10 Excellent Ways to Make Money Online – FREE

Free places to make money online and also my no.1 recommendation

2019 is fast approaching and more and more people are looking for a way to make money online for free so I wanted to share some information with you 10 Excellent ways for you to make some money online so let’s get into this.


Sell your unwanted stuff on E-bay and make money

Maybe you have some real  treasures tucked away that could bring you cash

There is an old saying, one mans junk is another man’s treasure so go for it

Kindle Books on Amazon

A really great way to make money is to write books on different subjects and seel them as Kindle books. Kindle books via Amazon is a great way to make money and more and more people are using the Kindle app to read these days as it is a very portable service which people who are leading busy lives enjoy using.

Also, older people enjoy kindle as their eyes deteriorate as they can make the writing easy to read and they use this service heaps.

Kids also love kindle as it brings their books to life for them so consider this option seriously if you enjoy writing

Amazon Associate

Amazon is the largest online shopping company and there are millions of products for sale on Amazon in every category you can possibly think of and becoming an Associate for Amazon and linking products to your website is a really great way to make money.

High ticket items make you a great commission without you having to handle inventory or do the sales. All you have to do is maybe some awesome product reviews and if visitors to your website click on the link and go buy from Amazon, you get paid. It’s a simple and great money earner for you.

Udemy Course creation

At Udemy, you can create a course in a specialized subject for people to learn and you get paid when they buy your course.

There are a lot of people doing this and you will need to be very knowledgeable to attract students however there is really great money to made doing this type of thing


Another awesome way to make great money is to build your own websites with great content, products links and create income from your sites, then when the websites reach a certain level where you are getting good traffic and money is coming in for you, you then lodge it for sale on Flippa.

One of the members in the platform I belong to sold his website for $28,000 after 18 months. Pretty awesome money for a short time although in that 18 months he did work very hard building a successful site.

you can see a screenshot here   

Go Daddy Auctions

Another way to make money is to buy domain names and then sell them on. If you think of some really clever names that will attract people in different businesses you can make a lot of money doing this and I know someone who is doing this to help pay for her retirement. Pretty cool huh 🙂

Imagine if you had bought Nike.com how much it would have been worth when you sold it to Nike.

There are millions of really great names with .com that you could come up with. Remember to keep the name as short as possible and always use. com when you are buying 🙂

Cafe Press

Sell t-shirts mugs and lots more really cool stuff on this site and make money with your designs


Instagram is awesome and not just about showing people cute photos of what you are doing. It is a real money maker especially if you are a great photographer as you can sell your photos for a lot of money and some people have made $15,000 for one day’s work – Check out this article by Forbes and let be an inspiration to all you awesome photographers

Building websites

Join Wealthy Affiliate for free and create 2 free websites hosted by Site Rubix. com and grow your own niche business and learn by doing the training offered in the great platform on how to be an Affiliate Marketer.

You also have the option of going premium and getting everything offered within this awesome platform and if you want to learn more I suggest you get started for free now and see how awesome this place really is for anyone who wants to become successful at making money online.

Affiliate Marketing     t

This is my favourite option for making money online for free as you can make money by sharing links you have placed on your website to different Companies you have joined as an affiliate and when people click on your link and go to the company and buy, you get paid.

CJ Affiliates, Clickbank, Amazon, E-Bay, Nike, Mattel, Link share, and 1000’s and 1000’s more Affiliate Programs relating to every subject you can think of so how do you do this?

My Suggestion and Why

When I decided to build my online future, I had been stung by a couple of Scams and my trust levels were not that high and one day while I was searching for a platform I could use, I came across an article written by a man called Kevin. He had done a review on this platform called Wealthy Affiliate and as I read through his review I got a really good feeling inside that this might be worth a look, so I joined from one of his links and arrived at the site and signed up as a free member.

I had a really good look around, asked some questions and got some really great answers from the community of expert helpers in the platform and felt 100% sure this place was going to give me everything I needed to become truly successful online. I saw the opportunity to become a premium member and read all about what I would get for doing this and paid $19 to go premium as this was a special offer at the time.

I started work and I went through all the training to get certification and built my website which is incredible as I knew nothing about how to do any of this when I joined.

Here are some screenshots of what it’s all about

As you can see by the 4 images above Wealthy Affiliate offers anybody a brilliant opportunity to grow an Affiliate business, an e-commerce business, in fact, any type of income earning business and this is my no.1 recommendation and the reason for this is simple.

I worked hard and I remained focused on what I wanted to achieve and today I have 4 successful online businesses helping people and I love every minute of every day because I work from home and have income and freedom to do what I want when I want which is awesome.

You can have this if you are prepared to work hard, learn the skills and use the tools we are given within Wealthy Affiliate.

I invite you to join for free like I did and check it all out. Go to live chat and ask questions, push the icons and go see what is offered and I will be there to help you if you need me along with over 1800 experts on many subjects relating to being an Online Business Owner.

Before I go today I hope I have shared enough information for you to see some excellent ways to make money online and why not get started now and when 2019 arrives, you will already be on your way with your online success.

Go easy and remember   

Look forward to your comments and questions so please comment below 🙂




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