How to start and grow an online business – Essentials

Online business

Many people think to start and grow an online business all they have to do is build a website, add some cool stuff and the money will roll into their bank accounts. WRONG

Others believe that can join an online business, plug into the system and let auto-pilot do the rest. WRONG AGAIN

So what does it take? Let’stake a look at the essentials


I suggest you go take a look online just to do a little research into things that interest you. I have said this to people a lot and some say. Yeah but my idea has been “done to death” which makes me smile because if they had any idea on how many different ways there are to market a niche, they wouldn’t make such a stupid comment.

For example

Let’s take Basketball Shoes- If you decided this was your niche then take a look at this screenshot

There are 320,000,000 that’s 320 million results for best basketball shoes

So for any one niche. do what I did and see for yourself how many results are on google.

What I now suggest is this. If you haven’t got a niche/idea in mind, write a list of all the things you enjoy and don’t stop until you have run out of ideas. Give your mind a chance to remind you of some you may have forgotten over the years.

Now choose 5 of your best picks. Now, Yes you guessed it, pick 1. This is the niche you are going to run with so well done

Website/Domain Name

Ok, you are starting to build some momentum now and it is time to choose a domain name. When choosing a name for your website, you want to keep it as short as possible and this can be a challenge so think smart and remember it must be relevant to what you are going to write about in your content on your website.

Here are some examples of this:,,,

It is going t be tricky getting a domain name that is really short so do the best you can. or are good to use without hyphens, such as believe- as Google doesn’t like this at all and we are out to please the  big search engines down the track

Website – Who do you go with?

When you are looking for a great platform, you need to consider all these things

  • SEO Management
  • 24/7 Support
  • Training on all aspects of building a great site
  • A successful and well-known platform i.e. WordPress to create a stunning website
  • A company that has been in business for many years and shows a history of success and most of all honesty
  • A Keyword platform you can use

Now, this may seem a little bit daunting to newbies in the online world but I am only telling you all of this to ensure you don’t jump on the next site, sign up, pay a lot of money and get nothing in return and how do I know this happens? Quite simple.

People I know have been really stung by dodgy sites and have lost 1000’s of dollars and have come to me for help and luckily I have been fortunate enough to have found the best place I know that can teach you how to create an online business you will be proud to call your own business

So who am I talking about?

Wealthy Affiliate

Why Wealthy Affiliate?  Well, it comes down to getting everything you need to become successful and what is even better, you don’t take my word for it because you don’t know me at all really. You join for free like I did and you can go see for yourself.

They won’t even ask for any credit card details. Kyle and Carson who are the founders of Wealthy Affiliate started the business 14 years ago and they have built an absolute state of the art platform for beginners right through to advanced computer people to join and build an online business

Remember the bullet points just above, well they offer all of this and more. Again, don’t take my word on this. Go and see for yourself

WealthyAffiliate is alive with honesty, a caring helpful online community of people from all around the world, 24/7 technical support and they use WordPress as their platform for you to build your website. WordPress comes with themes, special plugins, in fact, everything you need.

Everyone I help has come back to me to thank me and guess what, should you decide to come to take a look, I will see you there.

Ok, let’s go into the $’s now

Wealthy Affiliate offers you this     

  • Free to join
  • Upgrade to premium for $49 per month or pay yearly and save even more money
  • Comprehensive training with Certification and Bootcamp for premium members
  • Live chat 7 days for starters and 24/7 for premium

There are no more upsells, that is the price you pay as a premium member, so work it out

$49 per month divided into 4 = $12.25 per week divided by 7 = $1.75 per day.!!!

So you tell me where you can own your own business for $1.75 per day. I think somehow I’m gonna be waiting for a very long time

So here is the link to Wealthy Affiliate for you to come to take a look and if you like what you see then I’ll see you inside 🙂


I hope I have given you enough information to make an informed decision to go take a free look. If you have more questions you need ask, please email me or leave a comment below

When I found Wealthy Affiliate, after looking around for a long time for something honest and worthy of my business I knew within 2 days I wanted to go premium and I have created 4 websites now and loving every minute of my online life.

Oh yes, I nearly forgot to mention. As a premium member with Wealthy Affiliate, you can build 50 websites. Imagine over a few years what kind of income you could make from monetizing even 10 let alone 50. Just saying 🙂

Keeping it real






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  1. Great guide for starting an online business. Before I have totally no idea of how to make money online, don’t even talk grow my online business. The choice you suggest seems a good choice to start an online business.

    Thanks for you sharing.

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