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work from homeHi and welcome to grow a biz online- With the 100’s of online business opportunities some good, some great and some that you should stay clear of and in this article I will share some important stuff that will hopefully help you when you are searching online

This article could be a little bit longer than usual  but I want you to go through it until the end as I know it will be worthwhile for you

What do you look for – go carefully

There are a lot of work from home- best ways to make money online places and I am going to share a few here now

  • Surveys-  you get paid for completing online surveys – This is honest most of the time however you are not likely to make a living from doing this as a lot of the time you will not qualify and when you do you will receive points and with some companies you have to collect 2000 points which will then equate to $20 and this can take weeks, sometimes months
  • Content writing – Again an honest way to create an income, however, the places I have researched who pay for content, pay around $5 per article you write so you are going to have to write a lot of content to make a living from this
  • Paid forum posting- Places like Mora chat and Forum booster pay for this service at around 35cents per forum post
  • Sell your photos to Shutterstock – Shutterstock will pay you 25cents for every photo of yours that is downloaded.
  • Teach English – You have to have a teaching degree to do this and it pays around $14- $22 per hour
  • Sell e-books – You can write e-books and sell them online
  • Sweatcoin –  This is an app for your mobile phone and works if you are outdoors walking- you get points which you can exchange for gift cards but not cash
  • Shopkick –  This is great if you love shopping because the more you shop the more you get back- however, I do not recommend this.

Affiliate Programs

Legendary Marketer – High Ticket Affiliate Marketing
  • Founder – David Sharpe-  previous co-founder of Empower Network, which he left just before it went under. You may have also come across or (these are landing pages that will take you to Legendary Marketer
  • The cost to join $30 upsell up to $30,000
  • Summary –   Legendary Marketer is a high-ticket affiliate marketing company which offers you training and teaching you how to resell the membership and training.
  • Courses  –  They have courses in internet marketing but there are simply too many high-ticket upsells.
  • Rating – 60/100
  • Legitimate- Yes
  • Would I recommend this- NO

Here is a capture of what their costs are 

Yes you can make great money but you also have to have quite a lot of money to do this

Highly Recommended

I was online doing more and more research and coming up with lots of really bad sites, some ok sites with lots of flaws and then I came across a site which looked pretty good.

I started my research on this company and this is what I found

  • Kyle and Carson
  • Years in business with Wealthy Affiliate 13 and growing exponentially
  • Cost to join – Free  and if you like what you see you can upgrade at a cost of $49 per month
  • What do you get? Great question and here is a screenshot

  • Support 24/7
  • A community of members who support and help out 24/7
  • Training through the whole process to create your own online business in your niche market and more
  • Rating 9/10
  • Recommend- Yes 100%


Wealthy affiliate is run by 2 honest men whose sole purpose is to help people create an online income and through the state of the art system and easy to understand training this is so achievable

This is not a quick fix-make money site- it takes focus, great work ethics and patience. Rome wasn’t built in a day. it was built on solid foundations and so is Wealthy Affiliate –


Training Video – Have a look at this

If you feel Wealthy Affiliate can offer you what you are looking for the best ways to make money online then please click this link – Here

I look forward to helping you and if I can ask you 1 thing, please

If you have any questions please comment below and I will come back to you within 24 hours

Success and kind wishes





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