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Hi and welcome to Growabizonline. Firstly, let me tell you a little about me so you can get to know me a bit more. I live in New Zealand in a sleepy seaside town which I love very much. I am a keen fisherwoman and gardener and this place is idyllic.   

I have 2 gorgeous adult children and 3 darling Grandchildren who are so special to me

I have always been an Entrepreneur and have had my ups and my downs on the way through life with the online world. Lots of crazy scams, some of which taught me the hard way and others I managed to avoid, thank goodness.

A while ago I came across a wonderful platform which gives people of all ages from all around the globe, a chance to create their own online future. I joined for free to see more of what it was all about and within 2 days, I knew, this was going to be a place I stayed with for the rest of my online days.


I’ll tell you all about it in a moment

What I chose to do for my future 

I chose a business with Integrity and longevity which were two if the most important things to have as a platform.

I chose to join Wealthy Affiliate and here are the reasons why

  • Founders:  Kyle and Carson 2 great guys from Canada
  • Years in business: 13
  • Community support and encouragement
  • 24/7 support
  • Training- I’ll go into this further
  • System- State of the art
  • SEO, Google analytics
  • Free to join, which is what I did to see for yourself what its all about before you make a serious choice to become a premium member and get absolutely everything you need to build your own online future

Here is a short video to give some more information

Are you going to make any money?

This question is always asked by everyone who is deciding to work online and I feel it is a really important question to ask.

Yes, you will make money, however, it takes time as with any new business and working online is a business. Before you decide to go ahead, you should ask yourself these questions.

  • Am I prepared to work consistently on my new online business?
  • Am I prepared to learn new skills?
  • Am I patient?
  • Am I willing to work on research to learn information for my business
  • Am I a Goal setter who is determined to succeed
  • Am I going to plan my working time to fit around my current job?

If you have answered, Yes to these questions, then keep reading as you are well on your way to success just accepting the things above need to be done.

When people start an offline business, they have huge costs to set it up, find a location, buy equipment … and it can be such a big job, with very little return for a few years, especially with continual overheads and ongoing costs.

With Wealthy Affiliate, you can become a premium member at $49 each month and that is it. Pretty cheap considering you own your own business. I have not found an honest online business that offers what Wealthy Affiliate offers anywhere online, have you?

Making money comes with experience and work and you will learn how to do all of this with the training provided in Wealthy Affiliate and I can tell you, there are so many amazing resources over and above the training you can learn from whenever you like and at no extra cost to you at all.

There are NO Upsells, which is something else I admire about Kyle and Carson. These guys have truly created a place like no other to become successful online.

Do I own my websites?

Another great question and the simple answer is Yes, you most certainly do. You build your own website, which takes around 1 minute through the platform we use, then you start your training and learn all the skills needed to create a solid online business foundation and down the track income will follow.

People ask me how long before I make money? My answer to them and to you is this. If you decide to treat this as a business and you work steadily you can start earning money within your 1st month. I did this but I can’t promise you the same thing will happen. I am experienced in online marketing and so it was a little easier for me.

If you do all the training income will follow and others at Wealthy Affiliate will agree with me and inside Wealthy Affiliate, people share what they are earning a lot so you will be able to see this and get inspired to go for it too.

Is there help available?

Yes, there sure is 24/7 there is always someone helping out and the community of people in Wealthy Affiliate is incredible. Everyone is so caring and supportive of all members.

This blew me away when I 1st became involved and every day I see more and more people offering, ideas, lessons, sharing achievements and of course frustrations if they are stuck on something, but not for long as help is there for you all the time.

There is even a live chat room to meet new people and ask questions to learn what you need to know and it is amazing. People that have been with Wealthy Affiliate since it started are still members and are so helpful and encouraging. I really can’t say enough about this.

Take a look and you can see for yourself. Did I mention its free to join 🙂 Oh yes, I did lol?

Can I lose money?

I find this question a little strange but people do ask about it. Probably those that have joined hideous scams as I experienced many years ago.

My answer to them is always this. If you join for free and have a look around at everything you can get and then choose to sign up as a premium and get even more and you learn the training, which in my opinion is worth $1000’s of dollars but is included as part of being a member.

You then work steadily, following the training step by step, doing all you are taught and become involved in the community to learn, even more, there is no way you can lose money. How much would you expect to pay for – Training, A state of the ART system, All your SEO, Google analytics and more.

24/7 Support and that includes any technical support if you need it, WordPress and 100’s of amazing themes for your website and content, Live video training every week from Jay, one of the expert trainers and so many more great things.

I would expect to pay 1000’s for this but you don’t. you only pay $49 each month which as a business is tax deductible anyway so NO, unless you are a fool, you won’t lose money and I don’t for 1 minute think you are a fool or you would have left by now and be off searching for a get rich scam. Lol.

Sorry, but this is not one of those. It is a genuine opportunity to growabiz online and one day down the track, have time and money freedom.

In conclusion today

I  ask you these questions

  • Are you working full time? If, Yes, can you afford to spend an hour or 2 working towards time and money freedom?
  • If you work part-time, do you want to work and build an income earning business online?
  • Do you want to live life on your terms?
  • Are you motivated by a big WHY? What I mean by this, is, if you want to travel, buy a new home, give back to those who have helped you, build a boat… Your WHY will get you motivated to succeed in creating and building your future online. having a WHY is a great motivator so what is your WHY?
  • If you join Wealthy Affiliate for free and after having a look around, you decide it is not the right fit for you, all you have to do as a free member is sign out – No risk at all to you
  • Are you ready to live a great life or are you ok with mediocre?

I am closing this off now and I ask you one thing. If you have any questions, please leave them below in the comments and I will get back to you within 24 hours, otherwise, I look forward to seeing you in Wealthy Affiliate where I give you some expert help

Take care and success on your journey






6 thoughts on “Growabiz Online”

  1. Very well said. I too has been scammed by fake sites before. Now I am on wealthy affiliate trying to learn and build up my online business.

    1. Hi Gillian
      Yes, it is great to be a member of such an honest platform. so glad you finally found it as well
      All the best to you

  2. I love the community at WA, it’s unlike any other. I like how you address the question about “Are you going to make any money?” The answer to that is completely up to the individual. As they say, you can lead a horse to water, but can not make them drink. The training is available for everyone to execute, so the path is right in front of you. Great article, thanks for sharing the good and the uncertain!

    1. Hi Steve- Yes, everyone is different and working at their own speed, however, a lot of people today expect instant gratification by way of income and building a great business needs time and consistency to make it worthwhile
      You are right, you can lead them but you can’t make them do anything- Everybody needs to be self -motivated
      Thank you for stopping by

  3. This is so true! I have been scammed in the past plenty of times. I lost faith in internet for a long time. When I found WA a legit place to build your business, I found my hope again. Thanks for this article! It is a lot of information, but worth it! Great read.

    1. Yes, you have truly found something awesome with Wealthy Affiliate as I have and success and fun on your journey
      Thank you for the feedback

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