owner and Founder of Grow a Biz Online and I was once like you looking to see how I could make a living online and fortunately I came across a place that gives me everything as I continue to add another business to my portfolio. I never dreamed that this would be me, building websites to make money.

I was a singer-songwriter for 30 years and if you had told me this would be my future, I would have laughed with disbelief.

Not today. I smile with content because I love what I do with a passion and I really love watching people join me to do what I am doing so here we go. My Story I’d guess you’d say

How I found my Online lifestyle

I asked the same question as you hence why you arrived here – How can I make money online and what am I going to do once I go online?

Build a website? You have to be kidding. I have never done that. Then I thought about and thought, well duh, how else are you going to make money so I went online and searched and searched for hours and one night while a friend of mine was asking my advice on whether to join GAZ.  

I said I would go take a look at what they are about and very quickly got a bid warning- NO, Don’t do this. it will cost you $1000’s of dollars and you will be lucky if you actually make money.

I told my friend this and then I went looking around and saw a review on GAZ so I decided to take a look and sure enough, GAZ = Big Warning as the guys who are involved are telling people to borrow $10,000 to buy the product and then go sell it.

Then in the same article was a review of Wealthy Affiliate and I thought seeing how I was there I may as well read what this guy had to say.

What I read was a thorough, honest, simple review of what seemed like a good place to start my new online journey so I joined for free,  no credit cards asked and there I was inside this unknown platform.


What happened next was so awesome

Premium and on my way!!!

I decided after 2 days of looking around, this platform was going to give me absolutely everything I needed to help me learn not only how to create a website but to offer me all the training I could ever want, an amazing community of people with all different levels of knowledge to help me if I got stuck, but it also offers live chat which is so great as you get to connect with people who are so successful and so humble offering to help you along.

I knew without a doubt, this was the best place to be to make money online. I was so excited and over the next few days, I got to buy my very 1st domain name and choose an amazing theme through WordPress, which is built into the platform.

You get 3000 to choose from and you can also add special features you might need. Amazing.

So what else did I get?


Everything you need to become successful online

Here are a few of the lessons you get offered:

I started the training in the OEC which means Online Entrepreneur Certification and I went through every lesson step by step learning new skills and building a really solid foundation for my 1st website.

I learned about Search Engine Optimization and Analytics so you know how many visitors you are getting, I learned about keywords in a platform called Jaaxy which is part of your membership as premium.

I learned that Wealthy Affiliate also has the best security system installed to keep us safe from scammers and spammers. See I’ve even learned some really cool techy words. lol

Seriously again, I have met people within the community who I have a common interest which is amazing as I live in New Zealand and they live in Canada, USA, France, Greece, Holland the UK  and other amazing countries and I have learned so much from these really great people.

Anyone can do this.

I’m going to let the cat out of the bag now. I am 60 years young and I know literally nothing about online marketing, how to build an amazing website, none of the technical stuff and now thanks to Wealthy Affiliate, Carson, Kyle, and the technical team I am a successful online Entrepreneur living the life I have only dreamed of living.

Working my own hours from home, going fishing when I feel like, working in my home for the hours I choose to work and for me this the best way to live.

How would you like to live life on your terms? If you are serious about making money online and are prepared to put in the effort, you too can enjoy the lifestyle you want.

I’m still growing my online businesses and will be, hopefully for years to come as I enjoy it so much. Watching friends grow their online futures is so great as well and reading their new posts on their sites as they are developing and building a great future for themselves gives me so much pleasure.

I often spend time of an evening giving people a hand if they get stuck or need a push in the right direction and sometimes its just a matter of asking to tell me WHY they want success online and when they tell me, it motivates them to keep moving forward and keep building so the traffic will come and the money will flow.

Before I go today

Having a WHY is really important- If money is your why, I want to ask you again, WHY do you want the money? What will you do when money is no issue? What will you buy? Where will you live? Will you travel? Will you buy your 1st home? Will you Retire in comfort? WHY Do you want to make money online and What will you do differently?

I have really enjoyed sharing my story with you and I invite you to join me inside Wealthy Affiliate so you can build a successful online business and share your story to encourage people that this is how you can make money online and what it’s all about

See you soon and remember

All the best






2 thoughts on “How can I make Money Online and from What”

  1. Happy Skywalker

    Hi Vicki,

    Wow, I think it’s exciting that you switched from being a songwriter to an online entrepreneur! I started building blogs in the 1990s and struggled to figure it out myself. I actually did a pretty good job of it, getting traffic and comments, but I failed to monetize it well and focused on other things after about 5 years of blogging. THEN just a few years ago I go back into web development and content management as a professional serving others, and decided to take a stab at blogging again. You’re probably wondering why I’m telling you this super long story: because I use Wealthy Affiliate too now. It’s an amazing tool/platform/group of people. We’re both lucky we found it, I say. Anyway, good luck going forward and I’ll see you at the top of the Google results!

    1. Glad you found Wealthy Affiliate as well- It truly has everything we need to be successful

      All the best to you and yes Google is my friend which is awesome

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