Best Tools for Online Business – Make 2019 your Best Year

Hi and welcome to you and thanks for stopping in here at GrowaBizOnline

 Please take advantage of the tools on this page as I have put them all here for you to utilize as you grow your online businesses and these tools have been incredibly useful to me.

I am pleased to share these great tools and I hope you also benefit from the ones you choose to use.

When it comes to moving your business to the next level, Grow a Biz Online is always looking and researching ways to help people become better and more successful and also more competitive by learning and using some great tools that I have listed here.

Content Writing Tools

When it comes to writing blogs, posts, article, books, in fact, anything online you need to research Keywords to use as Titles and also within your content to get the Big Search Engines to take notice of your Website and here are 2 I recommend to people

Jaaxy – I use Jaaxy every day when I am researching a topic I would like to write about and Jaaxy is so easy to use and it is my no.1 recommendation in the Keyword Research Tool list

Check Rankings with Jaaxy, low hanging fruit, domains and more- Jaaxy is well worth adding to your Tool Box

My 2nd choice is Longtail Keywords and this program is also highly recommended for anyone as it is thorough with lots of cool help inside

Remember Content is Key to your business Growth and also to indexing and Ranking with Google, Bing and Yahoo, so do it right and Grow big 🙂

Also when writing a blog, try to keep your word count 1000 and upward and make it engaging to your readers. Always write from your heart, not like a robot – all formal and boring. People hate boring and will leave your site and find somewhere else to do business and you don’t want that do you. – adobe photos, are some good places to get images for your blogs so go check them out.

Here is another Tool I feel is one really important add-on to your business building and that’s Grammarly.

Without it we will always find mistakes, grammar errors within our content, no matter how many times we read over what we have written and this is normal for people who are writing a lot of content every day so please join Grammarly and take advantage of what this truly awesome program offers people. It attaches to our desktop and is in our WordPress and word and other document creation so go grab it and let it become your friend- you can choose which language you want it to be in and it really is marvellous.

If you want to see what platform I use to build success online click here

1.2 million people are members of this amazing platform and the reasons are obvious so come see for yourself.

OK, Back to work and onto email marketing

Email Marketing

Sumo I use the Sumo plugin for my websites as I find it has everything I need and is easy to operate


This is also a great option and one worth using as it has some really great features as well including:

  • Create a visually stunning offer as a lead generator with the easy drag and drop format
  • Target and Personalize Your Offers with Behavior Automation
  • Test and Adjust in Real Time
  • and more – See image 

Social Media

Facebook– set up a business account and create interesting engaging posts on Facebook regularly but never, just drop links as Facebook will take them off and you could be penalized by being banned so be aware of this

Twitter – A great place to share tweets and to pick up followers. Also, a great idea is to follow people of interest to you as well as this is a good way to create business relationships

Linkedin– A true business Platform and a great place to gain connections within all types of Industries and also a really great place to create an excellent profile and do some serious marketing

Instagram #Love it # workfromhome # Success online and if you add cool pictures to each post you will get followers in fact 1000’s of followers if you work Instagram and get to know how it works.

Youtube: create a Youtube account and when you learn how to do this create videos to show people how to do something, mot to do something, earn about a Scam, a product and again the list is endless-

there is great money to be made on Youtube if you do it right so this is must do as well.

Pinterest– One of my favourite marketing platforms and so vibrant with all the different boards and pins however it can be time-consuming and very addictive and can take you away from building your business with hours wasted pinning so grab Tailwind and use this tool as it gives you the opportunity to schedule pins at different times and takes away the work from you which frees up your time to be more productive

Tailwind is amazing and this tool will give your Pinterest an incredible boost and in turn, this will grow your business and also bring 1000’s of visitors to your website – Success 🙂

OK, for the last section of this post it’s about one relatively new player to the market and this is SEO Minion and from the research, I have done, this is a truly great product, to help you with some really great features such as :








8 thoughts on “Best Tools for Online Business – Make 2019 your Best Year”

  1. Thanks, Vicki. That’s a great collection of tools you have assembled. SEO Minion is a new one for me. I had not seen that one before. So I checked it out and installed it. It has some functions like the link checker that I need. My main social media focus is Pinterest. So it helps to use a tool like Tailwind for scheduling and posting pins. (I was about to say pinning pins.) 

    1. Hi Glen

      Yes Tailwind ia great and I am glad to added SEO Minions to your Chrome extension as it a great tool to use 

      Enjoy building and growing and all the best for 2019

  2. What a wonderful article.  It is amazing how many great tools there are out there for us to ramp up our online businesses.  I am doing a few things here that will be done by Christmas and then I start to focus more on social media.  I am also a member of Wealthy Affiliate and I see a lot of Social Media success within the community.

    Thank you for taking the time to share all this information.


    1. Hey Dale and thank you for your feedback

      Also if you subscribe you will get some cool updates to more tools and fun things to use on  line on your website

      Go easy and I hope 2019 is amazing for you

  3. Great compilation of tools there. It is amazing what is available out there right now! I see you ended with recommending Wealthy Affiliate. I think that is a good move. Everything I hear about the platform is GOOD! The best tool of all! 

    I love picking up tidbits everywhere and I will be looking into the longtail keyword tool and I wasn’t aware of the pexels but have used pixabay. Thank you!

    Do you have a preference in the two pixabay and pexels? and do you have experience with the longtail tool?

    1. Hi Denis

      Either pixabay or pexels and there are others – i recommend them all with no preference

      Also Yes, I have experienced Long Tail and will be writing a review and comparison to Jaaxy in my next post so I hope you joined my subscriber list to get updates 🙂

  4. Hey there, I have to say WA is truly a site like no other. I have always wanted to make money online and I had searched tirelessly for a legitimate platform to do so. I am so happy I stumbled onto Wealthy Affiliate, the site has surpassed my expectations. One of the things I like the most is the fact that you can learn different ways of making money legitimately and legally online. If there’s anyone out there having second thoughts or is in doubt, look no further because nothing beats Wealthy Affiliate.

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