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Affiliate marketing is not for everyone and I hope with this article you will be able to make an informed decision on whether this is something you want to do

Do you enjoy writing or telling people about your favourite interests, hobbies or collections?   Do you want to learn how to build a really brilliant website where you can write blogs and reach a worldwide audience?

If you have answered yes to these questions, read on further and I will share more of what you will need to do to get started in this type of business

Wealthy Affiliate and what does this platform offer, people

Wealthy Affiliate is owned by 2 awesome guys from Canada who 14 years ago, decided to build a business so they could help people build online businesses all over the world

Wealthy Affiliate has 1,400,000 members which is outstanding when you think of how many platforms are online. Rated as, no1 in Affiliate Marketing, you really need to come and check out what it’s all about.

It is FREE to join and if you like what you learn, then cool, you are on your way in the Affiliate Marketing world. If not, then this type of business is not for you and that is OK too.


Goals are amazing
Where is your current road taking you?

What do you get with Wealthy Affiliate?

Join for free and this is what Wealthy Affiliate offers everyone

  1. Free membership gives you 2 free websites, WordPress for content writing
  2. Upgrading to Premium which I suggest you do if you are serious about building a really successful business. You will get
  3. 50 websites
  4. WordPress built into your website for content writing
  5. 100’s of awesome themes to choose from
  6. 24/7 support
  7. An awesome community of people who are there to help you along, as I will too 🙂
  8. SEO, Google analytics How much does it cost? The cost for premium membership is normally $49 to join however Wealthy Affiliate is offering a special for $19 right now and $49 per month after that

What else can you have as a premium member, for free?

Jaaxy – Keyword search tool which is so important if you want Google, Bing and Yahoo to rank your site. This is included with your premium membership although you can upgrade Jaaxy to get a whole lot more, that this amazing platform offers

Rating for Jaaxy 10/10

Grammarly is another free tool you can get whether you are premium or not and I suggest you get this product as it does all your spell checks for you –

Rating for Grammarly 10/10

Work part-time until your income allows you to go full-time and say goodbye to your Boss

As you most probably know by now, the internet is the fastest growing invention in the world and many offline businesses are closing down, laying staff off and closing down or being taken over by another company. When you work for someone else your future is in their hands, not yours and creating your own business online can and will give you lifestyle choices, time freedom, and money freedom, something that working for someone else can ever give you.

Yes, it takes time to build a solid foundation for your online business and through Wealthy Affiliate, you will learn step by step with the amazing training offered, just how to do this which is in itself so great. $49 per month is such a low cost to own your own business. I haven’t found another honest platform where this happens anywhere else online, have you?

Most platforms I have researched have up-sells that are very expensive and they promise you all sorts of “amazing” things which having done my homework on many companies is just not true. Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t have up-sells.

$49 gives you absolutely everything and is done with integrity and a really caring and teachable way which to me says it all really.

” If you help enough people get what they want, you will get what you want”

Jim Rohn – ( the late great leadership coach)

Jim’s quote is so true. When it comes to affiliate marketing, you are growing your business to help people with product reviews, great products to use, ways to do things, places to travel to and how much it will cost to name a few. There are literally 1000’s of ways to help people online and all you have to do is choose something you are really interested in, build a website(this can be done in 60 seconds or less), do the training and start writing content to better serve the people you reach.

A great business takes time to build and if you are hoping to just jump on in and sit back drinking coffee while you wait for the money to be deposited into your bank account, I really think, this is where you exit, however, if you are prepared to put in consistent effort, have a big WHY and goals you want to achieve then Affiliate Marketing could very well be the key for you

Join Wealthy Affiliate today for FREE and come and see what it’s all about. Ask questions, look around at everything inside so you can make an informed decision about what you want to do. No credit card will be asked for so nothing ventured. nothing gained and I will see you on the inside to help you along the way if this is what you choose to do

Enjoy today and I hope to see you soon so I can help you with all your online business building needs as an Affiliate marketer

If you have any questions please email me vicki@growabizonline as I here to help you in any way I can

Also if you feel this post helped you, please leave a comment and I will come back to you within 24 hours

Thank you and I hope to see you soon

Vicki – your friend in Affiliate Marketing Online

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