Best Online Business Review

Best Online Business Review – Work from home- Yes or No

Is WEalthy Affiliate a Scam or what

Hello to you and welcome to Growabizonline. Today I am sharing with you a Best Online Business Review and should you work from home – Yes or No.


Before I go into this further I want to say this is my opinion from my personal experience and everyone is different and so are every individual’s results.

It takes consistent effort, focus and a plan to achieve success working from home as your own boss and for some people it works out really well and for others it doesn’t and often people blame the platform they are using as to why it doesn’t work however most of the time it really does come down to whether you want it or you don’t.

How to Start a Blog and Make Money for Your Future

If you have a genuine reason WHY you want to make more money and you really do want to achieve great result then you will need a plan, training, integrity with your business and a strong desire to build a lasting business online. so if you have all of these qualities and desires keep reading. If you don’t then maybe a work from home business online is most likely not for you and I wish you well.

I’m not suggesting you leave your full time or part time job right now however if you work your online business regularly over time you will most likely be able to tell your boss thank you and goodbye and work from home or anywhere in the world if you learn the skills needed to do this.


Before I share my review I have to say this 1st. Many opportunities we find online, to make money, are difficult, dishonest in many ways or way too expensive, promising you an easy join and then upsells we can’t afford and other hidden costs and I have seen a lot of these types of so-called opportunities and been stung by a couple of scams in my past which has taught me to be extremely careful when looking into opportunities as sometimes they are not opportunities but rather money lost and lesson learned programs.

I am 60 years young and having learned the hard way I think it only fair to share my Best Online Business Review with you now

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is an Affiliate platform where anybody from all over the world can join for free and build their own online business.

The platform was created and built over 13 years ago by 2 guys from Canada, Kyle and Carson and these guys along with some other team members have built a state of the art system to help people earn extra income and full-time incomes by building their own online business through this awesome platform.

How does Wealthy Affiliate work?

Wealthy Affiliate has 2 Memberships available. A Free Membership and a Premium Membership and I suggest if you want to see what it is all about, you do what I did and join for free to take a good look inside the platform, then go premium to get everything and I truly mean everything you need to become successful online.

Niche and Content- 2 keys to success

1st you choose a niche. Choosing a niche in a subject you enjoy, know a lot about and is of interest to a lot of people for example.

Here is a niche and the result relating to this niche ” How to build a deck?”

As you can see there are over 188 million results for this subject alone.

Here is another one: Best rubber Hunting Boots

Again over 13 million results for this niche and there are literally millions of niches online ready to be tapped into by people in the online business world.

Companies love having representatives/ you, who place products on their own websites and have links back to the business and when somebody clicks on your link and goes shopping at the business you are affiliated with, yes, you get paid a commission for referring people to the site. Simple as that.

Here is a pic of some of the big names in the Affiliate Marketing Industry 

As a member of Wealthy Affiliate you also have 2 affiliate programs built into your membership as a premium member and these are Wealthy Affiliate itself and Jaaxy which is a keyword tool used for writing content within Wealthy Affiliate and also outside of Wealthy Affiliate.

Content- Content is another key to success.Best Online business Review

 Writing content/articles/blog posts is really important as this is how you help people know about your niche/product and the more you write the better your success will be.

Helping people get to know what you are doing, how you are doing it and how you can help them is a key to your online business and the great thing is, within Wealthy Affiliate you get full training on everything you need to be successful.

Step by step you go through the training and learn all the steps to success and it is all included in your membership as a premium member.

If you decide to stay a free member you will get the 1st 10 lessons but if you go premium you will get everything available to you which in my opinion is worth every cent you will pay.

Costs: You will need a domain name relating to your niche and this will cost around $15.99 per year if you buy it through Wealthy Affiliate.

The cost to be a premium member with Wealthy Affiliate is $49 per month or if you decide to pay annually you will pay $359 which is around $20 less per month and this is what you get.

Here are a couple of photos of the training modules you receive as a member

And one more for you:

There is also live video training, recorded video, pieces of training and so much more, it really is amazing and if you had to pay for it anywhere else it would cost 1000’s of dollars. There are over 1,500,000 members and we all are absolutely amazed at how much we are given for the price we pay.

There are NO secret costs, no upsells and a whole lot of fabulous tools to use, skills to learn and money to be made online.

 What do I like about Wealthy Affiliate?

The Integrity/Honesty of Wealthy Affiliate.

The community of people who are so supportive and helpful to everyone in Wealthy Affiliate

I love the fact there is 24/7 support if you need it.

Live chat where you get answers to questions you may have immediately from a group of expert helpers.

I love the extra income I am creating by owning 4 online businesses now- Yes you can own 25 websites hosted by Wealthy Affiliate and you can also own 25 sub-hosted websites through site rubix so 50 in total however 1 is good to start with as you really need to build a solid foundation for each website you own and this takes time and effort as I mentioned before.


  • Easy to learn
  • Expert help
  • Amazing training
  • 50 websites
  • You own your businesses
  • The cheap monthly membership fee
  • free membership for life if you choose this
  • Everything under one platform to save money and time
  • An amazing community of people who encourage and help each other
  • State of the art system
  • Fully mobilized
  • You can work anywhere in the world
  • Free trip to Las Vegas if you qualify- All expenses paid
  • WordPress built into the platform
  • 1000’s of themes to choose from for your websites


 What don’t I like about Wealthy Affiliate?


I only have one that I can think of and that is when you get into the community and start connecting with awesome people it can be distracting as you feel like staying there and I have to be disciplined and leave to go work on my business as I am focused on reaching my goals short and long term and being in the community is such a great place to be and sometimes it is really hard to leave and get on with it.


“Recommended: This is how I make my money and I highly recommend you do the same”

Rating 9/10

Wealthy Affiliate – I hope I have shared the Best Online Business to you in an honest and upfront way and I invite you to join me in the platform so you can also make an informed decision.

There is no pressure and you will not be asked for your credit card details unless you decide to become a premium member so I suggest you join for free as I did so you can check out this truly awesome place so you can create and build your online future today.

If you have any questions please ask me below in the comments or email me so I can help you out.

I never thought I would find a business platform like this and every day I feel so grateful to everyone inside Wealthy Affiliate for all I have learned and am learning as I grow in the online world. the Internet is our future and if I were you I would grab your piece of it now

I’ll see you on the platform to offer you my expert help and I look forward to seeing you grow a successful online biz.

All the best and go easy


2 thoughts on “Best Online Business Review – Work from home- Yes or No”

  1. Hello Vicki,
    I must this is one of the few reviews that have touched my core. Maybe because I share the sentiments as well as the same age group – but the bottom line is this – Wealthy Affiliate is indeed a great platform to start learning about the online business opportunity. You can’t go wrong UNLESS you do not apply yourself to the task at hand. ANY business venture starts with YOU and your commitment to the cause. You put no effort in, guess what???Nothing to rave about. So, yes, Vicki, you are on the money with this article. Much and continued success on your journey to success on your terms.

    1. Hey Michelle- Thanks for stopping by again and sharing your comments
      Yes every business takes dedication and focus plus consistent effort to be successful and I also wish you abundance and success in all you do my friend

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