Create a Website Business – How to Start a Successful Online Business

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The Internet is growing rapidly as more and Companies turn to the Internet to market their businesses and this is also the perfect opportunity to create a business online so let get right into this now

My Title, Create a Website Business is what this post is all about and I hope as you read through this post you will see how easy it is to start a successful Business Online.

A Business online

When thinking about how to create a Website Business, it is really important to consider a few things first for example

  • You need a Website
  • A Domain name
  • You need a niche/product to write about to help people
  • You need great Keywords for content writing
  • SEO, SSL Security and Analytics
  • Training
  • Marketing knowledge and more

There are many companies/platforms online to help you with this however most of them cost a lot of money and although it costs money to build a business, it should not have to cost anyone $1000’s of dollars.

Monarch Marketing- Around $4500 to do this for you, Accelerated Web Solutions $499 with only a few of what I have mentioned – see my review by clicking here,

I looked for a long time to find a platform I could get everything from and one evening I came across a review written by a guy called Kevin and it felt real and filled with great information, a totally honest, open article about this great platform. I finished reading the post and clicked the join free button and checked out everything possible inside this place and realised I was going to stay here and create and build my online future and now I too am going to share what I have learned with you.

Wealthy Affiliate- No.1 Recommendation-  Join for Free

As I mentioned I joined Wealthy Affiliate for free and within 2 days, I took up the Bonus offer to go premium for $19 and get started on my Business Build.

I was so excited, I remember going into my 1st training lesson and I bought a domain name for $13.99 and I chose a theme from the 3000 WordPress themes available then I clicked to create a website and within 30 seconds I had created my 1st website ready to build.

Sounds unreal when I write it down like this however this is fact- It was amazing and from that moment on, I worked hard learning all the lessons in the training and completed my Online Entrepreneur Certification with Wealthy Affiliate. I knew so much now and my website was indexed with Google Bing and Yahoo and I was on my way.

Jumping forward to now, I have 4 businesses online and Success with all of them you see once you have 1 website really going well, you can start on another one but my advice to everyone is to build a really solid foundation for your 1st site before you start on a new one because keeping 2 growing is a lot of work and if you don’t do it correctly you will find things more very slowly for you in the areas of Ranking in the Big search engines and of course income earning so please do 1 well first.

What Wealthy Affiliate Offers

Wealthy Affiliate has over 1.2 million members all at different stages of success, some are newbies, some who have been with WA since its inception over 13 years ago and others who are somewhere in between. There are some incredibly clever members who help out in our awesome community if you have a question and the live chat is available 24/7 which is so helpful and a fin place to chat with members about business and other things as well.

Here is an image of the 2 different memberships   

and I suggest if you are serious about learning how to create a website business, then you need to be a premium member as this will give you absolutely everything you need plus there are 1000’s of extra resources inside the platform especially for Premium members, however, if you just want to muck around and have a look inside then join for free and setup up your account and profile and go searching within the platform and also do the 1st 10 lessons to get you started.

Domain Name and Niche Choice

These 2 things are so important and what Suggest you do is write a list of all the things you enjoy, the products you use, the things you know lots about- Everything that can help people online. Now you have your list, pick the one thing that will make the most money in the future for you. Great,  this is your niche and here are a couple of images relating to different niches online.

These are just 2 I chose and you can see there are 484 million results for guitars so if this was your niche, you would have picked a great choice

There are millions of niches for anyone to choose that can make you a full-time income, whether you become an Affiliate Marketer, build a store online(e-commerce), do dropshipping or sell your own product.

The opportunities are endless if you are prepared to work hard to build a truly solid foundation for your business and even when the money starts flowing, you keep growing the site as in years to come to this site, if built well, will serve you with income and I mean a full-time income for a very long time.

Ok, so you have your niche, now choose domain name relative to this niche for example- Best Electric Bass Guitar. com or maybe Guitar Essentials. com – Always buy a dot-com domain name if possible as this is what Google Bing and Yahoo Favour and please don’t buy. org unless you are building an organisation. If you are focusing purely on a local market then a local dot- ca or. NZ, or, au is ok but I prefer and recommend. com all the way.

You are now Ready!!!

Congratulations, you have got the essentials and now you are ready to go through the training to learn all you need to build an amazing Business and learning how to start a Successful Online Business will set you up for the future you always wanted and in time, if you work full time you will be able to say goodbye to your Boss and work your business Full time- Time and Money freedom- How good will this feel?

For me, it feels so wonderful and I hope you come and join all the Awesome Business Builders inside Wealthy Affiliate- there is no risk at all and everything to gain so if you really are serious about becoming successful online, now is your chance to make a start on this new and exciting journey

Wishing you all the best and I will be inside the platform to offer any help you need, Just ask and I will be there for you along with over 1800 Experts all in there helping people learn and grow into Online Entrepreneurs

Go well and thanks for stopping by to read this post

I hope I have shared enough information with you for you to make an informed decision about Wealthy Affiliate and if you have any questions, please ask me in the comments below and also do me a favour and leave me some feedback please as I like to keep on track knowing I am doing all I can to help people like you 🙂

Until next time

Remember ” Success is taking the 1st step”


6 thoughts on “Create a Website Business – How to Start a Successful Online Business”

  1. Hey Vicki, 

    You’ve done a really good job in writing this blog post as it’s been really helpful as I read through it. From my perspective, I tend to think that Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best online business training platforms in the world as they provide you with top quality training resources and 24/7 help from the community who has got 1.4 million plus entrepreneurs. It’s highly reputed and definitely worth for people who are looking forward in building passive income online. 

    Thank you for sharing this with us. Keep up the good work Vicki! 

    1. Hi Ani and thanks for stopping by to read this post

      I’m glad you enjoy WA as I do as it truly is the best place to build a future online and the success we enjoy is the best

      Go well and keep on growing

  2. This is a great article! I have been thinking about starting an online business and your article helped make up my mind.

    You gave great detail on what is needed, and good advice on sticking to one site until it is successful, even with the opportunity to have many.

    Wealthy Affiliate sounds like a great platform to build on too. 

    Thanks for sharing this information, it was most helpful in making up my mind on starting my online business, and where to even begin with it.


    1. Hi Stacie

      Great – i’m glad you got the info you need to get started and I look forward to working with you

      Exciting new beginnings

  3. Hello Vicki 

    Yes many people can attest to that ,Wealthy Affiliate is a place to be if you want to be financially free and you have all the time to yourself and looking for what to do with it.

    You forget to mentoin that you cn become a certified commenter here likewise a certified entrepreneur. What about the wonderful people like Kyle and others who are willing to open their arms of friendship and go extra miles in making sure you achieve your goals. 

    I will soon become a walking encyclopeadia with an array of topics on the site comments section aĺ in one platform.

    1. Great mention

      Yes I did forget to mention, you can earn while you learn within Wealthy Affiliate

      I must put this in my next post as this can even pay for your membership which is so great as this makes it all free – Unreal really and so awesome

      Thank you

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