Baby Boomers and Social Security

Baby Boomers and Social Security- Are you prepared

Baby Boomers and Social SecurityHello and Welcome to Growabizonline

Today is all about baby boomers and social security and Are you prepared?

The reason I am writing this article today is because I am a baby boomer and during my 60 years of life I have not put enough away in a “nest egg” to use when I eventually go on Social Security and when I realised this, I knew I had to do something about it to secure my future and have more money in my later years than just a hand out from the government, so lets go deeper and I will share with you what I am doing and how it is working out for me.

Online business- The world is online!!!

I spent a lot of time searching online to find a place where I might be able to create extra money for my retirement as I know social security is limited and after a lengthy search, I came across a platform that I thought might be worth pursuing. I was hesitant at 1st as in the past I have been burnt by so-called opportunities and I didn’t want to fall into same trap ever again.

I did a lot of research. read many reviews and decided to take a look inside this platform for myself as it was free to join.

After 2 days of having a really good look at what it is all about I decided this was an honest place where 1000’s of people are members and I bought a premium membership and go to work building my online future.

Who is it?

The platform I am a member of is Wealthy Affiliate and it has been growing exponentially for over 13 years.

It was founded by 2  Canadian men, Kyle and Carson and these 2 guys along with others have built a state of the art platform where anyone can create and build their own online business.

Training: The training is incredible. It teaches you everything you need from creating your own website, right through every stage of developing your site into something really successful.

There is 24/7 help for questions that get asked and the community in Wealthy Affiliate is amazing. Every one of the people involved in the community help, encourage and support each other toward success which I find quite incredible. So many other businesses are bickering, fighting and only the big guys win and get the money and Wealthy Affiliate is refreshing and honest which I for one really appreciate.

What do you get?

Here is a picture of exactly what you get when you are either a free member or a premium member and over and above all this, as a premium member you can also learn from the 100’s of other pieces of training within the platform at Wealthy Affiliate.

Baby Boomers and Social Security

As you can see in the diagram above you get well looked after with all your online needs and for me, this was the best place I could ask to have found.

Every day I am in the community learning something new and being encouraged with any progress I make and I also love helping people on a daily basis.

What does it take?

I knew very little about online stuff before I did the training at Wealthy Affiliate and today I know so much compared to when I started.

Baby boomers and Social Security is the name of this post and I want to tell you what it takes to grow a successful online business.

Firstly you are going to need a big WHY and by this, I mean a big reason for wanting to be successful online.

Is it extra money, Is it a holiday, Is it to help the family. What is your WHY?

When you have a WHY, you have a reason to work consistently, stay motivated and move forward every day towards your goals or WHY. It takes time to develop and build a solid foundation as this is not a stupid dishonest get rich scheme that takes all your money and leaves you out in cyberspace feeling let down.

This is a genuine business platform and when I say business, I mean business. If you treat is a hobby that is ok however you are going to take a lot longer to make money and if you treat it as a business, you will work it like a business and you will grow it as a business as well which means success will most likely come quicker for you.

What type of business are you building?

  • Niche Marketing This is the most common business model and to explain it to you a little more, this is what niche marketing is all about.

There are literally 1000000’s of ideas, products online that need marketing and what you do is choose something you really love doing or love owning or have knowledge about and this becomes your niche.

Here are 3 examples of a niche and how many results in Google search for each one

Baby Boomers and Social Security

Baby Boomers and Social Security


Baby boomers and Social Security

As you can see there are literally over millions of search results for these 3 products alone and I suggest you type something you are interested in into Google search and see what the results are.

Over 4 billion people from around the globe are looking for information, good buys, best buys, knowledge on products, places to stay, visit and buy and the list of niche ideas is really infinite and is growing every second of every day as the online world continues to grow. It is our future and we have the opportunity to be a part of it and make money by helping people learn about your niche.

Affiliate programs: Another income earner for you. when you build your site with some really great articles on your chosen niche, you can join affiliate programs and earn money from each one you join.

How does this work? Ok, you join say as an Affiliate and you will then get your own link to Amazon products so when you write about a certain product that interests you, you add the Amazon link to a photo of the products, people who visit your site click on the link, buy the product and, Yes, you got it, Amazon pays you a commission for helping them.

There are 1000’s of affiliate programs and here is a picture of a few

As you can see above these are only a few of the companies you can join as an affiliate and there is a lot of money to be made from helping direct traffic to different companies.

You also have the option if you feel Wealthy Affiliate is a brilliant platform like I do, to refer people to Wealthy Affiliate from your website, again with your own personal links and if people join, you will get paid and this is another really great way to boost your income.

Baby Boomers and Social Security- Are you prepared

My questions are these

  • How long will your savings last when you retire if you want to live how you have been used to living?
  • Have you started saving for retirement?
  • Do you want to have extra money?
  • Are you prepared for your later years in life?

These are really important questions I asked myself and now I am asking you. Have you truly thought about what you might need to live a comfortable life when you hit retirement?

For me, I knew I had to something to ensure when I retire I will have income on top of my social security to live on and I chose to do something about it.

I figure in 5 years from now I will have really successful online businesses that are all bringing me extra income and I am prepared to work every day to build all of my businesses to secure my extra income when I need it.

How long does it take?

As with any business whether it be offline or online it takes time to build credibility and solidness and if you think it will happen overnight or even in a few months, you are dreaming.

I’m not saying you won’t earn some money, what I am saying it this. Every great business takes time, dedication, focus, determination persistence and a good work ethic to succeed so if you really want this then I welcome you to join me at Wealthy Affiliate so I can personally help you move towards your Goals, Your WHY, your future online and a retirement fund that keeps growing.

