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In the world of online marketing, there are literally thousands of internet users trying to get ranked with Google and today I thought sharing -Do Keywords work, with you will help you when you are creating content online.

Content – Why is this important?

Google loves to see content so my suggestion is to write at least 3 great blogs every week and make sure the articles you write are around 1000 words with engaging information and an honest write.

People figure out really quickly whether you are really trying to help them or you are just in for yourself so please always be honest with your material you publish online. Google will really appreciate this too.

When you are writing. my suggestion is you write as if you are chatting with a good friend about you really like as this gives your reader a sense of belonging.

When I 1st started writing, I was really formal with my words and when I look back I think. Whoa, people mustn’t have stayed long on this post. Talk about matter of fact and completely boring. Lol- how things have changed

Love what you write about and let your words flow. Think about the audience you are writing your blog for – are they young, middle-aged or older people you are marketing to? This is really important because writing language varies for different age groups so be aware of this

Keywords – What are Keywords?

Keywords are a group of words or a couple of words used in your blog to help you get ranked with Google, Yahoo and Bing and using keywords is a must if you want this to happen

Here are a few examples of what keywords might be

  • How to lose belly fat
  • Best basketball footwear
  • How do I build an online business
  • Are apples really healthy
  • Is sugar bad for you

and thousands more- Keywords are limitless

Keywords – how to find great keywords

I use a platform called Jaaxy for all my Keyword searches and it works like this

Go to search in the Jaaxy site and enter a few words. these words must make sense, for example, don’t write something like

apple green as this does not make sense- write perhaps why are apples green and then click search.

A lot of different keywords will come up in your search and now it starts to become fun.

Now click Get QSR on all the keywords that you feel might be relevant and you will want to choose the keywords with a QSR under 100 especially if you are new to content writing/blogging.

If you choose too high, chances are your content will get lost out there in cyberspace because lots of others have used the same keyword and the more original yours is the better.

You can also try the Alphabet Soup for Keyword on Jaaxy and this is also a great too. Alphabet Soup is where you put your keywords into a search and push search. Then Alphabet soup will give you all kinds of cool keywords.

Here is an example of what happened when I typed into the search bar- Are Keywords important to use. It came up with some really great ideas to search through and as you will see the QSR on some is really good as it is below 100

Keywords – How often should you use them?

When you are writing your content, never overload your article with keywords. Google hate this as they see it as Keyword stuffing.

I always recommend you use your keywords in your 1t paragraph, maybe the 3rd and the last if it is appropriate to you what you are writing.

This is really important to understand so please NEVER stuff your content- you will regret it

The more authentic your article is the better google and the other search engines will like it and if you are using WordPress which is a fantastic platform I am sure your content/blog writing will be a big success

Wrapping up

So you now know what keywords are and do they work. yes, they are the best tool you can use when it comes to creating a quality article and Google, Yahoo and Bong will love you and rank you if you use keywords everytime you choose a topic to write about.

Jaaxy keywords is one of my favourite tools to use when I am creating content and another one I use every time I write is Grammarly. This is not relevant to keywords but I feel it is so important to any writer who wants to publish well-written content and not an article with heaps of spelling and grammar errors in it. there is nothing worse to an educated reader than to come across a blog full of error. doesn’t really give you confidence toward the writer, so DON’T let this be you

Grammarly is a free tool however you can upgrade to get lots of extras to help your content creations.

If I have helped you today please do me a favour and leave a comment below and if you have any questions please email

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