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In this post, I am going to reveal my no.1 recommendation on how to earn money online by working at home.

The Internet has over 4 Billion people surfing, looking to buy, sell, make, teach and learn and it is on a continual growth trend due to the way the world is fast becoming online for Businesses all over the world.

Jeff Bezos started selling books out of his shed back in the ’90s and today is, of course, one of the richest men on the world owning Amazon, the largest online store. Amazing vision from Jeff and an incredible success.

Watch this video to be inspired by Jeff

More and more companies are turning to the Online Market to ensure their sales grow and their business survives because the offline business world is slowing down with this awesome online trend so now is the time for anyone who wants to earn money online to go for it as this is the future.

My no.1 Recommendation

A while ago now, I was surfing the net helping a friend with some research and I came across a review of Wealthy Affiliate so I stopped and decided to read the post Kevin, had written and I can tell you, I was a little dubious when I 1st entered Kevin’s site, however once I started ready his review.

I knew it was honest and very well written with lots of really good information about Wealthy Affiliate and when I finished reading this review, I decided to join WA for free and see what more I could find out inside the platform.

Well, I looked in there everywhere I could. I pushed all the buttons, asked people in live chat what it was like as a member and everyone was so kind and helpful.

Above are a few screenshots for 2018 success

Then I saw some success posts written by some members and felt so excited so I decided to go premium by using the bonus offer and paying only $19 for my 1st month –You can do this as well.

I began the training and did every lesson and every task asked and made it through the Online Entrepreneur Certification which was awesome.

I learned so much while doing the training and it was incredible as before I joined Wealthy Affiliate, I knew literally nothing about building a website or any other the other really important skills needed to become successful Online and now, I have 3 Online businesses and I am  about to launch my 4th and I now work full-time from home on my Online Future which is pretty darn cool. Beats having a boss, I can tell you that.

You need to have a plan of you are still working full-time so you can dedicate some time every day to growing your Website and your Online Business so that one day down the track, you can also say goodbye Boss.

If you are a stay at home full-time person, you will also need to have discipline, focus and a great work ethic to keep motivated when it is easy to relax and become complacent. You need to ask yourself WHY are you doing this and let your WHY always take you to your Goals and achievements along the way.

Whats Wealthy Affiliate about?

Wealthy Affiliate was founded over 13 years ago by Kyle and Carson who built a platform for people to learn all the necessary skills and use the tools offered within the platform to build a successful online future for themselves and anyone can do this but only if you are prepared to work for it. This is NOT a get Rich quick scam, it is a genuine opportunity to build a seriously successful online business and there are many ways of doing this.

You might want to do e-commerce and Wealthy Affiliate have the training to learn this. You may want to market your own products and Wealthy Affiliate can teach you how to do this as well.

You may also be a newbie to the Online Marketing world and if this is you, I suggest you do what I did and become an Affiliate Marketer. Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to do this every step of the way but I’ll explain a little about this type of business for you now to give you an idea of how it works.

OK, so 1st you need a niche. This could be a product, a service, a hobby, a passion or even a sport.

Some examples of a niche might be

Best Saddles for Western Riders, Best Football Jerseys Junior Players, Best Tennis Racquets for beginners, Best snow boots for Intermediate skiers, Best Snowboards for professional boarders, Clothing for Women who love different, Leather Jackets for Motorcyclists… The list is endless and all you need to do is figure out what rings your bells and excites you and this is going to be your niche.

Domain and Website

Ok, you now have your niche and you will need to buy a domain name with a .com relating to this niche and this can be purchased for around $13.99 at WA as well.

You will now need to choose a theme for your website and fortunately, Wealthy Affiliate uses WordPress and as a premium member, you have over 3000 themes to choose from which is great.

The theme is now chosen and you click to create a website and within around 30 seconds your website will be created for you so you can start building and adding posts/blogs to help people. This is all taught within the training so no need to worry as it is so easy if you follow the steps in each lesson. 🙂

Becoming an Affiliate

Your website is now really looking great, has some really good posts/blogs on it helping people with information on your niche and maybe even some product reviews etc as you build.

Now its time to apply to some Companies to become an Affiliate and this is quite an easy process.

Imagine your Niche is Health and fitness- I just googled Affiliate programs for Health and Fitness and this is how many results came up here in this screenshot 

Here is another one for Affiliate programs for Hunting Gear

So as you can see by these 2 screenshots alone there are literally millions of opportunities to become successful as an affiliate in any niche you choose.

How does it work?

So you get accepted by a few companies and they will give you banners and links for your website, all with your unique code and you will place these on your websites. when a visitor to your site clicks on the links or banners, they will automatically be taken to the Company’s website where they will go shopping and you will receive commissions for whatever they purchase even if its not the item you linked to which is so awesome and you can make a substantial amount of money with this type of business “online.


Here is what I suggest you do. Join Wealthy Affiliate for free, check it all out as I did and if you feel its a great place to begin, then go do the 1st 10 lessons or go premium and then go to the 1st 10 lessons- It’s up to you of course and I will be inside the platform to offer you help along the way

There are also over 1800 experts around 24/7 to offer help and live chat of course where you can ask questions to members.

If you are ready to Earn Money Online by Working at Home – My No.1 Recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate and I hope you kick start 2019 by joining us within this awesome platform and get yourself into Success Gear by starting now

Thanks for stopping by and if you have any further questions, please ask and also if you could do me a favour, please leave a comment or some feedback to let me know if I am doing a good job with these posts

Thanks and

Be awesome in 2019 and beyond!!!


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