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Hi and welcome to another Online Marketing post and today is for beginners and for people who want to learn more of course, so if you are ready to learn some great tips and also learn about some great tools then let’s guide you through this.

When I 1st started Online Marketing I didn’t have a clue where to begin and fortunately I came across a really awesome place that actually gives you a free membership plus 2 websites and I joined and went through the training offered there and used 1 of my free website as a practice site as I went through the training.

Why I did this is because when you are new to anything, you will make mistakes along the way and I sure made a few of those in the early days of my learning and it is better to use a free site before you going buying a domain name and really go for it within the online world

If you want to do this here is the place I joined and you will see what I am talking about when you join for free as I did.

Tools and skills

Inside the platform, you will learn all the skills and what tools you will need to create and build your very own website and also, of course, the all-important skills of Online Marketing

What kind of Tools will you need?
  • A theme for your website
  • How to set up menus, categories, sub-categories etc
  • Keywords and how to use them for great content writing so Google will find you
  • Spell check- I use Grammarly for this
  • SEO – Search Engine Optimization – all done for you inside the platform
  • Writing techniques
  • How to add Banners and links for advertising on your website
  • How to add Images and where to get them
  • How to monetize your website- Really important obviously
  • Social Media and who is best and how to use Social media to help you grow and influence
  • Technical Support

All in one place

Wealthy Affiliate is the platform I use as it gives us everything we need to build a successful business online and within the platform, there are so many amazing resources, training and people who help out 24/7

I have been involved with a few companies over the years who charge lots of money only to give you a small amount of what is needed online and Wealthy Affiliate has given me so much, it’s hard to even think about it all.

I now have 4 very successful businesses thanks to everything within this awesome platform and I hope you come and join me so I can help you do the same.

As a beginner, I will guide you through what you need for online marketing and help you learn the important steps to take along the way

Whether you want to become an affiliate, sell your own products or sell someone else’s product in your own e-commerce store Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to do your Online Marketing to get all the search engines loving your site and also get highly ranked within the search engines as you grow.

The Training within Wealthy Affiliate’s state of the art system has it all

Here are a couple of pictures to let you see a little of what is offered to you.

As you can see above there is a whole lot of training and this is only a small portion you can learn as a premium member.

As a free member, you receive the 1st 10 lessons and a few other great things however I do recommend you go premium to get absolutely everything

To join for free just click here and let’s get you started today


There are NO hidden up-sells- The only cost apart from your premium membership is your . com domain name if you choose to buy one and this will cost between $13- $15 for a year

So let’s look at how this could work for you ????

You join for free and stay as a free member and build your 2 free websites or you join for free, have a good look around and within the 1st 7 days, you become a premium member making use of the Bonus Offer and pay $19 instead of $49.

What I have learned

I am a Business Coach and have been for around 15 years now and I am also a Business Mentor which is so great as I get to help people every day learn, create and build very successful online businesses and over the years I have watched people who knew very little about how to become an extraordinary online marketer.

I also learned you have to want to learn, focus, make task lists as you work through each day. One of the most important things I have learned is you must have a really big WHY

Money is not enough to motivate you 100% Money is a great motivator however you need something truly substantial for example- Travel the world working on my business, A new home for my family, No Mortgage and millions of other amazing WHY‘sBeginner Marketing Online

It’s exciting when you 1st start looking into becoming an Online Marketer and it is so important to do the steps you need to ensure you do it correctly and if you do it the way I suggest, you and all the search engines will love you and you will make a great income from the choices you make and the professional websites you will build.

Just before I finish here today

If you have any questions please email me and I will reply with your answers within 24 hours

If you would like to have me as your mentor then welcome and please join me at Wealthy Affiliate so I can help you get underway with your new Online Marketing Journey today

I love seeing people succeed and it will be my pleasure to offer you any assistance you need as you move through the training along the way

See you there

“Success starts with the 1st step”


Founder of






2 thoughts on “Beginners Guide Online Marketing”

  1. Yay, this is an excellent review on Wealthy Affilate and its so clear and easy to follow. This is the best community for any online marketer and affiliate marketers. If you are in the business of marketing or affidavits marketing you need to check this company out. Thanks for sharing your experience.. I love Wealthy Affiliate.

    1. Hi Andrea and thanks for this great input

      If I hadn’t joined Wealthy Affiliate I wouldn’t be the successful Online Marketer I am today and I hope more and more people join me inside this awesome platform so I can help them become successful as well

      Thank you

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