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Hi and welcome to Grow a Biz Online.

I’m Vicki, the founder of Grow a Biz Online.Grow a business online

Today is all about how to build your online business for FREE

Free learning and tools you will need to start earning online with your own website, in fact, this website is similar to the one you will be able to build

Let’s go through some of the steps you will take along the way

Join Wealthy Affiliate for FREE

Why choose this platform?

Wealthy Affiliate is an honest state of the art platform that has been helping people all around the world grow their online futures for over 13 years and continues to develop more and more tools for people like you and me.

I knew nothing about website building, online marketing or anything else when I joined this platform and now I am a very successful Affiliate Marketing Specialist who also helps people every day learn how to become successful online.

Free Membership

What do you get?

Here is a picture that tells you everything you will get. Yes, there is an option to go premium if you can afford it however, you will not be asked for your credit card unless you want to get every benefit offered as a premium member.

Many people have extremely successful websites with Wealthy Affiliate as fee members and you can do the same. 🙂

Instead of having a domain, you have a domain name, for example, Makegreatchoices, is something you could choose if you like or perhaps

We will get into how you choose what you want to turn into a great business next.


There are literally millions of choices you can make and what I suggest to all the people I help is this.

Write down a list of all the things you enjoy, know about, think you would like to help people with or learn about and when you have got your list completed choose 5 from the list, then yes, you got it, choose your no.1 subject, product from the list and this will be your 1st niche website subject to build on.

Here are a couple of examples of niche sites for you to take a look at and see how many results are there

As you move through the training within Wealthy Affiliate you will learn all there is to know about choosing a niche, picking a theme and learning how to build your very own business- Exciting 🙂

My 1st niche site is all about Dogs and I am so proud of it and gets lots of visitors to my site and make money from the products I have on my site, so how does this work and what is it called?

Affiliate Programs

Becoming an Affiliate for different companies means you place products and reviews about products or products to do with your chosen niche and add links back to the company you affiliate for. People visit your site, then click on the link and go shopping and Yes, you get paid. It really is a simple process and again you will learn all about how to do this once you join Wealthy Affiliate.

There are literally millions of Affiliate Programs so you will always have some suiting your niche that is for sure as everyday offline businesses are moving to online to do there marketing and this market is growing rapidly as Billions of people are turning more and more to online buying every second of every day which is really great for people like you and me, as Affiliate Marketers 🙂


When you join Wealthy Affiliate for Free you will go to the Online Education Certification Course and begin your new journey of learning and eventually earning and if you work hard, stay focused and learn all you can, you will reach your goals as I do all the time.

Building a great business takes time and this is NOT a Get Rich Quick Scam- It is an honest business created by 2 awesome men Kyle and Carson who also work inside the platform daily to help people as do the wonderful community of people who are members there.

I love Wealthy Affiliate and every day I am so thankful I came across them like you are now as I have gone from knowing nothing to success and I am so happy.

I love helping people learn and I will be there for you as well to make sure you are happy and moving forward towards your goals along the way.

Join me at Wealthy Affiliate today

Let’s get you started so you can become financially independent with time and money freedom to do the things you want in life.

If you are working full-time, you can still build your business by spending 2 hours on it every day/ evening and eventually become a full-time earner with your own business.

That is how I did it and so have over 1,000,000 people who have joined Wealthy Affiliate

Here are a couple of recent success stories from 2 awesome members with Wealthy Affiliate just to give you an idea of what the possibilities are

As you can see from these 2 pics success happens at Wealthy Affiliate so if you want to get Free Learning Online this is the no.1 recommendation and I invite you to join me now

In conclusion today

Before I go if you have any questions before you join, please email me so I help you with anything I may have missed here in this blog.

I had been stung a few times years ago by scams online while I looking for the right place and thankfully I found it with Wealthy Affiliate.

I joined for free and took a really good look around and after a couple of days I decided to go for it and became a premium member as I knew I wanted to grow a few websites and I now have 4 which is really rocking it in the online world.

I learn something new with Wealthy Affiliate every day from some of the members who are so clever and know lots of technical stuff which helps me grow my online presence more and more and you can do the same.

See you in there

Go easy and I hope you and success become great friends





4 thoughts on “Free Learning online – Learn and Earn”

  1. I understand that it is possible to start a business for free, yes it is. But what is less talked about is how you actually develop a successful business. I think more companies need to be open ended about the chances of success and that it actually requires talent, time, and effort, and still isn’t a 100% guarantee. Not without putting your hand into your pocket, maybe outsourcing or buying so paid traffic, and another fact is the free service on WA is much hard to succeed in, but yes it is possible. I’m not saying it’s not, maybe you can start a successful business to buy a paid membership and yes then it will pay for itself.

    1. Hi Zach and thanks for this great input

      Yes it takes time determination and of course focus to achieve anything and a work  from home business is no different

      All the best 

  2. Hi Vicki. WOW!! I am really impressed. Thank you for your inspiring article. Like you, I to was conned a few times in the past. One of those cons cost me several thousand dollars. Stupid, I know. It caused me to stay away from internet marketing. Another big mistake. If I had read your blog those years ago I would most likely now be making a realistic income. The last few months I’ve ben searching for some sort of online business that sounded legitimate. After reading your article I might just have found it. I’m ready to start with the two free sites in the hope that I’ll soon discover any issues that might exist. Many thanks Jim 

    1. Awesome Jim

      Great idea

      I diod the same as you and within 2 days went premium to get everything offered and success and I are really great friend these days

      Wishing you the same and looking forward to helping you out inside this amazing platform Wealthy Affiliate

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