The complete recipe for business growth online

How do you grow a Successful Business Online?

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Today is all about how to use the correct recipe for business growth online

Growing an Online business takes time, learning and tools to become successful and I hope by reading this blog, you will know more about the right ingredients to use to create your future success

So let’s get right into things here

How does this relate to you?

Whether you are just starting out online or whether you have been doing this for a while, these tips may just help you see things from a different angle. I sure hope so otherwise, my writing hasn’t done a good job and let’s hope this is not the case.

Ok, when you create an online business you will want people to come to your site. correct?

So how do you get visitors by the 1000’s connecting with you?

You offer them a really”delicious slice of pie” And by this I mean. you need to give them a really great reason to stay on your site and receive something that will help them.

People search for answers to all sorts of things and when they arrive at your site you want to engage with them from the get-go.

Ingredients you need 

Typically people arrive at a website and within the 1st few seconds, they determine whether the site has anything to offer them and their needs. If your site is boring, dull, confusing, or you have badly written content with no images or maybe even a free e-book or some other giveaway, people will more often leave and go to another website to browse.

What you need:

  • Interesting content
  • Spell and Grammer should be correct
  • Photos or pics. Check out as 1 resource. is another great place to get awesome images
  • Engaging call to action for your visitors. For example. Ask your visitors questions?
  • Don’t always write content with the Mr Nice Guy attitude. People really enjoy controversial content and articles.
  • Research your idea before you write it so you get to know more about the topic you are creating content about.
  • Have internal links and external links within your content to help people who are searching for answers to certain questions they have.
  • Never claim to know it all. You will never know it all about anything. We all learn more and more about so much every day and if you claim to know it all, you will not get people to trust you, however, if you know a lot about certain subjects, by all means, share as much great information as you can
  • When writing content always aim for around 1000 words, broken into paragraphs and with Titles on different topics within your post as I have done here. This makes your content easier to read than if you have really long paragraphs as people will  again lose interest        

Ingredients – Things to do and not to do


Obviously you are going to use Keywords to search for the title of your article and this is really important, however, NEVER stuff keywords in your content and what I mean by stuffing keywords is this.

It is good to use keywords in your 1st paragraph and your 3rd or further into your content but no more.

Google will be crawling your site and if they see keyword stuffing you will get shoved down the rankings as they will think you are a scammer, not someone who really cares about people visiting your site.

Best keyword search platform

Also if you have links to products as an affiliate, please don’t put links on every article you write as this also looks so bad to Google and your visitors.

Visitors want to see what you are all about, gain trust in you and not be bombarded with links to buy things,

Pop-up ads are ok but again be careful cos too many pop-ups and your visitors will leave and go someplace else.

Is your pie edible?

When writing content always be completely honest and write from your heart and don’t skimp on the number of words you write. Be thorough and make sure you give your readers what have come to learn about.

People are always into the best slice of the pie they can get so they can make money. You and I are no different. however, if you are patient, write really engaging content and do what I have suggested in this article the chances of you having a really successful online business are much greater than if you just carry on willy-nilly hoping for a great outcome

By now you will know “what is the slice of the pie” and how to choose the right piece.

What are your thoughts on creating a great pie?

Are you happy with how your pie has turned out or do you need to rethink some of your ingredients?

If you would like to read about Online Marketing and how to learn the skills and get the tools you need then go check out this post on How to make money online and what you need to know

Before I finish this blog

Building a really great business online takes dedication, consistent effort and hard work. There will be times when you want to quit and these are the times when you really need to keep pushing forward as this is usually when a breakthrough occurs and will give you something to celebrate.

People often get to the 3 month mark when they are building and stop, thinking they can’t make it, it’s not going to work, or other negative thoughts and this is normal because at 3 months you are almost ready for the big growth spurt your business needs so please if you feel stuck at this point email me and I’ll give you the encouragement you need to keep moving forward.

I have enjoyed this quirky blog today and I wish you success if you follow your dreams in whatever you choose to do inline.

I would really appreciate your feedback on how you are getting along and if you prefer to email me, great. My email is and I look forward to hearing from you with any questions or to share your story with me

Also, can you do me a favour and comment below and I look forward to reading your thoughts on this article

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