I like to help people but I am not keen on helping the dreamers who think its an easy road. I want to help those of you who really want to give this the best and see the results from your work.

In closing

I will leave you with this. ” If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always got”

If you are willing to grow an online future I invite you to join for free today and come to see what Wealthy Affiliate is all about. I don’t know you yet so don’t take my word for it. Come and see for yourself and I look forward to meeting you online inside this truly great place.

Go easy and if you have enjoyed this post please leave me a comment and if you have really disliked this post also leave me a comment 🙂

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18 thoughts on “Baby Boomers and Social Security- Are you prepared”

    1. Hi Carmen and thank you for stopping by
      Yes people all need something extra for retirement and this is a great way to achieve the results we all need

  1. Hi Vicki, I wish you wouldn’t say SS is a handout from the government. I paid, plus my employers paid on my behalf $200,000 into it. Basically, it is a bought and paid for annuity. It’s not much per month, but it’s not a handout. It’s not charity. I agree that it’s nothing like the professional salary I used to get, hence I agree that WA is a great vehicle to help with the shortfall. Best wishes to you with your websites.

    1. Hi John- I didn’t say it was a handout- I said we need to ass more money to our retirement fund by building a business online to secure extra income and I hope you understand I have worked for 50 years and now I am adding to my nest egg
      Wishing you all the best

  2. Thanks Vicki. Wealthy Affiliate is an amazing community. I’m glad you bring this to light, especially as I get older, I find that I need to do something that can support me in retirement.

  3. Hello Vicky,

    I am the same age as you and I really think that the good is coming. I’m glad to know that you took the right path by joining “Wealthy Affiliate”. It is a platform in constant evolution and is made for us, the entrepreneurs. Surely I confirm that money will no longer be a concern for us. Congratulations!!

    1. Great to know you are also building a successful online future within Wealthy Affiliate and I too wish you success and lots of fun along the way

      Retirement with ease and cash 🙂

      Great stuff

  4. Hey Vicki. Me and my brother were thinking of getting into this business model and seen that so many people were recommending it. I’ve done enough research on Wealthy Affiliate to make an informed decision and thanks to their free trial I think I’m going to give it a go. I like that you’re 100% honest that it takes time and dedication to make money and not lie and say it can be done in a fast amount of time with little to no effort (like everyone else does). Thanks for your sound advice my friend!

    1. Hey Brandon

      Great that you and your brother are coming aboard and I look forward to helping you in any way I can within Wealthy Affiliate

      It really is awesome and gives us all as members the opportunity to create and build a truly successful future

      Wishing you lots of success along the way

  5. Hello Vicki, I think your post is right on spot. The world is changing drastically and more people especially the baby boomers from your generation are going to suffer a great deal financially due to the change of economy. In my opinion, I think the safest and wisest thing for baby boomers to do is join an online program which will teach them how to build a successful online business. For me WA is the best place to start because it’s cheap and the training they offer are excellent. On top of that, the support you get from the community is unbelievable. Therefore, I will strongly encourage people like the baby boomers to join in.  

    1. Yes Tu

      That is exactly how I feel as well and I hope a lot of people join WA to secure their time and money freedom when they retire

      All the very best and thanks for stopping by

  6. Hi Vicki, I totally agree with everything you said here. I’m in a similar situation, approaching retirement age and have not enough savings and investments to retire on. I discovered Wealthy Affiliate one year ago and see it as a fantastic way to develop an online income that is not dependant on an employer giving you a job. Affiliate Marketing is the perfect way to take advantage of the internet and build an online business in a niche that you love.

    Thanks for a great post.

    1. Hi Greg

      Yes it sure is and well done you for joining and building success online

      This is where the world is heading and I think everyone who wants extra income should belong to Wealthy Affiliate and get growing their own income earning business 

      Great comment and thank you so much and all the very best to you along the way

  7. I really like how Wealthy Affiliate can benefit people of all ages, but especially baby boomers and those relying on social security. Social Security is definitely not something to solely rely on especially with more and more reports coming out that eventually there won’t be enough money to keep it going.

    Both of my parents are about to hit 70 and they’re both retired. They both have Social Security, but my dad also has a pretty sizable 401K that he’s now able to draw from so it hasn’t been bad for them, but I know they could always use extra income especially when it comes to medical stuff and so I definitely want to introduce them to Wealthy Affiliate.

    What has been the best part of Wealthy Affiliate for you and do you think the training is easy to follow for those who are older and may not be as technologically sound, so to speak as some of the younger members? I know my mother is not tech savvy at all and I believe has hardly ever used a computer. My dad on the other, while not the greatest with the latest technology, does make a good effort to use it and has some of the latest stuff. I think my dad could certainly do a thriving website provided he chooses a niche he really likes and knows a lot about. 

    1. Hey Brian

      Good to connect with you and Yes, your Dad could definitely learn and grow a successful online business within his chosen niche

      I didn’t know much at when I 1st started building in Wealthy Affiliate and today have lots of success with 4 websites and will be growing more as the other ones are near completion

      We can do anything at any age and there are people within WA ranging from 17 – 85 so anything is possible with the right attitude

  8. Great post for baby boomers. My age is in 40s as well, I have basically have nothing built up for retirement either. Thank you for pointing this out, as it is definitely something which has always interested me. I’ve done WA before, but left due to family circumstances, now I’m have returned and have decided that I will become self-sufficient. 

    Great article for all people to read.

    1. Great decision you made to go back to Wealthy Affiliate as this time your WHY will drive you to succeed at building your online success

      Well done all the very best moving forward 

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